Wedding Photographer and Videographer

One day. One chance. One moment. Everything needed to be captured perfectly.

That’s how we envision our big day. We want the whole 24 hours, every minute and every second captured through the lens if possible because this is something that we’d definitely treasure for the rest of our lives. But finding the perfect wedding photographer and videographer that fits right on a couple’s tight budget is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s how difficult and serious the task is. Being an overseas bride-to-be as well, the only way for me to find our perfect team is through images and reviews by other people posted online. (Thank you to the wonders of the internet!) But sadly, a lot of factors are still needed to be considered as well aside from the budget since the photographer and videographer’s creativity, style and packages differ a lot.

Since future hubby and I have exposure in doing events — he’s a video editor and I’m a newbie photographer who has covered simple prenup and weddings before, this became one of the most difficult challenges to get through. Although we both know that we have more than a year to search for the BESTEST YET AFFORDABLE PHOTOGRAPHER AND VIDEOGRAPHER back home, this still makes us go “AWWW, WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE?!“. So far we have inquired a couple of photographers and videographers that are really good at their craft. But when it comes to the packages.. some would make us want to cry. 😦

Anyway, rates posted below is for 2015 to 2016 and is obviously subject to change without notice but usually, prices increase after November or December.  The rates are their packages and they have stand-alone or customized ones which you can ask them personally. They’re listed in a random order and in Philippine pesos denomination (Php).



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Wedding Coordinator

Event coordination is not new to me nor the boyfie. We’ve always been part of different affairs from acquaintance parties, JS Prom, birthdays, debut, educational workshops and conferences, financial sessions, technical seminars, theatrical, dance and musical presentations, religious meetings, photo shoots, and even Weddings! We’ve handled all sorts of coordination roles, even led a few events and recently did a couple of Pre Nup pictorials. But the thing is.. whatever your past experiences are you would always start from scratch if it’s your OWN wedding you’re starting to plan! Now that’s our BIG dilemma. Add the fact that we are an OVERSEAS couple makes planning even harder.

Getting married in our home country, the Philippines, is not simply a want or a need but more of a dream that we both have for ourselves of course. So starting from zero by researching the latest trends, great yet affordable suppliers, event venues and churches is a really difficult task for the both of us who are tied with an 8 to 5 job. Thankfully there are tons of helpful and accessible wedding websites online as well as blogs that give realistic reviews from already married couples and soon-to-be-weds like me.

As I was searching with my new best friends — Google and Facebook I came to know that Wedding Coordinators in the Philippines now categorize their services into 3 different things:

  • FULL COORDINATION. This simply means that the coordinator will help the couple from start to finish or Day 1 of Planning to Day #?! of the Wedding (until the very end where all your guests will be finally home). The coordinator are responsible to manage everything — from checking the best suppliers, assisting with the legal documents, guiding the couple with supplier proposals and helping out as well in choosing the best suppliers for the event and budget, troubleshooting and most of all making sure that the couple’s big day would be stress-free and perfect! Day 1 Prep + On-the-Day
  • PARTIAL OR HALF COORDINATION. The couple had booked at least 50% of their suppliers and just need more help in order to complete all of the tasks until the big day. Mid-year Prep + On-the-Day 
  • ON-THE-DAY COORDINATION. Everything has been booked by the couple themselves and they just need help from the coordinators to manage everything on the wedding day itself from hotel preparations, photo shoots, ceremony and reception venue. This will ensure less stress for the couple and the family.

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Wedding Checklist


At exactly 23 months, I’ll be a happily married woman. But before that happens, me and future hubby needed to go through this once-in-a-lifetime-adventure called wedding planning. We could actually hire a full wedding planner/coordinator to help us out do everything especially since we are currently based overseas, but for now we intend to make our own research about the latest updates in the Philippine wedding scene specifically within Metro Manila area or Zamboanga City (two options are better) so we could plan everything well — more so the financial part. Unfortunately, we’re not from a rich clan but simply just two normal, employed, average-salaried individuals who like many others, dreams to have that special moment but all within our means. I know its difficult but I guess we can do it. Just proper research, network and sticking to our budgeted wedding checklist and we know that everything would turn out well.

So for a start, here’s our initial wedding checklist. This is in a random order.


1. Wedding Date and Church. Before making reservations, the rule of thumb would be to secure the wedding date first and look for a potential Church for the ceremony, because everything else will follow. Since we’re both Catholics, it is a must for us to secure the availability of our chosen Catholic Church first before making reservations with the rest of our intended suppliers. Choosing a place to hold our special wedding rites is non-negotiable on our list. We have the option to hold it in an open venue or any hall, but there’s something magical and serene to have it the traditional Filipino Catholic way. Wedding Churches in Manila Suppliers List

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