Online Wedding Supplier Booking: Weddingscape PH

While browsing my FB timeline and reading bridal related articles, with my hot black coffee in tow, I saw this advert by a popular online wedding magazine in the Philippines – Merry to Marry. They launched this new feature called the Weddingscape  which is like a portal to easily book awesome wedding suppliers in the Manila Philippines through the use of credit card and ATM! Yes you heard that right. Booking wedding suppliers online through the use of credit card and ATM for easy transactions! This news is probably one of the best that I heard so far when it comes to wedding vendors transactions just like when I blogged about the first online bridal fair by W@W. Continue reading “Online Wedding Supplier Booking: Weddingscape PH”


Wedding Supplier Contract Details

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Contracts, as known by all, is a legal binding document for a paid business transaction between client and clientele. Both parties have agreed to the services to be rendered and everything written on the piece of paper should be followed or executed, if not, legal actions can be taken. Wedding/Event Supplier contracts apply the same rules which are a must-have during wedding prep bookings and transactions. Since not all wedding suppliers issue official receipts upon booking or when deposits have been paid, signed contracts (scanned and electronic ones included) is the only legal paper that couples have that binds them with the wedding suppliers. In case problems would arise, its the piece of paper that couples can use to enforce legal actions.

Wedding/event contracts vary depending on the service to be rendered on your wedding day, but generally, it should include the following:

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Our Wedding Preps Timeline 2015


Looking back at the old posts that we did for this blog which contained all of our various wedding supplier researches, I felt the need to review again the preparations that we have done so far. Although we already have a list to summarize all that we have booked, it’s still interesting to look back at how much we’ve accomplished. Thank you Lord!

Overall, it’s a 1 year and 4 months wedding preparation. 😊

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Do you need a Wedding Coordinator?

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I’ve heard a lot of people ask that – from online forums, FB groups or even my friends who will be getting married like me. Of course, I’d definitely say yes. It’s based on my personal opinion as someone who had previous experience working with events. Some would think it’s a waste of money since it will become an added expense to the wedding budget list. But look at it this way –  Do you want to have a stress-free wedding? Would you need a pro to handle all the necessary things on your wedding day? Were you only interested to hire a wedding coordinator because they have been trending in a lot of online wedding groups or the people that you know who got married before you had theirs too? Or you and your fiancé simply want to make sure that both of you will be at least worry-free on your wedding day?

Wedding Coordinators or Planners (for full service) are paid because of their expertise. They are composed of around 5 or more people who would make sure that your wedding day would go as smoothly as planned. Yes, unexpected problems would occur but with their expertise, they will definitely make sure that everything will be under control.

One friend told me, “I have my relatives and close friends who volunteered to do the job. Why would I still need to hire one?” Good question, I must say. But look at this angle. On your wedding day itself, would you really give your full trust to your volunteered relatives and close friends to act as a team to make sure everything is okay like —

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