Supplier Pencil Booking No-No

I know not everyone would agree with me on this but pencil booking literally sucks. Yes, I need to vent right now because we had been frustrated for a week because of this HMUA that we were talking to for our engagement shoot. Talk about some wedding preps stress! Well we tried to book this certain HMUA because of recommendation from the awesome people of waw community and certain affiliation to a styling company. Their works are undeniably good and what I like the most was their fresh natural make-up. So when we inquired regarding their current rates and availability, we felt lucky that they were open for our chosen slot. The thing is, we are an overseas couple. Even if it’s a few more months before our flight back to Manila, we have already started doing our appointments for our itinerary. Every single day is very important to us. Besides we only get 30 days leave a year from work and it’s so damn difficult to even get a leave!

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PreNup Shoot Preparations

Credit: Nice Print Photography

If there’s one thing we learned this past couple of weeks, it’s about the exclusivity of Engagement/Pre Nuptial shoots. Trust me, they’re like a separate entity from the whole wedding planning in itself. Yes, it’s true that the output from doing such will play a role up to the big day – hence reminders for the guests to block your wedding date, the AVP and video presentations and your new found connection with your  suppliers, with whom would turn out to be the same group of people who’ll be there to  do their expert services during your wedding – but a lot of things should be really considered when planning for one. I’m writing this not because we’re already done with our shoot but because we are currently in the process of doing it and this is what we have experienced so far while we’re preparing for it. You can do them in random orders depending on you and your fiance’s preference.

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