How much to spend on Engagement and Wedding Rings?

Credit: Myio Okamoto Photography

How much do we need to spend for engagement and wedding rings?

Should the rings be expensive and have diamonds?

Actually, there is no specific answer for this since we have different preferences, style and budget allotted for the wedding. Some people have the capacity to splurge on expensive things, while some, like us for example only have a limited budget for that.

You see some couples who were on a tight budget would be okay with plain silver band rings which would only cost around Php 5,000 or less.

Some couples who want to splurge a little bit and thinks that these rings are part of their investment naman na iba gusto ang gold bands na ang starting price ay Php 15,000.

Kapag meron naman na dagdag na diamonds, iisang bato man yan, maliit ot madami.. expect na mas mataas ang presyo! Kasi ang diamonds may tinatawag na 4C standard kung saan ang presyo at value nito ay depende sa size, kulay, cut at clarity ng diamonds which usually starts at Php 25,000 and up. Mas tumataas pa ang presyo kapag ang ito ay may diamond grading rating certificate from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for example at binili sa mga kilalang jewelers.

At siyempre meron din mga couples na mas gusto ang customized rings na presyo magdedepende sa mas madami at complicated factors which can go as high as Php 1M!

In our case, we splurged a little bit for our wedding bands pero siyempre pasok pa din sa budget kasi ito yung everyday namin na ginagamit. We want something nice to wear daily that would remind us of our wedding day. For us din kasi we felt that our engagement and wedding rings can be part of our investment.

But, it really depends talaga sa preference niyo, priorities at budget. At the end of the day ang importante naman hindi yung presyo ng engagement ring at wedding bands, but the marriage itself. Expensive at napaka ganda nga ng engagement at wedding rings niyo, pero baon naman sa utang pagkatapos ng kasal at madami kayo unsolved problems ng special someone mo.

Remember, ang rings ay symbolism lang ng inyong kasal. Hindi kailangan na ito ay mamahalin kundi ito ay binili for a sincere purpose. 😊


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