Honeymoon: #OurlovesTOURy

After the wedding… HONEYMOON!

We like to consider ourselves as travelers at heart, but as OFWs, everything needs to be planned according to a certain budget and timeline. It’s actually quite difficult to just go with the flow and be on a #YOLO trip like what the rest is doing because of our limited vacation leave and allotted vacation budget. And since we live on our mantra — Piso is Life, traveling on a budget has always been our guiding force to fulfill our ultimate bucket list.

In this new chapter of our blog, we’re excited to share our personal tips and recommendations based on our own travel experiences from our honeymoon series. We will be sharing not only instragrammable-worthy photos of places that we have visited and the rich history and culture that we have experienced but as well as valuable tips that we have learned during the process which we found has great similarities when we were still planning our 15-months long wedding journey on a budget. From these, we hope that you will find them useful for your own travels during your honeymoon after the wedding, on your own or with your loved ones!

Thanks to social media and travel blogs, our dream to fulfill our other ultimate bucket list after we have completed Our Budget Dream Wedding journey is coming to life. #OurlovesTOURy. Have fun and let’s all explore the world!

Traveling is not only about taking IG-worthy photos of places but experiencing and understanding its rich history, culture and people.

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Click the images above or the links below to view our travel experience complete with itineraries and recommended hotels, tours, and activities.


  • Batanes, Philippines
  • Coron, Palawan, Philippines
  • Zamboanga City, Philippines
  • Singapore