Wedding Photographer and Videographer

One day. One chance. One moment. Everything needed to be captured perfectly.

That’s how we envision our big day. We want the whole 24 hours, every minute and every second captured through the lens if possible because this is something that we’d definitely treasure for the rest of our lives. But finding the perfect wedding photographer and videographer that fits right on a couple’s tight budget is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s how difficult and serious the task is. Being an overseas bride-to-be as well, the only way for me to find our perfect team is through images and reviews by other people posted online. (Thank you to the wonders of the internet!) But sadly, a lot of factors are still needed to be considered as well aside from the budget since the photographer and videographer’s creativity, style and packages differ a lot.

Since future hubby and I have an exposure in doing events — he’s a video editor and I’m a newbie photographer who has covered simple prenup and weddings before, this became one of the most difficult challenges to get through. Although we both know that we have more than a year to search for the BESTEST YET AFFORDABLE PHOTOGRAPHER AND VIDEOGRAPHER back home, this still makes us go AWWW, WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE?!

So far we have inquired a couple of photographers and videographers that are really good at their craft. But when it comes to the packages.. some would make us want to cry. 😦

Anyway, rates posted below is for 2015 to 2016 and is obviously subject to change without notice but usually, prices increase after November or December.  The rates are their packages and they have stand-alone or customized ones which you can ask them personally. They’re listed in a random order and in Philippine pesos denomination (Php).



** Disclaimer: All the rates that is posted below are those that we have gathered over the course of a few months while searching for our suppliers. We have decided to publicly post it here as a useful guide for all Brides-to-be and Grooms-to-be since we know how hard it is to find supplier rates and compare them one-by-one especially for those who are based abroad. The list is not intended for any other purpose and were not even connected with any of them. **



Air Balloon Project (Cebu based)

  • Essentials Php 35,000 (Full coverage)
  • Premiere Php 50,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album)
  • Optimum Php 60,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)

Alvin Guevara Photography

  • Digital Package A Php 20,000 (Full coverage + Album)
  • Digital Package B Php 25,000 (Full coverage + Album + Prenup)

Benjie Tiongco

  • Modern Php 80,000 90,000 (Full coverage + Prenup)
  • Chic Php 105,000 115,000 (Full coverage + Prenup + Album)
  • Timeless Php 120,000 130,000 (Full coverage + Prenup + Album + Canvass)

Blacktie Project

  • Php 51,000 (Full coverage + AVP)
  • Php 62,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album)
  • Php 66,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Prenup)
  • Php 86,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album + Prenup + Guestbook)

Blufish Photography

  • Essential Php 50,000 (Full coverage)
  • Premium Php 70,000 (Full coverage + SDE+ Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)
  • Platinum Php 90,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)
  • Blufish Elite Php 110,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album + Miniature Album)

BrenCo Creative Studios

  • Wedding Photo Php 40,000 (Full coverage + AVP)
  • Premium Photo Php 60,000 (Full coverage + Prenup + Album)
  • Elite Photo Php 80,000 (Full coverage + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)

Caliber King Photography

Connected with Pat Dy.

  • Digital Wedding Package 1 Php 60,000 (Full coverage)
  • Digital Wedding Package 2 Php 78,000 (Full coverage + Album)

CamZar Photography

  • Be Creative Php 20,000 25,000 (Full coverage)
  • Be Astonished Php 45,000 50,000 (Full coverage +SDE)
  • Be Extravagant Php 60,000 65,000 (Full coverage +SDE + Album)
  • Be Complete Php 85,000 90,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)

Chestknots Wedding Studio

  • Lite Php 48,000 (Full coverage)
  • Package A Php 68,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • Package B Php 98,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album)

Foreveryday Photography by Gail Bitoon

  • Package One Php 85,000 (Full coverage + Album + SDE)
  • Package Two Php 100,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup)
  • Package Three Php 110,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album + Parents Album)

Francis Perez Photography

Connected with Pat Dy.

  • Digital Wedding Package 1 Php 90,000 (Full coverage)
  • Digital Wedding Package 2 Php 110,000 (Full coverage + Album)

Happy Couples 

The owner is a former w@wie bride so you’ll know that it will be really personalized.

  • Lite Php 15,000 (Full coverage)
  • Deluxe Php 27,000 (Full coverage + AVP)
  • Premium Php 35,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album)
  • Prenup Session only Php 10,000

Imagine Nation

Their rate will depend on your chosen Photographers and add-ons like Prenup, AVP, Guestbook/Prenup Album etc.

  • John Mateos Ong Php 100,000 (Full coverage + Album)
  • Master Php 75,000 (Full coverage + Album)
  • Senior Php 50,000 (Full coverage + Album)
  • Junior Php 35,000 (Full coverage + Album)

J Lucas Reyes Studios

  • The One Php 100,000 (10hrs coverage + handmade Album)
  • The Shoot Php 75,000 (10hrs coverage)
  • The Studio Php 50,000 (10hrs coverage + Album)

Jaja Samaniego

  • Bonnie & Clyde Php 75,000 (Full coverage + AVP)
  • John & Yoko Php 90,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album)
  • William & Kate Php 105,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album + Parents Album)
  • Cupid & Psyche Php 125,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album + Parents Album + Canvas)

Jayson and Joanne Arquiza

  • Service Only Php 60,000 (Full coverage)
  • Package A Php 80,000 (Full coverage + Album)
  • Package B Php 110,000 (Full coverage + Album + Parents Album)

Lloyed Valenzuela

  • Service Only Php 40,000 (Full coverage)
  • Basic Package Php 50,000 (Full coverage + Prenup)
  • Premium Package Php 65,000 (Full coverage + Prenup + Album)
  • Sangria and Silver Package Php 80,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)

Manny and April Photography

  • Package 1 Php 70,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album)
  • Package 2 Php 55,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album)
  • Service Only Php 40,000

Mango Red Studios

  • Basic Php 95,000 (Full coverage)
  • Premium Php 120,000 (Full coverage + Album)
  • Prenup Shoot with Wedding package Php 35,000-40,000
  • Same Day Edit/SDE Php 25,000

Marlon Capuyan

  • Basic without Prenup Php 65,000 (Full coverage + Album)
  • Basic with Prenup Php 75,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album + Prenup)
  • Premium Php 85,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)


  • Oly Ruiz Php 275,000 (Full coverage + Prenup + AVP + Album + Canvass + Magazine Feature)
  • Erron Ocampo Php 200,000 (Full coverage + Prenup + AVP + Album + Canvass)

Mayad Studios

Their rate will depend on your chosen director.

  • Wedding Php 100,000

Myio Okamoto 

  • Wedding Php 60,000 75,000 (Full coverage + Album)
  • Wedding Out of the Country Php 150,000
  • Combined Php 95,000 100,000 (Full coverage + Album + SDE + Prenup + Prenup Album + Prenup AVP)
  • Premium Php 115,000 120,000 (Full coverage + Album + SDE + Prenup + Prenup Album + Prenup AVP + Parents Album + Growing up AVP)
  • Service only Php 60,000
  • Prenup/Engagement Shoot Wedding Client’s Rate Php 30,000
  • Prenup/Engagement Shoot Out of the Country Php 0,000
  • Onsite Photo Php 5,000
  • Growng up AVP Php 5,000
  • Bridal Promo HERE

Nelwin Uy Photography

  • The Basics Php 110,000 to 150,000 (A to F packages to choose from)
  • Fully Loaded Php 160,000 to 200,000 (A to C packages to choose from)

Nicolai Melicor

  • Just You & Me Php 50,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • Wall of Love Php 70,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Prenup + Prenup Album)
  • Package B Php 85,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)

NQ Modern Photography

  • The NQ Experience Php 35,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • The NQ Grand Php 55,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • The NQ Elite Php 75,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)
  • The NQ Prime Php 99,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album + Canvass + Parents Album)

Pat Dy

  • Digital Wedding Package 1 Php 145,000 -Php 155,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album)
  • Digital Wedding Package 2 Php 260,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)

Paul Vincent Photography

  • PVP Lite Php 75,000 (Full coverage + Art book)
  • Basic Php 100,000 (Full coverage + Album + SDE + Parent’s album)
  • Photographer’s Choice Php 115,000 (Full coverage + Album + SDE + Parent’s album)
  • Premium Php 165,000 (Full coverage + Album + SDE + Parent’s album)

Pictratto Photography

  • Be Astonished Php 45,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • The Extravagant Php 60,000 (Full coverage +SDE + Album)
  • The Complete Php 85,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album)

Project JDG

  • Sophisticated A Php 75,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Parent’s Album)
  • Sophisticated B Php 95,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Parent’s Album)
  • Sophisticated C Php 105,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Album + Parent’s Album)
  • Current Promo HERE

Ram Marcelo

  • Intimate Php 20,000 25,000 (Full coverage)
  • Momentous Php 35,000 45,000 (Full coverage + Prenup + AVP + Album)
  • Grandeur Php 60,000 65,000 (Full coverage + Prenup + AVP + Album + Prenup Album + Parents Album)

Ruffa and Mike Photography

  • RM Love Package Php 65,000 (Full coverage + Prenup + SDE + Canvas)
  • RM Life Package Php 95,000 (Full coverage + Prenup + SDE + Album + Canvas + Prenup Album)

RV Mitra

  • Anthem Collection Php 60,000 (Full coverage)
  • Atlas Collection Php 90,000 (Full coverage + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album + SDE)
  • Fountainhead Collection Php 100,000 (Full coverage + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album + Parents Album)
  • Elegance Collection Php 110,000 (Full coverage + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album + Parents Album)
  • Luxury Collection Php 135,000 (Full coverage + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album + Parents Album)
  • Elite Collection Php 168,000 (Full coverage + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album + Parents Album + Prenup Styling)

Toto Villaruel

  • Light Php 55,000 65,000 (Full coverage + AVP)
  • Bright Php 70,000 90,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album)
  • Beautiful Php 100,000 115,000 (Full coverage + AVP + Album + Parents Album)



Aisle 1401

  • The Essentials All HD Php 60,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • The Works Php 80,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Save the Date + Prenup)

ALT X Videos

  • Sneak Preview Php 70,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • Full Production Php 80,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Documentary or Cinematic Highlight)
  • Full Production Php 85,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Documentary + Cinematic Highlight)

Alvin Guevara Photography

  • Video Php 15,000
  • Digital Photo and Video Php 120,000 (Full coverage + SDE + AVP + Prenup Photo)

Blacktie Project

  • Php 70,000 (Full coverage + 20-30 mins Final Video)
  • Php 82,000 (Full coverage + 20-30 mins Final Video+ SDE)

Bob Nicolas

  • Full Wedding Php 140,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Highlight Video)

Chug Cadiogan

  • HD-Lite Php 75,000 (Full coverage + AVP + 20 mins Film)
  • HD-Lite Php 85,000 (Full coverage + AVP + 20 mins Film + Aerial Shoot)
  • HD Wedding Php 115,000 (Full coverage + AVP + 20 mins Film)


  • Cinema HD Php 115,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Wedding Film)
  • Cinema Highlights Php 90,000 (Full coverage + SDE)

Derek Yee

  • SDE Only Php 95,000 (with Aerial Shoot)
  • Premium Package Php 110,000 (Full coverage + SDE + 15 mins Highlight + Aerial Shoot)
  • Premium Package with Prenup Php 145,000 (Full coverage + SDE + 15 mins Highlight + Aerial Shoot)

Ghe Consolacion

  • Customized Php 65,000 70,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • Customized Php 80,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Documentary)
  • Customized Php 80,000 (Full coverage + SDE + 15 mins Short Film)
  • Full Set Php 90,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Documentary + 15 mins Short Film)
  • with Aerial Shot Php 10,000
  • Save the Date Video Php 40,000
  • Love Story Video Php 50,000

Ian Cruz Films

  • SDE Only Php 75,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • Film HD and Highlight Php 85,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Highlight Film)
  • Film HD Php 95,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Wedding Film)

Indemand Wedding Films

  • Indemand Php 55,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Prenup + Save the Date + Highlight Film)
  • Timeless Php 50,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Highlight Film)
  • Classic Php 45,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Prenup + Save the Date)
  • Basic Php 40,000 (Full coverage + SDE)

Jason Magbanua

  • Number One Php 175,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Highlights)
  • Number Two Php 150,000 (Full coverage + SDE)

Kreative Machines

  • Package 1 Php 70,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Highlights + Pre wedding film + Teaser)
  • Package 2 Php 40,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Highlights)
  • Package 3 Php 30,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • Package 4 Php 25,000 (Full coverage + SDE)

Mayad Studios

Their rate will depend on your chosen director.

  • Fiel Php 165,000 (Wedding Film + SDE)
  • King Php 150,000 (Wedding Film + SDE)
  • Carmela Php 130,000 (Wedding Film + SDE)
  • Gab Php 115,000 (Wedding Film + SDE)

McVill Studios by Jun Villaflor (Legazpi based)

  • A Php 45,000 (Full coverage + SDE + 15 mins Highlight + Prenup)
  • B Php 35,000 (Full coverage + 15 mins Highlight)
  • C Php 25,000 (Full coverage)

Notion in Motion Wedding

  • Stories Php 80,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • Life Php100,000 (Full coverage + SDE + 15-20 mins Feature Film)
  • Timeless Php 130,000 (Full coverage + SDE + 15-20 mins Feature Film + Pocket Film)

Project Mayo 7

  • Classic  Php 100,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Documentation)
  • Classic + Highlights Php 115,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Documentation + 15-20 mins Highlight)
  • Prenup Php 50,000

Pullout Productions 

  • The Platinum Box Php 75,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Highlight + Conceptual Save the Date)
  • The Golden Box Php 65,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Highlight + Save the Date 100 seconds)
  • The Silver Box Php 50,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Highlight)
  • The Bronze Box Php 40,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • The Iron Box Php 35,000 (SDE)
  • The Copper Box Php 30,000  (Highlight)
  • All Packages with with Full coverage have Aerial shot and all have OOT fee for Manila

Treehouse Story

  • Basic Wedding Coverage Php 100,000 (Full coverage + SDE + 8-10 mins Highlights + Full Length)
  • Full Wedding Coverage Php 110,000 (Full coverage + SDE + 15-20 mins Highlights + Full Length)


  • HD Php 130,000 (Full coverage + SDE/AVP)
  • Standard Php 95,000 (Full coverage + SDE/AVP)

Vidlens by Brian Carambas

All with Aerial Shoot

  • Ideal Package Php 50,000 Php 60,000 (Full coverage + SDE + 20 mins Film)
  • Heartfelt Package Php 60,000 Php 80,000 (Full coverage + SDE + 20 mins Film + Save the Date + STD mixed in SDE)
  • Same-Day-Edit/SDE only Php 45,000 Php 55,000
  • Save the Date/ Prenup video Php 30,000
  • Full Video Documentation (combined raw video files, 2 hours, as add-on) Php 5,000
  • Bridal Promo HERE

Woodstock Cinema

They have promo until May 10, 2016 as BFR * (Bridal Fair Rate)

  • Woodstock Light Php 55,000 Php 45,000* (Full coverage + SDE)
  • Woodstock Brown Php 65,000 Php 52,000* (Full coverage + SDE + Film or Prenup)
  • Woodstock Luxury Php 75,000 Php 59,000* (Full coverage + SDE + Film + Prenup)


  • Complete Php 85,000 (Full coverage + SDE + Cinematic Highlights)
  • Same Day Edit Php 65,000 (Full coverage + SDE)



These suppliers offer a 2-in-1 package: PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY

Blacktie Project

  • White Php 116,000 (Full coverage + 20-30 mins Final Video + AVP)
  • Gray Php 142,000 (Full coverage + 20-30 mins Final Video + SDE + Album)
  • Black Php 159,000 (Full coverage + 20-30 mins Final Video + AVP + SDE + Album + Prenup Photo + Guestbook/Prenup Album)

BrenCo Creative Studios

The rate for Signature will depend on the type of Wedding album material.

  • Standard Php 75,000 (Full coverage + SDE)
  • Signature Php 105,000 to 135,000 (Full coverage + Album + Prenup + Prenup Album + SDE + Wedding Video)

Limacon Still and Motion

NOT AVAILABLE FOR DECEMBER-FEBRUARY WEDDINGS. Available only during Weekdays. Composed of Lito Sy, Nelwin Uy, Jervy Santiago, Bob Nicolas and Mervin Gobaco

  • All-In Php 185,000 (Full coverage + SDE + AVP)

Meg and Jane Studios

We recently saw their video work at WAW and my fiance loved their crisp and clear shots. Unfortunately though we already booked our Video team. They seemed to be new in the industry and looks like this team got some potential

  • The Serendipity Php 80,000 Php 95,000 (Full coverage + SDE + AVP + Prenup)
  • The Love Story Php 90,000 Php 105,000 (Full coverage + SDE + AVP + Prenup + Wedding Album + Prenup Album)
  • The Ever After Php 100,000 Php 120,000 (Full coverage + SDE + AVP + Prenup + Wedding Album + Prenup Album + Cinematic Highlights)

Nice Print Photography

Their rate will depend on your chosen director except for EXIGE PACKAGE.

  • Superior Php 80,000 to 135,000 (Full coverage + Album + Canvass + Prenup + Guestbook + Parents Album + Thank you Cards)
  • Centuria Php 95,000 to 135,000 (Full coverage + Album + Canvass + Prenup + Guestbook + Parents Album + Thank you Cards)
  • Exige 150,000 (Full coverage + SDE + AVP + Prenup Photo + Prenup Video + Album + Canvass + Guestbook/Prenup Album)

Happy preps! 😊


61 thoughts on “Wedding Photographer and Videographer

    1. Hi Angelyn. I really felt the need to do this since there’s really no single guideline out there that I could quickly look at whenever I want to remember which suppliers we have shortlisted etc. Thanks that you like it 🙂 Yes we have chosen already for our Photographer based on their style which I liked the most and its on “Our Dream Team” page. For the Videographer, we are torn between two.. and I’ll be posting that later. 🙂


  1. Hi im abi, i am also looking for photgrapher and videographer for my wedding and tama nga its really expensive . I never thought ganun pala ang pricing nila wala akong idea since im the first one who will be getting married in the family. And i live in abroad i really really dont have a clue lalo na sa venue 😰 i hope you get to find your supplier.


    1. Hi Abi. I know how you feel! We compiled these rates from weeks of researching from one supplier to the next. Nakakaloka to be honest primarily dahil sa pricing nila especially for us OFWs. I never really thought that the wedding industry lately is getting more expensive, it’s like a commodity na! By the way I will be posting later our list for possible venues. I hope these information can help you to find your photographer and videographer!

      Thanks by the way. So far meron na kami photographer..videographer na lang. 🙂


  2. Hi, I’m also a bride to be here. You might want to check Hello&co. Cinema. They have a very reasonable rate but quality is excellent. I was also stressed out upon knowing the rates of my dream suppliers but just search and your patience will pay off. Good luck and congrats! 🙂


  3. Very familiar too with most of the names here..I did some extensive research and yeah, expensive but worth if carefully selected as this will record your memories on your special day.
    Also, there are some who offer discounts, promos and personalized packages that suits your budget so give it a try to ask too.
    Great list! Congrats on your wedding=) God bless you!


    1. Hi She. Yes I’ve asked all of them (literally) about on going promos, any freebies or discounts and tried to use my best haggling skills since we’re still more than a year away but not everyone has one. Anyway, we’ve already found our P/V and were both happy with our decision. Thanks 🙂 Happy preps to you too and God bless! 🙂


  4. Hello – Another bride. I have the rates of places in the south. If you want I can send them your way. I am not connected to these venues in any way just want to help. I know how it feels like its really nakakapagod.

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    1. Hi Throwaway_account, can i also ask for the list? Also from the south and planning. Would you also know of any coordinators in the south? Thank you so much in advance!


  5. 2016 bride to be here.. Nakakaloka nga ang wedding preps 😓 Do u also have wedding coordinator list? I’ll definitely bookmark this page to keep me posted. 😊


  6. I highly recommend Indemand Wedding Films. They have a very professional team! Especially Jerome, When we met Sir Jerome in a wedding fair, we found a very humble man (not the typical supplier who will really market people by words). We signed in to their team for our wedding even without researching about them after seeing their sample videos coz we we’re really impressed. When our SDE was shown, BOOOOM! Our tears just fell down…and just said…”ang ganda”..They captured our happy, precious moments and made it a lifetime souvenir. We are so proud that we have their team for giving us that captivating video, I know that they’ll go places! They are one of the best suppliers:) Thanks for adding them on this blog… I was actually searching for a blog where I can post a review for them…


  7. Hands down the best wedding blog, ever! Ang galing mo! Thank you for being so generous for sharing all these information. I had a sigh of relief. I LOVE THIS! Praying for your wedding, especially your marriage. God bless! 🙂

    PS: Definitely, bookmarking your blog now.


    1. Hi 0217 Bride. Thank you for the kind words! 🙂 I do hope you’ll find all the info on this blog helpful lalu na sa wedding preps. Will be updating the info soon so brides & grooms to-be’s like us can be more knowledgeable when it comes to wedding budget planning. God bless on your wedding preps and marriage too. 🙂


  8. hi pinay, i think we have the same prob when it come to photo and video, i am also a video editor and fiance is a photo enthusiast… may i know what are the things that made you choose ur P/V ? 🙂 thanks in advance 🙂 and thanks for the blog.. it is heaven sent! 🙂


  9. Hi! I recently booked my wedding photographer from the Edsa Shang wedding fair last weekend, his name is Derrick Ian Lim and he is associated with Imagine Nation. He used to be a master photographer with Imagine Nation until he was finally given the blessing to start his own brand. I like his style mostly because his shots are true to color – i mean, they don’t look overexposed/ there’s no white wash on the photo (yung parang it’s too bright/white kasi mejo over exposed yung shot). Coz apparently, white washing is a trend these days to give photos that dramatic effect. What i love about Derrick’s style is that his shots are still dramatic without the overexposure effect. He has a knack for capturing those natural, candid moments. What’s more is that he tries to connect with his clients so their personalities shine during the shoot. This makes it easier for camera shy or camera awkward people to feel more comfortable in front of a camera. As for rate, we booked him with a discount coz of the fair but his regular rate for the package he gave us is around 85k. We got full wedding documentation + prenup shoot + 1 song prenup avp + same day photo avp + 100 prints 4r size photos + 12×12 40 page album + 2 copies 10×10 parents’ album and soft copy in usb.

    Still looking for videographers although im into this group called Rewind Media. Rates are also very competitive and the style is pretty good too. Good balance of fun and dramatic. Hope this helps fellow brides! 🙂


  10. Good choice on Ruffa + Mike, they covered my brother’s wedding in 2012 and the output was awesome. I would have gotten them despite their rate spiked since, kaya lang booked na daw sila 😦


    1. Hi Beffy. We’re so glad to hear good comments regarding our chosen suppliers. It makes us feel na tama talaga decision namin. 🙂 Aww, sorry to hear that. Yeah their rates spiked and madali na din sila mabooked. By the way, who are you checking out now for your photographer?


  11. I’ve checked out Jeff and Lisa, excellent artists but whew, costs an arm and leg. Their lowest package is 100K. We tried Ruffa+Mike but failed, we’ve checked out other local suppliers sa province but not our type. We are now in negotiation with Polk Wedding Studios, he’s done work for Nicolai Melicor so his craftsmanship is fresh and clean, the type we are looking for. Plus he is passionate with what he’s doing and easy to work with, this is something we look for in a supplier. Sabi ko, sisikat tong taong to. His package is affordable too, you can check him out:

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    1. Hi Beffy! That’s a really good choice of photographer! Polk Wedding Studios was the photographer in my sister’s wedding last year. The photos were really beautiful and the team was very professional! And the lead photographer James was very accommodating and easy to talk to! I hope you guys were able to book them for your wedding! 🙂


  12. This is the best blog ever! I just have started to plan our wedding. I still have exactly 18 months to go but I am also an OFW and it is SO DIFFICULT to plan away from home. Thankfully, i saw this blog and you are a blessing to me!! This is my go-to site for wedding suppliers now. Thanks so much! 🙂


    1. Hi Missy Doria. Congrats on your engagement. As an OFW it’s really difficult to start the wedding preps especially if you don’t know where to start or who to talk to. I do hope all the info on this blog will be helpful on your preps. Feel free to ask away if you need any help. Thanks for appreciating! Happy preps. 🙂


  13. Great blog! Really informative and helpful! Will be getting married by December 2017 and currently checking out the videographers in this list! We already booked our photographer and unfortunately they’re not in this list. They covered my sister’s wedding last year and the photos were really beautiful! The photographer’s name is Polk Wedding Studios. The team was very professional and easy to talk to! especially their lead photographer sir James. Their website is
    They’re not that expensive too! great quality that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!


    1. Hi lifestyleofanna. Thanks I do hope the blog has helped you in your wedding preps in some ways. I
      ll’ll check with your recommended photographer. Care to share some pics of your sister’s wedding? Thanks!


      1. Hello! Do Myio and Benjie work together? Or you just wanted to book 2 photographers on your wedding? 🙂 Bongga!


      2. Hi Roan. They are two separate photographers but they won’t shoot on the same day. We chose them because of their talent. Kahit medyo mabigat… non negotiable kasi ang wedding photographer for us. 😊


      3. ah I get it! So would you mind sharing who will work on your big day? 🙂 Nasa top 5 ko kasi silang dalawa :)Thanks for your reply!


  14. Do you have the wedding quotation for myio okamoto?.. myio okamoto and bentiongco will work together on your big day?. Or one is for your prenup?


      1. I see! thanks for the reply. I am following your blog kasi and always check whether our shortlisted suppliers are in your list as well. 🙂


      2. Wow that’s nice to know. We actually stopped asking for wedding supplier’s rates after booking them to avoid clutter. Aside from Team Benitez, who are you watching out for?


  15. Hi. OFW bride to be here. We are eyeing One Carlo for photo and Dreamechanics for video. Over budget na kami dahil sa One Carlo. Do you think they have different rates for OFWs? Gusto ko sana manghingi ng discount kay OC since i heard pag wawie ka ung ibang suppliers nagbbgay sila ng discount pero nahihiya ako. I dont know how to haggle. But i think i have to learn dahil ayoko mag overspend


    1. Hi Hazel. As far as we know wedding suppliers don’t have separate rates for OFWs. You can only get discounted rates if they have existing promos or if you book them during bridal fairs. It’s better to inquire with them directly and try to haggle with their rates if you can. True some suppliers give discounts if you’re a wawie but they would ask for waw tags to be sure if you’re a legit wawie. Good luck!


  16. Hi sis , we thinking to get Indmand wedding films for our videographer. I was just wondering if do I still need to get a photographers? It seems like all the service that we need are in their package? Or Photographers nalang and not videographers since other photographers also do SDE? O magkaiba yun? Thank you sis. Sobrang mahal lang tlaga if we going to do both.


    1. Hi Jen. Magkaiba ang photographer sa videographer. Don’t be confused with SDEs or Same Day Edit. Both photographers and videographers do that. If you want to have still shots, get a photographer. If you want to capture video or moving scenarios during your event, get a videographer. Again, they are different and have different rates.


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