Wedding Detailing: Cake


I’m a cake aficionado but ironically it was part of the least priority in our wedding checklist since we are on a budget and our minds are already occupied with the other “big things”. Also we didn’t bother in sourcing out a wedding cake supplier because initially our Wedding Cake is already part of our caterer’s package when we availed them. The package includes 3 layers of edible cake and by looking at the photos they have, they all looked okay to me. Since it’s definitely not in our priority list, the idea also dawned on me again after talking to my Matron of Honor, Meann, who told me that their cake was one of the most memorable highlights of their wedding. She even showed me photos of their 5 layers wedding cake and I was really wowed. She then recommended that I check out their cake supplier (she got married back in 2013) and see for myself if I’d change my mind in getting a separate wedding cake supplier. Immediately I took her cake supplier’s number and set an appointment. That was back in December 2015.

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