Getting Married?

Wedding Rings. Credit to Ruffa and Mike Photography

So you want to get married? Before even jumping to the crazy world of wedding preparations and booking suppliers, be sure to tick these things off your list first. These will give you enough idea of what you would be dealing with later on.

  • Are you really sure you both want to get married? As in mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially READY TO GET MARRIED?
  • Are you done with the Proposal? (with the ring, only if you can afford.. this goes for the men)
  • Are you done doing the Pamamanhikan (if you want to be traditional) or have you asked both your parents and family’s blessing for this union?
  • Do you want to get married in Civil rights only or at Church?
  • When and where is your tentative wedding Date and Time?

and most importantly…

  • Do you have an allotted wedding budget in mind?

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Useful Wedding Souvenirs

Early this morning while looking at our own wedding checklist, I noticed that we haven’t talked much about wedding souvenirs probably because we still have 11 months in our hands. Then I saw this post on Pinterest and checked my Instagram account regarding souvenirs.

Then, it made me think about the reasons for getting a souvenir for the guests. After our conversation we decided on 5 things to consider: relevance, consumability, environmental effect, affordability and usefulness. 

Below is a list of possible USEFUL souvenirs that we might consider for our big day for DIY and some local suppliers that we have checked (their names in Italics) that I have checked who got good reviews so far that we might consider in case we fail to do the DIY stuff. And yes, it will be way better if you can make them personalized.

UPDATE: Some of our wedding souvenirs from our wedding

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Bridal Fairs in Manila 2016: Part 2


Wedding expos are a godsend for soon-to-wed couples! Just the thought of going to a single place and all your potential suppliers present with all their awesome freebies, promos and discounts when you do on-the-spot booking is exciting! Plus, you can even win Php 500K worth on their raffle! Isn’t that awesome? Now I wish I can go home just to be there. Brides, be sure to tag along your fiance and join in. God knows what awesome treats you’re going to get! And, for overseas-based like us.. No fret. You can send your family and close relatives on behalf of you and your fiancee or if you are currently planning your vacation back home, be sure to be able to come to one of these events.

Below is a list of other upcoming Bridal Fairs that will be happening this year. For those who weren’t able to check my first post, there will be an upcoming fair next month, February. Check the link BRIDAL FAIR PART 1.

Good luck and Happy preps!

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Wedding Florist and Event Styling

Reception styling by Gideon Hermosa

Weddings won’t be complete without flowers and decorations for both the ceremony and reception. They are one of the things that make the event — stunning and luscious to the eyes. Looking at gorgeous bridal bouquets and beautifully arranged ceremonial aisle where the bride will walk to meet her groom and inspiring well-decorated venues for the party afterward is one of the things that soon-to-wed-couples give a good amount of consideration lately. With the trend of theme weddings, couples are more than happy to search for the best of the best in Manila’s wedding industry. Unfortunately, event styling has become too pricey due to the recent demand and glamour that it adds to weddings. For those who are on a tight budget like us — this could probably be a dream to get unless a miracle would happen! 🙂

Below is a list of reliable and in-demand florists and event stylists in the country that we have come into contact with and their initial price range for a Manila-based December 2016 wedding.


Their rates, however, varies depending on your wedding date, number of guests, size of venue, flowers (local, imported or mixed) and decors to be used, if reception only or with ceremony or with bridal bouquet/entourage flowers, OOT fees (if applicable), corkages (if not accredited by the venue and caterer), number of crew meals and reputation (mid-range or high end supplier). It is highly advisable to contact them directly for your specific event quotation.

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Wedding Planner Journal


When I went back to Manila, one of the things that I kept in mind was to buy myself a wedding planner journal. I went to 3 big known bookstores but didn’t find any. When I went to the Wedding Library shop in SM North, I found wedding magazines hanging on their stands and asked the sales person if they have a wedding planner journal. And..they said none. So when I was browsing their magazines I saw this new copy of Wedding Essentials and simply just bought one for myself, thinking the visuals featured would be of help. When I went home, I was surprised to find this baby inside! And yes.. I was thrilled. I know its easy to just download and print checklists from online sources but I’m still an old soul and I find happiness in having one. I’m not promoting the magazine but if you’re like me who still prefer to keep track of your wedding preps especially the budget part and checklists of suppliers by writing down on paper (the conventional way) then this baby is good for you.

Wedding Essential matazine with the free wedding planner

Also, when I went to my couturier, they had these Weddings at Works Primer and Classified Ads 2015-2016 to help couples like us. The W@W Primer contains helpful information and tips in doing wedding preps written by former brides and experienced wedding suppliers in the country. The W@W Classified Ads, on the other hand, contains trusted and effective W@Wie wedding suppliers all these years. They have been compiled meticulously by the founder and her team through the contribution of former brides and grooms. Luckily I got them for free in my designer’s shop since she is a know top W@W supplier. Both can be purchased for only Php 100 each. For more info in getting one, you may contact Weddings at Works directly.

My free copy of the W@W Brides’s Yellow Pages and Wedding Primer

Bridal Fairs in Manila 2016

Combined with just the perfect cool weather, festive feeling because of Christmas and a time known for family gatherings and reunions, the BER months is not only considered as a joyous holiday season but it is also known as a peak season for Philippine Weddings especially during mid November and December. Couples either tend to get engaged with dozens of romantic proposals everywhere or get hitched during this time. Then just right after the festive New Year celebration comes to an end, begins the start of numerous exhibits featuring the best of the best of Manila’s wedding industry. Bridal fairs not only showcase the best talents in the Philippine Wedding Industry but it also caters primarily to the needs of soon-to-wed couples and even debutantes. During these events, wedding suppliers (as we call them) present their latest package and services with promos, discounts and freebies to their potential clients. Sometimes, major sponsors of these wedding  fairs have raffle prizes for bookers at the end of the event that ranges from winning engagement rings, cash discounts to honeymoon packages. Isn’t that awesome?!

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