Ways to ask your Entourage to be part of your Wedding

Asking people to be part of your special wedding VIPs – your Primary Sponsors (Ninongs and Ninangs), your Best Man, your Maid of Honor, your Man of Honor (for that extra twist), your Secondary Sponsors, your Groomsmen, your Bridesmaids and even the kids, both Bearers and Flower Girls – those who will play a vital role during and after your wedding can be quite nerve-wracking. There is actually no specific answer based on our experience since it really depends on the couple and their “closeness” with the chosen potential Primary Sponsor. But remember before you act on it, think a lot of times if your chosen potential Ninong or Ninang will be really “fit” the role to stand beside you in front of the altar and vow to commit to God to be your second parents not only because your parents said so, or they’re politicians or probably the richest person/couple you know of but because they also embody great values and character traits that you guys respect. This is a huge responsibility that is way beyond the expensive gifts or the thought that you would be rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

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