Wedding Lingo and Abbreviations

Whenever my fiancé and I would talk, even on chat, while discussing things about our wedding preps I would usually use shortened terms or abbreviations that he would be like — OOT what? Every now and then I would make it a point to explain to him everything that I would say in order for us to always be on the same page. Yes ladies you heard that right, during wedding preps you and your man should always be on the same page and not like you’re from two different planets! As a helpful summary I’ll try to list down all the useful wedding-related terms and/abbreviations that is commonly used during preps so you, your fiancé and your suppliers can easily understand each other. I sourced them out here and  W@W/ GT Forums but I edited it to what we commonly use and usually see on conversations at W@W/ GT Forums and  on Philippine wedding setting in general.

  • AVP – Audio Video Presentation
  • B2B – Bride-to-be
  • BIL – Brother-in-law
  • BM – Bridesmaids or Best Man
  • BP – Bridal Party
  • BTS – Behind the Scenes
  • DW – Destination Wedding
  • E ring – Engagement Ring
  • ESESH – Engagement Session (Same thing with Prenup Shoot)
  • FIL – Father-in-law
  • FoB- Father of Bride
  • FoG – Father of Groom
  • FG – Flower Girl
  • FI – Fiancé or Fiancee
  • H2B – Hubby-to-be
  • HMUA – Hair and Make Up
  • GM – Groomsmen
  • ILs – In-laws
  • LDR – Long distance relationship
  • MIL – Mother-in-law
  • MoB – Mother of Bride
  • MoG – Mother of Groom
  • MoH – Maid of Honor
  • OB2B – Overseas Bride-to-be
  • OBB – Opening Bill Board
  • OOT – Out-of-town
  • OTD – On-the-Day Coordinator
  • POSTNUP SHOOT – Postnuptial Photoshoot/ Videoshoot
  • PRENUP SHOOT – Prenuptial Photoshoot/ Videoshoot
  • RB – Ring Bearer
  • SDE – Same Day Edit (Photo and/or Video)
  • SIL – Sister-in-law
  • SO – Signifcant Other
  • StD – Save the Date
  • SUPPLIER – Wedding Vendors or your Wedding Team
  • TDD – Trash the Dress
  • WC – Wedding Coordinator
  • WP – Wedding Planner

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