Unofficial Prenup and Wedding HMUA Photos

After checking my Ipad for photos, I stumbled upon our unofficial photos during our prenup sessions and on the wedding day itself. If you’ve been reading the blog you’ve probably noticed that we got the services of three fabulous and popular wedding HMUAs based in Manila! Below are some of our photos which can help you decide if you are looking for your wedding HMUA or if you have already shortlisted them. I have posted some of the photos before in some posts here but just found it interesting to put it all together in one single post. Also, I’m the morena-chinita-type who doesn’t have any double eyelids so finding the bestest HMUA in Manila was a challenge for me especially I’m on a budget, based overseas and I don’t have time to do trial hair and make-up.

That fierce look with perfect brows, clean and neat hair & make-up. 🙂

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Wedding Supplier Review: DON ROBERT’S Bridal Car

All this time Garry has this idea of how he wants his bride to come to the church and he already pictured it with a white vintage car. Below is our supplier review for our bridal car supplier — DON ROBERT’S BRIDAL CAR

  • Supplier Rating: 3.5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email
  • Contact Person: Mr. Robert Bautista
Our 1952 Mercedez Benz Bridal Car

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Wedding Supplier Review: HONEY GLAZE CAKES

Garry and I both love cakes. It’s our comfort food. So it’s a non-negotiable for us to treat ourselves to have a beautiful cake for our wedding. Good thing that my best friend was their former bride aside from their numerous celebrity clients so the trust was already there right from the start. Here’s our supplier review for our wedding cake supplier — HONEY GLAZE CAKES

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email, Viber
  • Contact Person: Chef Aileen (owner), Ms Michelle
Our Spanish Vintage Glam themed wedding cake. Photo by Myio Okamoto.

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Wedding Supplier Review: FULLBLOOMS FLOWER SHOP BY INAH Entourage Florist

I’m personally fond of flowers and it’s a non-negotiable for me that during my dream wedding I’ll be having fresh white flowers everywhere! And, Ate Inah made it possible at a very affordable rate. Below is our supplier review for our Entourage Florist — FULL BLOOMS FLOWER SHOP BY INAH

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email, FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Ms. Inah Anupol
Close up photo of our Flower Girl’s basket. Photo by Myio Okamoto

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Wedding Supplier Review: REJECTKREW Lights and Sounds

With so many Lights and Sounds supplier, it was rather difficult to find the best one. Aside from the fact that we’re both not knowledgeable about the technicalities of a Lights and Sounds suppliers although our main priority was not to look like Barney at our own wedding. Thus, from a lot of research and recommendation we were able to find — REJECTKREW LIGHTS & SOUNDS, which was also a former Top Weddings at Work Supplier Awardee.

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email, FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Mr. Elmer Bautista (owner)/ Ms. Raye
Photo by Myio Okamoto

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