Comprehensive Wedding Guide Planner

Early this morning when I opened my email I received this message from Hizon’s, one of the country’s best caterers about their 2015 Comprehensive Wedding Guide Planner. Curious, I signed up and downloaded a copy for myself. The book, I must say, contains great articles and valuable information for brides-to-be like us. Although we already booked my wedding caterer, we still receive email notifications about food tasting events in the Metro because we signed up a few months earlier from a past bridal fair that I wasn’t able to attend. Signing up for event alerts like this is a great tool to know where you and your fiance can start, just like what happened to us, more so that both of us were based overseas.

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Lights and Sounds Suppliers

Honestly, I wasn’t even aware that there is a big need for a great Lights and Sounds supplier for our wedding day. Usually, when receptions and caterers have been booked, they’re already inclusive in the package like a 3-in-1 combo. Unfortunately that’s not how it is in the real world — unless you’re okay with the basic spot light and stereo sound system that events venue, hotels or your caterer has to offer. As we went through this suppliers’ list, fiance and I first checked with our booked reception to get some insider info – be aware that some have accredited suppliers and for those that is not accredited sometimes corkage fee applies. Also, your requirement for Lights and Sounds equipments would depend on the size of your venue. In our case, the starting rates below were the initial proposal based on our venue (350pax capacity though our guests are only 200pax).

Below is a list of Lights and Sounds suppliers that we have inquired with. They have FB accounts as well where they post their recent wedding events with photos and some with videos as well.

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