DIY: Save the Date video

Weddings would always entail spending to book the best possible suppliers that you and your fiancé can afford. But it doesn’t mean that you guys need to splurge on everything because it would still depend on your budget. DIYs or do-it-yourself has become a trend lately especially for budget-conscious couples. Instead of booking wedding vendors to do items like invitations, save the date invites, decorations, ceremonial accessories, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc. couples would opt to do it by themselves using their own resources to personalize and customize such items cost effectively. But as an overseas based couple, it is quite difficult for us to DIY things since not all materials were easily available and if they do, the items doesn’t come cheap. Here in Kuwait, we don’t have a Divisoria-style marketplace where all the raw materials can be haggled and bought in a low price. But since we are capable of something, we, instead decided to DIY what we can.

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Wedding Emcee or Host

After the ceremony comes the Reception part of the wedding, where both sides of the family, relatives, friends and guests come to party with the newly wed couple. Traditionally, programs are made by the emcee/host to make the reception lively that’s filled with congratulatory speeches, music (through the band or DJ if there is any), games and all sorts of activities while either waiting for the couple who were doing their post-nuptial pictorial or doing the final retouch before their big entrance as Mr & Mrs and before the formal lunch or dinner will be served.

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Wedding Legal Requirements in the Philippines


Marriage is a legal union between a man and woman under the eyes of the law and church (for those who also considers this). When doing wedding preps, both couple needs to make sure that all their legal documents are ready. But where should you start? Filipinos who are both based in the Philippines will find these easy but for those who are based overseas like us, we were told by the very helpful wedding suppliers that we need to be keen on the validity of our certificates. Yes, validity. All certificates have expiration dates, just like the food that you’re eating now. But there are categories, depending if the couple is both Filipino or one is a foreigner and if the wedding ceremony is Catholic.

Generally, the legal requirements and procedures are as follows for both Filipinos who plan to marry:


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Wedding Lingo and Abbreviations

Whenever my fiancé and I would talk, even on chat, while discussing things about our wedding preps I would usually use shortened terms or abbreviations that he would be like — OOT what? Every now and then I would make it a point to explain to him everything that I would say in order for us to always be on the same page. Yes ladies you heard that right, during wedding preps you and your man should always be on the same page and not like you’re from two different planets! As a helpful summary I’ll try to list down all the useful wedding-related terms and/abbreviations that is commonly used during preps so you, your fiancé and your suppliers can easily understand each other. I sourced them out here and  W@W/ GT Forums but I edited it to what we commonly use and usually see on conversations at W@W/ GT Forums and  on Philippine wedding setting in general. Continue reading “Wedding Lingo and Abbreviations”

Philippine Online Wedding Resources

Overseas wedding planning can be a hassle, especially if both couple is based abroad. During wedding preps, many would resort to ask help from relatives who are based in Manila (or wherever they are living) to go to bridal fairs, check out wedding vendors and even book suppliers on behalf of the couple, but would always end up with  problems. Canvassing wedding vendors is a big thing and back in the day, listing the who’s who in the industry takes much time and effort to know. But thankfully due to recent technology, online wedding resources have emerged. These online resources give detailed information regarding supplier’s potfolios, their history in the industry, contact information and unbiased opinions from former brides as well that is pretty much helpful when planning. Sometimes they also offer contests and promos from partner suppliers for couples which is just plain awesome. There’s also this group page on FB that gives reasonable advice for couples for their wedding preps straight out of her experience as a former bride and a known wedding host, which is something great to read for reminders every now and then. And of course, we, as an overseas couple hugely benefit from their help!

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Wedding Band and Strings

Music would always be part of weddings. They would either come through choir, strings ensemble or full bands with percussion instruments paired with great vocals that would uplift the mood during ceremonies and reception programs. As we went through our own wedding vendor’s bookings, as music lovers ourselves, we made sure that we would definitely hire a good and affordable team to play during our ceremony while we would be doing our wedding march and for the reception program’s live entertainment. Since Filipinos are known for great musical inclination and vocals, it’s not difficult to find great talents who have been serenading newly married couples and their guests for years. As an added help, we sought the help of our wedding coordinator for any recommendation whilst comparing them to what we have researched for months.



Below is a list of known Wedding Musicians and Strings Ensemble in the country today with their 2015 -2016 price rates for Metro Manila weddings only for both Ceremony and Reception unless stated so that we have come to know. For outside Manila, OOT fee applies or they have their own rates. For more info and updated rates for 2018 weddings onwards, better contact them.

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