Common Wedding Miscellaneous Expenses

Wedding expenses can soar as high as 100% more of the budget that couples would initially prepare. Most likely this is from a lot of miscellaneous expenses that couples would sometimes forget to include in the initial stages of wedding budget costing probably because of too much excitement and confidence in themselves thinking that they won’t go overboard. But, realistically speaking, it’s rare for couples to go less than their intended budget after paying all the wedding expenses.

In a separate post HERE we listed the usual things that needs to be highly considered when doing your own Wedding Budget Costing. Below is a list of the most usual miscellaneous expenses that couples would tend to overlook or some won’t even want to include in their total wedding budget expenses. Because of this attitude, some couples would be shocked to know that their wedding expenses excel sheet would go overboard way beyond their own financial capabilities. Again, we strongly recommend to have your own separate wedding budget buffer/wedding emergency fund of at least 30% in cash/or in the bank that would only be touched in case you really need it on-the-day of your wedding.

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Bridal Bouquet Checklist

Flowers specifically bridal bouquets would always be part of a wedding even though not all brides like to have their bouquet fresh. But, since this will definitely be a centerpiece in a bride’s attire, aside from the wedding gown of course, choosing the best possible bridal bouquet is quite difficult especially with the tons of ideas all over Pinterest!

bouquet 1
My bridal bouquet by Gary Dacanay. Photo by Myio Okamoto

Based from my personal experience, it took me months to really decide on how my bridal bouquet would be like. Thankfully, I was able to get expert advise from my florist/event stylist, who really know what he’s talking about. For starters, below is the checklist that I used when decided for my once-in-a-lifetime bridal bouquet!

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Our Wedding Legal Requirements Timeline

As an overseas-based couple it is very difficult for us to just go home and secure all the necessary documents and processing that is needed for both our Civil and Church requirements. In this post HERE we have compiled all the necessary documents that we needed to secure our marriage license permit for our church wedding.

Our Pre-Cana booklets from Holy Family Cathedral in Kuwait City

For a Church-rites wedding in the Philippines, both civil and church requirements are needed. If you are already married civilly, you don’t need to apply for a marriage license and instead just submit your original NSO Marriage Contract.

Below is our summarized timeline when we started our documents processing.

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Wedding Supplier Review: CALLIGRAFFI Ninong Souvenirs

We wanted something customized for our Ninongs, so we searched for a supplier who can provide for us the most affordable whiskey set that we can find. Here is our supplier review for our souvenir gift boxes and scotch whiskey glasses — CALLIGRAFFI

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email
  • Contact Person: Staff of Calligraffi
Calligraffi souvenirs 2
Our customized Ninong customized laser engraved wooden whiskey set with scotch glasses

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Even from the start, everything about our wedding was customized to what we want even to the smallest detail. So when we were finalizing our details regarding our wedding accessories, we decided to get a supplier who would create the best possible one that would fit our wedding theme. Below is our review for our wedding accessories provider — BEADYBEADZ PERSONALIZED WEDDING CORD

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Ms Joan Zacate


Our personalized wedding cord by Beadybeadz (except the earring). Photo by Myio Okamoto.

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Wedding Supplier Review: CARISSA CIELO MEDVED Entourage HMUA

We wanted our Entourage to be their most beautiful on our wedding so we made sure to hire the best possible HMUA who can do justice to our specific peg in mind. Luckily, we found him during our search when his former bride, who was a friend of ours, referred him to us. Here is our supplier review for our Entourage HMUA — CARISSA CIELO MEDVED

  • Supplier Rating: 4.75/5
  • Mode of Communication: FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Carissa Cielo Medved
Hair and Make-Up by Carissa Cielo’s team

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Wedding Supplier Review: BUSYBEEZ MOBILE Playhouse

Weddings are not only for the adults so make sure that your flower girls, bearers and the other kids get the same special treatment! Give them their own space to enjoy because kids are VIPs too! Below is our supplier review for our Mobile Playhouse provider — BUSYBEEZ MOBILE PLAYHOUSE

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Ms Khrysanti Bendo
Setup of BusyBeez during our wedding. Photo credit from them.

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