Things to ask your Wedding Coordinator

Coordinators can actually make or break a wedding. If they were hired from Day 1 to help the couple during the planning, their comments/suggestions/recommendations will highly matter. This of course will show their credibility and expertise. Wedding planning is crucial since Day 1 since a lot of factors are needed to be considered. But since not all couples have the budget to hire a Full Wedding Planner, the best option would be to get an On-The-Day (OTD) Coordinator who will oversee, act on whatever needs to be done and troubleshoot possible issues that can arise during a wedding. Upon initial inquiry, below is the list of things you should at least be well aware of regarding your chosen coordinator.

  • name
  • date of event
  • time of event
  • number of possible guests
  • contact information (email, mobile #, viber # etc)
  • tell where you found out about them (optional, but this is good especially if you’re going to haggle for possible discounts later on due to recommendations)

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