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We are Garry and Aiki, a newly-married Filipino couple based in Kuwait. We created this blog to document our own wedding planning journey after we got engaged last August 2015.

For 15 months, we carefully planned Our Budget Dream Wedding while we are both based overseas as OFWs where we heavily relied on the resources that we found online through various wedding magazines, blogs, Facebook groups, forums and Pinterest for our source of wedding inspiration. In the course of our wedding planning, everything was mostly done online — from research, communication, reservations/booking and even payments.

Throughout this wedding planning journey, we also came to realize that there’s not enough information for couples who are planning to get married in the Philippines especially for OFWs like us and who are on a tight wedding budget!

Initially, we created this blog to document our own wedding planning journey, but because of this realization and the need to help other couples like us who are confused with their wedding planning, afraid of getting scammed by the wrong suppliers and who are on a tight budget we decided to make all the information on our wedding blog publicly available. By doing this, we hope that all the information that can be found here from our own wedding experience would be able to help others in their own wedding preparations.

Overall, the journey was a rollercoaster ride of emotions filled with excitement, frustration, and bliss.. but it was a journey definitely worth remembering! This is #OurLoveStoReal and this is #OurBudgetDreamWedding .

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Things to Ask Your Suppliers

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