Online Gender Reveal

We’re pregnant!

Our DIY Gender Reveal Backdrop

It’s been 3 years since we got married and finally our prayers have been answered! But because of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and the “new normal”, we were forced to quit our plans of going back to Manila to do our celebrations and delivery. But since we still wanted to connect with our family and friends back home, including those who live in other countries, we decided to try what we can get our hands with!

We used Photoshop to create our DIY Banner for our Online Gender Reveal

As we celebrate this joyous occasion, we’d like to give you an idea that you can do during these “new normal” days when everyone is mostly stuck at home. Through the power of the internet, we were able to do our Baby Gender Reveal — but the “Online” version of course through social media sites like our own Facebook account and Youtube. Actually, doing an “Online” celebration is safer, way more affordable, and enjoyable! It also allows you to use whatever resources you have at home just like how we did with our DIY styling. You can use this “Online” celebration with your wedding plans such as doing an Online Proposal, Online Bridal Shower, Online Wedding Ceremony (which a couple already did you can check our Facebook page for that story) and even an Online Wedding Reception (minus the guests for now). The list just goes on! Just use your creative imagination!

• Styling: DIY. We used old balloons, colored papers and deck cards
• Cake: Breadtalk Kuwait
• Catering: DIY
• Banner: DIY using Photoshop
• Games: King or Queen Poll (using Facebook) and Raffle Draw (using Spin the Wheel App)
• Livestream Platform: Facebook, Youtube
• Photo and Video: Our phones and DSLR

Our Belgian Chocolate and Ferrero Gender Reveal Cake from Breadtalk Kuwait
The app that we used for one of our Games

You can watch our Online Gender Reveal video below. Enjoy and stay safe!


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