Wedding Supplier Review: THE MANILA HOTEL

Here is our supplier review for our Hotel Accommodation/Preps during the wedding — THE MANILA HOTEL

  • Supplier Rating: 2.75/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email, Landline (if needed), Personal Visits
  • Contact Person: Prestige Membership (Ms Anne/Ms Jhello/ Ms Ren)


The outside facade of The Manila Hotel


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Wedding Supplier Review: JOSIAH’S Catering

As we have emphasized before, food is actually one of the most important details of any wedding reception, since honestly, this is one of the top things that guests (everyone to be exact) will remember most on any wedding or event for that matter. Below is our supplier review for our chosen caterer – JOSIAH’S CATERING

  • Supplier Rating: 3.75/5 
  • Mode of Communication: Email, Landline (if needed)
  • Contact Person: Ms. Lady Leynes (Sales), Ms. Jolie Alacar (ES)
Red Velvet served during our wedding. Photo was taken by our guest.


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Wedding Supplier Review: LA CASTELLANA Venue

After we have chosen our dream church, we then decided to scout for our reception venue with all the requirements on our checklist. Below is our supplier review for our chosen venue — LA CASTELLANA in Intramuros Manila.

Photo was taken during our ocular of the venue. 
  • Supplier Rating: 4.50/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email
  • Contact Person: Mr Christian De Leon

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Wedding Supplier Review: NEONOVELTIES Invitations

We have emphasized before from our previous posts that Wedding Invitations can be a great gauge for your guests to know what to expect from your wedding in general. So we decided to give importance to our invitation by getting the best possible yet affordable wedding invitations supplier and by chance, we found — NEONOVELTIES.

GA Wedding Invitation. Photo by Myio Okamoto
  • Supplier Rating: 4.75/5
  • Mode of Communication: Viber, Email
  • Contact Person: Ms Leslie Corro-Famaranglas

People think that wedding invitations are just a set of paper and a minor detail during the wedding preparation. But, this set of paper is as important as the others since this contains all your necessary wedding details that not only gives accurate information about your event’s date, time, location, list of entourage etc but couples should realize that a great wedding invitation gives a good (and important)
impression for all the guests about what to expect on the day itself. Here, the key term to remember is “good impression.”

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Wedding Supplier Review: SAN AGUSTIN CHURCH MANILA

Yes! We’re finally married! Now, we’re going to give you our Wedding Supplier Reviews for all our suppliers. One supplier review per post to give our detailed and comprehensive reviews for each. Hopefully, we can do it all this month. Anyway, for our first supplier review, check out #OurLoveStoReal‘s ceremony venue — SAN AGUSTIN CHURCH in Intramuros Manila.

  • Supplier Rating- 4.5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Landline, Personal
  • Contact Person: Ms Belen / Ms Nora


The aisle decoration and altar photo during our wedding. Photo by Myio Okamoto

I have always dreamed of getting married in this UNESCO heritage church inside the walls of Intramuros. Although I also fancy other old churches like Manila Cathedral,  there’s just something about the elegantly lit chandeliers, organs, and the trompe l’oeil ceiling paintings that shouts grandeur that dates back from the 16th-century colonial period. Just like what I said from this previous post (Our Wedding Preps Timeline) HERE, it was a mutual decision between Garry and me to book San Agustin Church (SAC) for our church ceremony.

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Prenup Supplier Review: Vidlens

Video Prenup Videographer: VIDLENS PRODUCTIONS
Supplier Rating: 
Package inclusions: Comes with our Heartfelt wedding package


It was Garry who found Vidlens among the long list of upcoming Wedding Videographers in the Philippines and we booked them for our wedding long before we joined the Weddings at Work community so it’s really nice to see how the team has gone so far. (Congrats on being Top 10!) Since we were an overseas couple, we were only able to communicate with Brian Carambas, the owner of Vidlens Productions through skype video calls and FB. We instantly hit it off especially sila ni fiance since he’s also into video editing. My fiance conceptualized the idea of the prenup video shoot and with the help of Brian, literal na inupuan nila through skype video call for 4 hours yung details ng shoot. Sila na ang super OC!

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Prenup Supplier Review: Ish Sison HMUA

Video Prenup HMUA: ISH SISON 
Supplier Rating: 4.5
Package inclusions: Airbrush and unlimited look for the couple
OOT Fee: Php 5000 (for Batangas area)

Our 2nd layout by Ish Sison


Ish was on top of my shortlisted choices for our HMUA since I’ve seen her works on FB and I really adored how perfectly neat the eyebrows of her clients were! I heard it before that you can know how great your HMUA is if they’re really good with eyebrows..since eyebrows are life!

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Prenup Supplier Review: Taal Town Heritage

Video Prenup Location: TAAL TOWN HERITAGE (3 locations)

Taal Town Municipal Hall

Since we have a vintage theme in mind, we stick with the concept and decided to check around Manila (going out of town is last of our priorities due to OOT fees) for great places until we found out about Taal Heritage Town where the known Basilica of St. Martin de Tours is located through one of our discussions with a suppliers and decided to check it out even if it’s located in Batangas. At first sight through FB photos, we fell in love with it’s authentic feel. After a lot (literally) of discussion and budget considerations, we pushed through with the place because it’s way cheaper than Las Casas (our first choice), it’s also our first time going there and hindi pa ako masyado nakakakita ng prenup held here. I saw maybe 1-2 prenup shoots online held at Taal Town but mostly they’re just photo shoots and the area wasn’t that explored. This of course made us feel like hindi pa masyado gamit ang place which is nakaka excite for us and sa team namin! Anyway going there was another story since it took us 2.5 hours from Boni (where we stayed at that time) to reach Taal Town through Grab kasi coding yun van namin at that time! Yes, this very nice Grab car driver took us there after we were left behind by the last Jam Liner Buendia bus even if it’s his first time also to travel outside of Manila in the middle of the night.

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Official Prenup AVP

(L-R) Benjie Tiongco, Garry, Aiki, Toni Aviles and Jeff Galang 

Below is our official Photo Prenup (Engagement) AVP.
For supplier reviews, you can check our previous posts.


Photo:      Benjie Tiongco

HMUA:    Toni Aviles 
Stylist:     Jeff Galang
Venue:    Casa Domingo

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Prenup Supplier Review: Benjie Tiongco Photography

Photo Prenup Photographer: BENJIE TIONGCO 
Supplier Rating: 5/5 
Package inclusions: AVP slideshow, USB with all the raw and edited files and Album

Our stunning 2nd layout. Wearing this kind of outfit would make my parents gasp but Benjie made sure that we would look elegant yet seductive all at the same time!

** There will be an update with the rating soon because of something we failed to see only after checking the USB files and photos after the honeymoon. **


I really like his editorial style of shooting which exudes elegance and suave so when we got engaged I quickly asked about his current rates but was so disappointed to find out that he was beyond our budget. We are a budget couple so everything should be within our budget. But one thing we learned from this wedding planning preps, if you really can’t sleep for weeks because you know in your heart you really wanted that supplier, go for it!

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