G & A Dream Team (with Reviews)

After researching for months and talking to a lot of suppliers, we have finally booked the following for our perfect wedding’s Dream Team! #OurLoveStoReal

Garry + Aiki December 2016 WEDDING SUPPLIERS

SAC altar

Ceremony: San Agustin Church Manila (Review Here)


Reception Venue: La Castellana Intramuros (Review Here)

Catering Service: Josiah’s Catering (Review Here)


Wedding Preparation: Manila Hotel (Review Here)


Wedding Photography Service: Myio Okamoto


Wedding & Prenup Videography Service: Vidlens Productions (Review #1 Here)


Bridal Couturier: Mel Orlina (Review Here)



Bridal Shoes: Nina/ New Look


Bridal Prep Robe: La Tercera (Review Here)


Groom’s Suit: JE&Co. (Review Here)


Groom’s Shoes: Hugo Boss/ RLLwind


Engagement & Wedding Rings: Everest Jewellery Kuwait / Damas Jewellery

Coordinator and Host: Imbitado Events by Ayie Contreras-Tuates (Review Here)


Bridal Bouquet and Event Styling: Gary Dacanay (Review Here)


Hair and Make Up Artist (HMUA): Toni Aviles (Review #1 Here) (Review #2 Here)


 Cake: Honey Glaze Cakes (Review Here)


Music/Strings: Madz & Dzhei Band (Review Here)


Lights and Sounds: Rejectkrew Professional Lights and Sounds (Review Here)


Entourage FloristFull Blooms by Inah (Review Here)


Invitations: Neonovelties (Review Here)


Bridal Car: Don Roberts Bridal Car (Review Here)


Projector and Screen: Metrotech


Female and Kids Entourage Attire: Rommel Espera Couture (Review Here)


Female Entourage Shoes: Comfort Plus by Predictions

Male Entourage Attire: TBA


Entourage HMUA: Carissa Cielo Medved (Review Here)


Mobile Bar: GQ Mobile Bar

imageFemale Principal Sponsors Souvenirs: Zara


Male Principal Sponsors Souvenirs: Johnnie Walker and Calligraffi (Review Here)


 Entourage Souvenirs: Chocolate Confections (Review Here)beady

Wedding Cord: BeadyBeadz Personalized Wedding Cord (Review Here)


Kid’s Mobile Playhouse: BusyBeez Mobile Playhouse (Review Here)

Photo booth: Gen Lee Events 


Guest Prizes: Starbucks


Guest Prizes: H&M

Sparklers: Dragon Fireworks


Family Accomodation: White Knight Hotel Intramuros

+ + + + + + + +



Prenup Photography Service: Benjie Tiongco (Review Here)


Prenup Stylist: Jeff Galang (Review Here)

Prenup Photo Location: Casa Domingo (Review Here)


Prenup Video HMUA: Ish Sison (Review Here)

Prenup Video Location: Taal Town Heritage (Review Here)

+ + + + + + + +


Save the Date Video and Monogram (DIY): Go Art Production

+ + + + + + + +



Online Resources: Weddings at Works



Online Resources: Merry to Marry

Online Resources: Bride and Breakfast

Online Resources: Asia Wedding Network

Online Resources: LA Bride

Wedding Magazine: Wedding Essentials Magazine


24 thoughts on “G & A Dream Team (with Reviews)

  1. Hi there Lorenz. So far we have passed the 50% mark in completing our targeted suppliers. Hopefully we’ll be done before the end of this year’s first quarter to finalize everything. Thanks for asking 🙂


  2. Hi! Awesome blog! It’s really helpful. Anyways, can I ask if you booked your venue and caterer separately? Some venues have an accredited caterer and they gave me their packages already.I don’t have yet package rate from caterers. What do you think is much cheaper to book the venue and get their package with their accredited caterer or book it separately (caterer and venue)? Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ajoe. Thanks 🙂 With regards to your question, yes we did book our caterer and venue separately. Although our caterer is accredited in our venue, we still prefer to have them booked directly due to discounts. In comparison, they’re almost the same. What we did was we both got quotations and compared them side-by-side together with all the inclusions and discounts/freebies. In our case, we saved around php 5,000. Just a tip though, be sure that your chosen caterer is accredited by your chosen venue. If not you’ll definitely be paying corkage fees around php 10,000 ++


  3. Hi! Love your blog. Ask ko lang how u manage to block a date in San Agustin Church kung wala ka sa pinas. Plano din kc naming magpakasal sa San Agustin but we have so limited time I started planning now the wedding will be on Aug. And I tried to call the church no response. Like you its hard to do the preps when your not in the country.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lea. Thanks for appreciating. 🙂 We called San Agustin and got the info that we needed. I posted their info on a separate topic. Within that week we asked my relative based in Manila to go to the Church and pay the deposit in cash. They don’t allow bank transfer or credit card payments so we have no choice but to have someone represent us to go there. Hanapin mo si Ms Belen, she’s the one in charged with the reservations. Yes it’s really hard espc we can’t attend fairs to get huge discounts, meet personally with wedding suppliers, do food tastings and process all the necessary documents but so far we have booked majority of our suppliers online and thank God all is well. I guess you just have to be a bit OC, keen and patient in dealing with them. Look for reputable ones, madami na din kasi manloloko. Happy preps!


  4. Hi,
    Very helpful blog, thank you!
    Just wondering how early you stated booking things and putting deposits? How long did it take you to plan everything? Also, how many times did you go home to the Phillipines whilst doing your preps?

    Thank you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Maxine. Thanks for appreciating the blog. 🙂 With regards to your question, we got engaged August 2015 and we started booking our suppliers as early as September 2015. We finished everything by December 2016. You can read our Wedding Preps Timeline here on the blog. I was only able to visit Manila once and finalized everything when we went back home 1 month before the wedding.


  5. Hi,
    Its very hard to plan and where to start. I just got engaged last February 14. I research blogs first. I find it hard especially what would be the theme.Any tips please. I got amazed to know that you’re out of the country while doing all those preparations, etc,.


    1. Hi Trixie. Congrats on your engagement! Anyway with regards to your question, try to envision first what you want with your wedding. Talk to your fiance about his thoughts as well. The trend these days is rustic but it doesn’t mean that you should follow the trend. It actually depends on you. For us, we went towards the classic since I personally always want to have a vintage feel for my wedding. Our theme — Spanish Vintage Glam somehow reflects our personality and what we want. The colors, our church setting, venue setting, style etc all connected to each other and has a personal meaning to us. Your wedding should reflect you and your fiance and not someone else’s. Do a personality check with your fiance and see which things you guys have in common with. Then start from that. I hope that helps. Happy preps!


    1. Hi Jay. Wedding cost would depend on how you envision your wedding. It can be as little as 300K or as big as 2M! You just have to source out reputable wedding suppliers who can do the services properly.


  6. Hi! Thank you for your blog.This is very helpful for the soon-to-wed couples.May I know the name of the priest who officiated your wedding? Is he highly commendable? Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cesita. Thanks for the nice words. Our officiating priest was Rev. Fr. Geoffrey Eborda Jr., OSA and he is really commendable. For some excerpt of his homily you can watch our wedding SDE. Happy preps! 🙂


  7. Hi!

    This blog is really helpful! Im also overseas and was recently engaged.. Im starting to plan our wedding which hopefully will be on June 2018. I know wedding only happens once in a lifetime, but on a pratical side, spending too much for a wedding is something really “too much”. Lols. Is 300-350k budget feasible for a wedding nowadays? Im trying to envision a simple yet classy wedding with a limited budget.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Wjoyce. Congrats on your engagement. I’m glad the blog is helping you with your initial wedding preps 🙂 Well having a 300-350K wedding is feasible but it will depend on a lot of factors. “Simple and classy” could mean different for you, for me and for other people. Realistically though, if your wedding will be based in Manila (for example) with a standard 150pax guest, your best chance is to get an all-in package from a coordinator or from your venue with mostly low end suppliers (some can be mid range also). But then you also have to consider miscellaneous fees like corkages if your other supplier are not accredited with your caterer or venue, expenses if you’ll be paying for yr entourage’s gowns, transportation for the duration of the wedding, processing fees for the documents needed, OOT fee if there is any, prenup budget if you plan to do one etc. But then again this will still depend on how you envision your “simple and classy wedding” as per your set budget. I strongly advise for you to do a research first about the current rates, types of suppliers you want, and your budget. I also recommend for you to join weddings at works (just click our logo on the side bar with our names on it) so you can have more info about wedding preps. Hope I was able to help. 😊


  8. Hi. Thanks for sharing! Kung iba to siguro ngpahinga na lang sa pagod after wedding at nagmove on na or ayaw na maglook back sa mga stress instead of doing what u’ve done. Napakalaking tulong esp for us who only plan to get an otd coord. Anyway may marecommend kb kung san ako makakakuha ng full checklist kung ano pa ang need sa kasal para mainquire ko na lahat and mabook. Wedding would be december and overseas din ako and we might not have a chance na umuwi pa so weeks before wedding nalang siguro ang prenup :(.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi FAL. Thanks for your kind words! 🙂 We really appreciate it whenever we receive comments from people who found our wedding blog useful to their own wedding preparations.

      Anyway as for your question, we have a list of all the necessary things for the wedding. Check the post titled “Wedding Checklist”, 2 part siya. Lahat ng posts sa blog andito na: https://ourbudgetdreamwedding.com/quick-links/ The rest kasi we didn’t put na kasi optional. We also have prenup related posts that you may find helpful.

      Feel free to ask questions and we’ll gladly answer basta kaya namin. Happy preps!


      1. Nga pala how much ang rate ni garry sa design nyo? 2018 bride ako ang starting na nya sa rate na binigay nya for the reception is 150


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