Wedding Supplier Review: SAN AGUSTIN CHURCH

Yes! We’re finally married! Now, we’re going to give you our Wedding Supplier Reviews for all our suppliers. One supplier review per post to give our detailed and comprehensive reviews for each. Hopefully we can do it all this month. Anyway for our first supplier review, check out #OurLoveStoReal‘s ceremony venue — SAN AGUSTIN CHURCH in Intramuros Manila.

  • Supplier Rating: 4.5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Landline, Personal
  • Contact Person: Ms Belen / Ms Nora

Altar photo during GA Wedding. Photo by Myio Okamoto

I have always dreamed of getting married in this UNESCO heritage church inside the walls of Intramuros. Although I also fancy other old churches like Manila Cathedral,  there’s just  something about the elegantly lit chandeliers, organs and the trompe l’oeil ceiling paintings that shouts grandeur that dates back from 16th century colonial period. Just like what I said from this previous post HERE, it was a mutual decision between Garry and I to book San Agustin Church (SAC) for our church ceremony.

Although it wasn’t our first option — after getting engaged we immediately called the Transfiguration Church in Caleruega but our chosen time for our date is already booked so we took that as a sign that it’s not meant for us. For our second try, we called San Agustin Church after showing Garry the photo of the altar and everything just fell right into place. We were able to talk to Ms Belen, one of the church admin staff and she explained to us clearly that in order to have a reservation (they don’t do pencil booking) we need to pay the deposit of Php 10,000 in cash. The total church fee was Php 33,500 which includes standard floral decorations, stipend for officiating priest, organist, soloist, chandeliers and in-house church coordinators. That of course was challenge #1 for us since Garry and I are both based overseas. Fortunately, we were able to ask my aunt to represent us and pay the deposit for us to complete our reservation on the 1st week of Sept 2015, exactly two week after we got engaged.

As per my aunt, the transaction was smooth and SAC only told them to fill up a form which includes our name (groom & bride), addresses, date of birth, place of birth and desired date & time for marriage. They gave the receipt, list of requirements to be submitted (brochure) and informed my aunt that I/we should at least be able to personally come to submit the documents if we have the time so she can talk to us.

By December 2015, I took my vacation leave and I was able to visit SAC to personally meet with Ms Belen. They explained to me in detail the list of documents that we needed to comply as requirement and gave me a good rundown of our possible timeline (deadlines and validity of the certificates). The list can be found HERE and HERE which we actually came up with as our quick guide during the wedding preps. Moreover, it should be noted that when Ms Nora is busy with other clients, Ms Nora can also be asked regarding wedding requirements since she’s also in charge.


San Agustin Church facing the entrance to the museum and parking area

The transaction was smooth and every time I would remember to ask something, SAC was just a call away. Unfortunately, you can only communicate with them through their office landline or you go to their office personally and you also have to pay in cash to settle all the payments. As an overseas couple, it was difficult for us to always have someone to represent us so when it comes for the submission of documents, SAC allows the couples to have the documents delivered to them directly through courier.


Garry’s first time at SAC during our Canonical Interview

Moreover, we did our Pre-Cana in Kuwait but weren’t able to do our Canonical Interview overseas since as per church rules, you will have your Canonical Interview where you will be married. So after submitting all our necessary documents, we had our scheduled and met with the Priest, who we thought were supposed to be our wedding celebrant. The canonical interview that we did last Nov 26 Thursday was okay and not too serious. We just filled out forms about our personal info and were asked to answer things about our point of view regarding abortion, marriage, catholic teachings, goals etc. Then, we were interviewed by the representative priest and was surprised at first to hear stories about his seminary days instead of things related to married life. But he was really fun to talk to.


During the Canonical Interview with one of San Agustin Church’s priests (sorry forgot his name)

It should also be noted that in San Agustin Church, you also need to pay added fee for the video electricity to be used on the wedding day itself, for the church’s open doors for the bridal march, top view shot for your photo/video teams and other fees if you want your post-nuptial pictorial to be done in the SAC Museum and Courtyard/Ruins.


GA’s silhouette infront of the Church’s famous door. Photo by Myio Okamoto

Even though we’d had a few minor issues during the wedding day itself, the experience was still as surreal and beautiful as we have prayed it would be. God blessed us with a great weather and everyone who is important to us came to celebrate our union.


  • The church decors is simply breath taking especially when the chandeliers were lit
  • The priest assigned during our wedding was really good especially with the homily. We didn’t get his name since it was our first time to see him (we’ll check our marriage contract later). The priest has a very clear voice, a good command of the language, has humor with funny punchlines and he wasn’t boring during the homily which we liked because all of our guests were really commending about how great he was. UPDATE: Our officiating priest is Rev. Fr. Geoffrey Eborda Jr., OSA
  • We were able to really maximize our extra 15 ++ mins since there’s no wedding after our schedule (we were the last one to get married that day).
  • Our wedding seemed to start on time, even though we noticed from the raw videos that some Ninongs and Ninangs weren’t able to march probably because they arrived late (hello December traffic).


  • We weren’t able to use the SAC Museum and Courtyard since they’re already on holiday and there was no staff available. We tried callingbthem again to request for special service but we failed and was stuck outside the Church’s premises to do our Post-Nup shoot
  • The flower decors in the church during the wedding was already set up for all of the weddings scheduled on that day. Although they gave us an option to have it upgraded, another possible issue would be to let everyone know about it and share the expenses to all the other couples who will be married on our wedding date. The flowers and the arrangement were so simple, we really wished we could’ve added more if we have an extra budget.
  • There were too many tourists outside and people going in and out of the church can’t be controlled. I remember even seeing 1 Japanese guy with 2 Filipina standing beside the door when I was about to walk in. They knew what was happening but were stubborn to move aside. I even saw our coordinator talk to them twice but when I couldn’t help myself, I said in Tagalog “Excuse me. Ate mag uumpisa na ang kasal ko.
  • One of the church’s female coordinator was so strict during the photo-op (after the ceremony) she was already telling everyone to go and informing us that we need to stop taking photos. I immediately looked at the clock and saw that we still have a few minutes left so I couldn’t help myself but to tell her right then and there that we still have time and we paid for it, while still smiling. She looked at me as if irritated and turned her head away.


**Tip!** If you choose San Agustin Church, DO NOT BE LATE! You know you only have 45 mins for the ceremonial mass and 15 mins allotted for the photo-ops. Unless you paid extra time or have free extra mins okay lang. But better be early than sorry.

**Tip!** If you choose San Agustin Church, you already know that it’s an “expensive church” so don’t rant and say pera-perahan lang. Kung puro ka reklamo, be mature enough and report to the Franciscan Order (SA Admin) and CBCP or better yet find another church you feel is inexpensive for you. No one is forcing you to get married in this “expensive” church. It’s your choice, not theirs.

**Tip!** Be sure to settle all your payments, keep all your records and give all your turn-over items to your Coordinator. We placed them all in our “Ceremony Box“.

**Tip!** Inform your Coordinator as well regarding the parking scheme that they need to know to be able to strategize a good logistics plan since Intramuros is full of tourists. Anyway your booked Coordinator should be well-versed about the church rules, policies and common scenarios since they are required to take a yearly seminar.

**Tip!** If you want to upgrade the church’s basic floral styling, you have to talk to the church admins and the rest of the couples who are getting married on that day since the decorations will be placed in the morning even before the first wedding will begin. As per Ms Belen, if this will happen yung upgraded floral decor would be done only by their accredited florists and will be used by ALL the couples who will be married that day. To be fair, mas ok to divide the fees with all the couples so hindi mabigat sa inyo. But that will depend if the other couples would be willing to pay.

**Tip!** Before booking any church or wedding supplier for that matter, ASK EVERYTHING that you felt you needed to know. Mas okay na madami kayo alam kesa naman wala kayo pakialam at iasa na lang lahat sa coordinator and others suppliers..then come wedding day you’d feel lost. Tapos kinabukasan you’ll rant and start cursing because of what happened. Remember, your wedding is your responsibility. Your suppliers are just helping you.


San Agustin Church
General Luna St., Intramuros Manila
(+632) 5274060


14 thoughts on “Wedding Supplier Review: SAN AGUSTIN CHURCH

  1. Hi – any thoughts about Church requirements? i.e. baptismal and confirmation certificates, how strict they are with that and where to get those?


    • Hi mikijii. You can check our post “Wedding Legal Requirements” to answer your question and “Certificate of Freedom to Marry” if you are also based overseas. They are compulsory requirements for you and your fiancee to get married in the church.


  2. Hello pinaydiaspora,
    First, salute to your comprehesive wedding blog. grabe galing mo! 🙂 reading it makes me feel like Im talking to wedding coordinator na at super detailed ha. Bravo! 🙂 its a great guide for brides-to-be overseas like me. Thank you!;-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mich. Aww thanks for the nice words and for appreciating our blog 🙂 We do hope na makaktulong ang information sa blog na ito with your wedding preps and sa pag scout niyo ng suppliers. Just ask away if you need help. Majority of our posts are found in the Quick Links as well. Happy preps! 🙂


  3. Hi pinaydiaspora! Just want to know how much ung cost ng church at kung ilan ang guest niyo. Pls reply! I’m stressing out na.😭 Thanks in advance! ❤️


    • Hi Joanne. Have you inquired directly with San Agustin Church? They’re closed now because of the Hoky Week. Anyway their wedding fee is php 33,500 including priest, church decors, compulsory church coords, basic sound system with singer if needed, electrical fee and chandelier minus opening doors, top shot view, SAC museum, courtyard etc. Better call them na lang directly.

      Why are you stressing out?


      • I didn’t know na nag-reply ka po agad.😍 Ngayon ko lang nabasa. Anyways pumunta kami pero close. Nastress na ako kasi 4mos na kaming engaged yet wala pa kaming nagagawa at all.😞 Yung contact # kasi na nakuha ko sa google incorrect e. Sobrang thank you sa reply!💜Any tips for wedding prep?😰


      • Closed sila pag Monday. Tips? Stay focused and needs VS wants. 🙂 You can also read yung articles na pinost ko dito sa blog, you’ll see them all in a summarized form under sa Quick Links. Hope that can help you guys.


  4. Thanks for this blog sis. Nasa rules and regulation na binigay samin “Throwing of rice, coins, flowers, confetti and other objects inside the church is profited…” pati ba flower girls bawal mag throw ng flower petals pag walk nila?


    • Hi Maris. You’re welcome. 🙂 As per your question, yes. But if your OTD coord can clean up quickly the flowers that your girls have thrown during the ceremony, ask permission muna since very strict church coords ng San Agustin. In our case kasi we didn’t do that na with out girls, mas prefer nila na maglakad na lang with their flower crown and flower baskets in tow. If you saw our wedding SDE video, nagkalat lang kami mismo sa labas ng church. But it was immediately cleaned din naman ng OTD coords namin with their church cleaners.


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