Wedding Caterers

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Food. Food. Food. It’s definitely one of THE most important elements in a wedding reception or any formal event. During such celebrations, Filipinos are very keen especially when it comes to what the celebration has to offer.

Below is a list of known caterers based in Manila (except for Ladera) that we have considered during the course of our wedding planning. If you’re interested, it’s better to talk to them directly.


 Their 2015-2016 initial rates below for 150 pax Manila-based wedding is subject to change without prior notice. OOT fee not included.

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Free Jason Magbanua Video


Yes, you read that right. It’s not a joke. It’s the awesome Jason Magbanua working for Free! I thought I was just dreaming when I heard the news so when I checked his site, lo and behold, it was indeed true! Is it Christmas now? Definitely not. But this — is something no one should ever miss! He’s like on top of every couple’s we-wish-we-could-afford-him-wedding-suppliers-list. So this is like.. WOW. AMAZING. OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?! kind of thing.

And of course, as of this writing, I’m already done filling out my form and trying our luck. (Good Lord please help us!)

Oh please.. pretty please..come to Kuwait and shoot our Esesh video Mr Jason Magbanua! ❤️❤️❤️ #jmagwillworkforfree