Wedding Florist and Event Styling

Weddings won’t be complete without flowers and decorations for both the ceremony and reception. They are one of the things that make the event — stunning and luscious to the eyes. Looking at gorgeous bridal bouquets and beautifully arranged ceremonial aisle where the bride will walk to meet her groom and inspiring well-decorated venues for the party afterward is one of the things that soon-to-wed-couples give a good amount of consideration lately. With the trend of theme weddings, couples are more than happy to search for the best of the best in Manila’s wedding industry. Unfortunately, event styling has become too pricey due to the recent demand and glamour that it adds to weddings. For those who are on a tight budget like us — this could probably be a dream to get unless a miracle would happen! 🙂

Reception styling by Gideon Hermosa

Below is a list of reliable and in-demand florists and event stylists in the country that we have come into contact with and their initial price range for a Manila-based December 2016 wedding.


Their rates, however, varies depending on your wedding date, number of guests, size of venue, flowers (local, imported or mixed) and decors to be used, if reception only or with ceremony or with bridal bouquet/entourage flowers, OOT fees (if applicable), corkages (if not accredited by the venue and caterer), number of crew meals and reputation (mid-range or high end supplier). It is highly advisable to contact them directly for your specific event quotation.

Amante Fleurs

  • Contact Info: FB, or call +639166655496
  • Bridal Bouquet (Local flowers only): Php 4,000 ++ 6,500 ++
  • Bridal Bouquet (Local and Imported flowers:): Php 6,000-12,000 ++
  • Bridal Bouquet (All Mixed Imported flowers): Php 9,000
  • Bridal Bouquet (All Peonies only): Php 12,000
  • Entourage Flowers Silver: Php 8,000 10,000
  • Entourage Flowers Gold: Php 12,000 16,000
  • Entourage Flowers Diamond: Php 18,000 22,000
  • Ceremony Styling Silver: Php 15,000 25,000
  • Ceremony Styling Gold: Php 20,000 30,000
  • Ceremony Styling Diamond: Php 25,000 50,000
  • Reception Event Styling Silver: Php 40,000 60,000
  • Reception Event Styling Gold: Php 70,000 120,000
  • Reception Event Styling Platinum: Php 100,000 240,000
  • Reception Event Styling Diamond: Php 200,000 300,000
  • Reception Event Styling Dream Package: Php 420,000
  • Entrance only depending on theme: Php 15,000 ++
  • Photobooth/Backdrop only: Php 15,000
  • Gallery with Backdrop only: Php 15,000
  • Partial Ceiling Drapings: Php 20,000
  • Full Ceiling Drapings: Php 50,000
  • Other add-ons, price will vary
  • OOT fee varies

Badang Rueda

  • Contact Info: +63919-9130313
  • Reception Event Styling (150pax): Php 200,000 ++
  • OOT fee varies

Dave Sandoval

  • Contact Info: IG
  • Ceremony Event Styling Starting Range: Php 100,000 ++
  • Reception Event Styling Starting Range: Php 250,000 ++

Full Blooms by Inah

  • Contact Info: FB, or call +639276734794
  • Bridal Bouquet and Entourage Price Range: Php 19,000 ++
  • OOT fee varies

Gary Dacanay (of Mindworks Productions) NOT RECOMMENDED! Read what happened HERE and most importantly HERE!

  • Contact Info:, FB
  • Bridal Bouquet (local flowers only): Php 6,000
  • Bridal Bouquet (all imported flowers): Php 9,000 10,000
  • Bridal Bouquet and Entourage Price Range: Php 22,000 ++
  • Ceremony Event Styling (Church) Starting Rate: Php 25,000 40,000 45,000
  • Ceremony Event Styling (Garden) Starting Rate: Php 50,000
  • Reception Event Styling (100 pax) Starting Rate: Php 70,000 ++ 90,000 100,000
  • Ceiling design only: Php 50,000
  • OOT fee apply for Manila-based wedding

Gideon Hermosa (of The Events Studio by Gideon Hermosa)

  • Contact Info: or call +639277959465
  • Bridal Bouquet and Entourage Price Range: Php 40,000 Php 55,000 ++
  • Ceremony Event Styling Starting Range: Php 50,000 Php 100,000-120,000 ++
  • Reception Event Styling Starting Price Range: Php 260,000 Php 300,00-420,000 ++
  • with Ceiling works: Php 90,000-120,000 ++
  • OOT fee varies

Jo Claravall

  • Contact Info: FB, IG
  • Entourage Bouquet+Reception Styling Intimate (100 pax) Php 125,000 ++
  • Entourage Bouquet+Reception Styling Festive (max 200 pax) Php 155,000 ++
  • Entourage Bouquet+Reception Styling Celebration (max 300 pax) Php 1900,000 ++
  • Entourage Bouquet+Reception Styling Gala (max 400 pax) Php 225,000 ++
  • Entourage Bouquet+Reception Styling Extravagant (max 500 pax) Php 265,000 ++
  • Entourage Bouquet+Reception Styling Spectacular (max 600 pax) Php 305,000 ++
  • OOT fee varies
  • Initial rates only, will vary depending on design complexity

Randy Lazaro

  • Contact Info: FB,
  • Bridal Bouquet and Entourage Price Range: Php 45,000 ++
  • Ceremony Event Styling Starting Range: Php 55,000 ++
  • Reception Event Styling Starting Price Range: Php 285,000 ++
  • OOT fee varies

Serge Igonia (of Loi Floral Sense)

  • Contact Info: FB
  • Bridal Bouquet and Entourage Price Range: Php 22,000 ++
  • Ceremony Event Styling Starting Range: Php 20,000 ++
  • Reception Event Styling Starting Price Range: Php 50,000 ++
  • OOT fee varies

Teddy Manuel (of Teddy Manuel Flowers and Events)

  • Contact Info: or call +639165548993
  • Bridal Bouquet and Entourage Price Range: Php 40, 000 ++ Php 50,000
  • Ceremony Event Styling Starting Range: Php 50,000 ++
  • Amethyst Reception Event Styling Starting Price Range: Php 250,000 Php 350,000 ++
  • Diamond Reception Event Styling Price Range: Php 450,000-600,000
  • OOT fee varies

Vatel Manila

  • Contact Info: or call +639153838803
  • Bridal Bouquet and Entourage Price Range: Php 25,000 ++
  • OOT fee varies

Before booking or paying your reservation, be sure to consider these things under Wedding Budget Costing, and about Wedding Crew Meals especially if you’ll be getting a separate Event Stylist.

Still not sure about your Bridal Bouquet? This post Bridal Bouquet Checklist might help!


33 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Hi sis, been following your blog, Dec 2016 bride here. Just wondering if you can please forward teddy’s number. Thanks. Tried to contact him on FB, IG and email but no response. Pls send details of teddy and other stylists (Jo Claravall, Rob Blancaflor and Badang Rueda) if available to Thanks

  2. Hi Kate. Thanks. 🙂 I only got a response from them through their emails. Been contacting them as well through IG and FB but took me a month before one of them replied. Try to contact them through it or directly call their office numbers. I updated my post with their contact info. Happy preps!

  3. abi says:

    been following your blog since january 2016, and it really helped me alot since were also based abroad. weeks from now youll be getting married😁 i really wanna congratulate you guys 👏🏻 wedding preparation is really hard specially if you live outside the country. cant wait to finally see the outcome of your preps.

    bride to be

    1. Hi abi. Its great to know that this blog has helped other fellow bride to be like me. Thanks for the nice words. Happy preps also and congrats on your engagement! Will post our updates soon. 🙂

  4. girlie says:

    Thank you for your blog it’s very detailed and very informative.

    1. Hi Girlie. Thanks.

  5. Pink says:


    We have just met with Gideon. His starting now is 75k ceremony, and 450k minimum in receptions. Has anybody worked with Mr. Gary Dacanay (of Mindworks Productions)?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Pink. Thanks for the update. Gary Dacanay is our event stylist.

  6. Jabz says:

    Hi dear!

    Thank you for your detailed blog. I just want to know how is Mr. Gary Dacanay? Is he nice and affordable?

    1. Hi Jabz. You’re welcome. His rate is up on the post. We will be posting our detailed review about him later.

  7. Benjamin says:

    Hello, may i know the contact number or email you used in order to message Badang Rueda?

    Thank you!

  8. Pam says:

    Hi Aiki,

    You have such a great blog/ website! Extremely helpful!!
    For the florist, may I know if you had a chance to liaise or inquire with Nikki Chato before?

    1. Hi Pam. You’re welcome. 🙂 I did inquire but I wasn’t able to get hold of her rates.

  9. FAL says:

    Oh no! I was so keen to book Gary Dacanay as our florist since from the north narin sya and i saw great works from his past client venue din ng kasal nmin.

    1. Hi FAL. Sorry but we DO NOT RECOMMEND Gary Dacanay after what he did to us. You can read it here: and

      Book at your own risk.

  10. Pinkie says:

    Omg thank you for your blog! Im thinking of getting Amante Fleurs. I would appreciate it if you will update me if you hear any horror stories about them. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Pinkie. Thanks! I’ve only heard minor issues about them but mostly good reviews. You can also try to google for other blogs that have reviews on Amante Fleurs or better yet I highly advise for you to join WAW. The link is on our sidebar. Click the logo with our names that says WAW.

      You’re welcome by the way. Happy preps!

  11. This one needs to be updated a little; Sir Gideon’s starting rate ranges from PhP500-700k which doesn’t include the trusses, lights and sounds, led wall, and dance floor. hehehe

    1. Hi certifiedfighter. Thanks for the update. But for how much is this rate for? Also is this for Manila based and reception only? Gideon’s initial rate that I have is for a 150pax Manila based reception only.

      1. twister21 says:

        Hi. How much is the rate of Gideon Hermosa for 100pax?

      2. Hi twister21. We only have rates on the list as per our initial inquiry for 150pax for a December event based in Manila. It’s advisable to directly contact him since rates would vary depending on what you want.

  12. Merle Andrade says:

    Hi where and how we can contact Gideon Hermosa? Thanks!

    1. Hi Merle. We emailed him at But better check his website for any updated contact info.

      1. Merle Andrade says:

        Ok thank you for your quick reply. Regards!

  13. Derrick Yao says:

    I found it very hard to reach these event stylists and they usually do not answer your calls, emails or messages. Anyone else having any luck? is this rather normal?

    I was able to get in touch with Gideon Hermosa through his assistant Wesley using his email ( and it seems like they only ever reply around 1am. After a few emails, its a 50k DP to reserve Gideon for the date by depositing the money to one of his bank accounts and thats about it. Is this usually how it goes?


    1. Hi Derrick. Yes its a common thing so don’t be frustrated. If you really want to get Gideon for example, you need to book them first unless they’re willing to setup an appointment with you. Also, if you want to meet with them it is highly advisable to go to the bridal fairs that they participate with after contacting them so you would know personally if you’d clicl or not. Another option is to get a good wedding coordinator who has a close connection with your chosen event stylist.

  14. Jeddy says:

    Hi Aiki! Your blog is super useful especially for overseas couple like us. I have booked La Castellana and San Agustin Church as well 🙂 Also, with La Cas, included na ba yung trusses and chandeliers nila? I booked the full drapes so mas okay sana kung puno sya ng trusses kaso ang expensive ng mga rates 😦

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Jeddy you’re welcome! 😊 Did you get a full package with La Castellana or separate suppliers? I’m not sure about the full drapes if it’s included in the package, better ask Mr. Christian or Ms. Bianca to be sure because although it’s an in-house supplier, the owner is different.

      Also, the trusses are definitely not included, because usually it is provided by the separate Event Stylist and it is still as per approval of La Castellana if ever you’ll want to have one.

  15. Thanks for this blog. I really need this one because next month is the wedding of my sister and we need one that can help us to organize the styles and arrangements on that day.

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Joan. We’re happy you found the contents of our blog post helpful to your sister’s wedding planning need. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment. Happy preps to your sister and congratulations! 😊

  16. Thank you for revealing. Reading your article on wedding florist and event styling was enjoyable. I’m going to bookmark this article.

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Best Florist Sydney,

      Thank you for your comment. Have a great day!

      Garry and Aiki

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