1 Day Kumpil in Manila

st michael church

The Confirmation or Kumpil Ceremony is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church that is required by an individual if they wish to be married in the Catholic rites in the Philippines. Normally, this ceremony can be obtained when the parishioner reaches the age of 10 onwards but only if the person has already been Baptized in the Roman Catholic Church as a pre-requisite.

But the question is, what if you seemed to “forget” if you had undergone this Catholic ritual before? Or what if, if you really haven’t done it before? What can you do? Is it possible for an adult individual to get it rather quickly?

The answer honestly varies depending on who you’re talking to aka Parish Priest and Church. But thankfully though there’s a Catholic Church in Manila who gives “hassle-free confirmation” intended for couples who are planning to get married. Check the details below:

Church: National Shrine of Saint Michael and the Archangels or San Miguel Church

Address: 1000 Gen. Solano St, San Miguel, Manila

Express Kumpil

Contact Info: +63 (2) 736-1105 or Fax +63 (2) 734-1271 or sanmiguelfgod@gmail.com
Fee: Php 600 per head

  • 12 years old and above
  • Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate (with annotation for Marriage Purpose)
  • At least 1 qualified adult Sponsor (to become your Ninong or Ninang)
  • Must wear an upper white garment

Confirmation Timeline:

  • Schedule every Thursdays and Sundays only
  • Registration starts at 8:00 AM
  • Confirmation Seminar at 9:00 AM
  • Confirmation Ceremony at 10:00 AM
  • Releasing of Confirmation Certificates at 11:00 AM

UPDATE as of June 13, 2019

Due to concerns regarding the unlikely impression that the title of this blog post may have caused regarding the “expedite” process of Confirmation that the Church offers, we have decided to change the title in response to their request. For more updates regarding their services, we always recommend to directly contact them. Thank you.

For new rules (June 2019) regarding the timing, requirement and Confession schedule, please check the image below. It is highly recommended to contact the Parish for more information.

Credit to the Parish

Confused on what to do first? Don’t fret! For a quick timeline on what you’re supposed to start with here’s our Step-by-Step Wedding Legal Requirements Process, click HERE.

What to have an idea how to obtain a Certificate of Freedom to Marry from your church overseas? Please click HERE.

To get an idea of how we did it. Please see this post Wedding Legal Requirements Timeline HERE.

Some reference credit to SAC, to our Coordinator and HERE 🙂

38 thoughts on “1 Day Kumpil in Manila

  1. Thank you so much for this blog! Such a great help. Do you have an idea kung pwede po ba na nakapants ang girl during confirmation?

  2. Hi our budget wedding,
    May I ask po about this express kumpil kung need magpalista ahead bago po ang araw nang kumpil or pwede on the day itself pumunta? Thank you po

  3. Hi, for confirmation po, do we need to bring the original copy of baptismal and birtcertificate or just the photocopy?

  4. Hi,

    I was baptized in pentecostal church, May I ask if Catholic Church will accept my Baptismal Certificate?

  5. hi po may nakita po kase ako sa FB page nila na “the candidate must secure a written permission from the parish the candidate belongs”. ano po kaya ibig sabahin nyan ?

    1. Hi KC. It means you need to get a letter of request na mag papa kumpil ka from your Parish kung saan ka nakatira since typically dapat dun ka sa Parish niyo magpa kumpil and not anywhere else.

  6. Good day! I’m writing on behalf of the National Shrine of Saint Michael and the Archangels. First, I would like to request that you change the title of your page because it gives the wrong information to people regarding the Sacrament of Confirmation. There is no such thing as EXPRESS SACRAMENT. True, we offer KUMPIL regularly. But it does not mean that it is an expedited one. It is worrying that you add to the proliferation of the thought that the sacraments are merely for requirement purposes. Furthermore, your post regarding the requirements and time table is not updated. I hope for your prompt response regarding these concerns. Thank you!

    1. Hi. We apologize if you feel that it gives an unlikely impression regarding your services and it is also not in our intention to malign the Sacrament of Confirmation, but only to share the information about the hassle free 1 day process Confirmation that your Parish offers without requiring any rigorous Catechism classes similar to what we have personally underwent before having our Confirmation. We appreciate the comment and we’ll change it so it won’t give any other unlikely impression about your services.
      Also, we have not updated our post because we have written it a long time ago and would always recommend people to directly inquire ti concerned companies or authorities regarding any updates with their services.
      Thank you and have a blessed day.

  7. I have a 12 year old and ten year old granddaughters who are visiting Manila this September. I’d like to take the opportunity to have them receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Is it possible that the 10 year-old be qualified. Thank you.

    1. Hi Prescilla. As per the Parish rules, only children 12 years old and above can obtain the Sacrament of Confirmation. Also, I have updated the post to include the new rules that the Parish have implemented recently. If you have further inquiries, it is best to contact them for more information. I hope this helps. Have a nice day!

  8. hello, what if 1 month before the kasal pa mg papa kumpil since nsa abroad kme, aabot pa kaya? nabasa q kc at least 2 months before the kasal eh mai submit na ung requirements, thank in advance.

    1. Hi rr. The timeline that we have posted here is the standard one. It will actually depend on your church kung saan kayo magpakasal if they will allow you to have it later than the standard timeframe. It’s highly recommended to directly talk to your church for their own set of rules if they have.

  9. Hi ask ko lng nagaaccept ba ang saint michael church ng confirmation this coming Sunday?

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