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Honestly, I wasn’t even aware that there is a big need for a great Lights and Sounds supplier for our wedding day. Usually, when receptions and caterers have been booked, they’re already inclusive in the package like a 3-in-1 combo. Unfortunately that’s not how it is in the real world — unless you’re okay with the basic spot light and stereo sound system that events venue, hotels or your caterer has to offer. As we went through this suppliers’ list, fiance and I first checked with our booked reception to get some insider info – be aware that some have accredited suppliers and for those that is not accredited sometimes corkage fee applies. Also, your requirement for Lights and Sounds equipments would depend on the size of your venue. In our case, the starting rates below were the initial proposal based on our venue (350pax capacity though our guests are only 200pax).

Below is a list of Lights and Sounds suppliers that we have inquired with. They have FB accounts as well where they post their recent wedding events with photos and some with videos as well.

5th Element Lights and Sounds

  • Contact Person: Mr Joel Espiritu
  • Contact Info: +639177392444
  • Package rates:
    • The Basic: Php 6,000
    • The Standard: Php 7,500
    • The Modern: Php 18,000
    • The Classic: Php 23,500
    • The Glamorous: Php 29,000

Livesound Pro Sounds and Lights

They were recommended by our venue’s AE.

  • Contact Person: Ms Rona Bernales
  • Contact Info: +639205503192/
  • Package rate: Php 10,000 ++

Red Thread Entertainment

They were recommended by our venue’s AE. They also have a band with the same name

  • Contact Person: Ms Rachelle Ronas
  • Contact Info: +63928317286/
  • Package rate: Php 10,000 ++


They were recommended by our Coordinator and has won the Top W@W awards for Wedding Suppliers

  • Contact Person: Mr Elmer Bautista
  • Contact Info: +639228747246/ or
  • Package rate: Php 10,000 ++

Sensitivity Lights and Sounds

Their name pops up a couple of times at GT forum with good reviews so we inquired as well

  • Contact Person: Ms Mitch
  • Contact Info: +639237464663/
  • Package rate: Php 20,000 ++

** Updated as of 12 JANUARY 2016. Happy preps! 🙂 **


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  1. Sabrina says:

    Hello! I HAVE to tell you that your blog is saving my life right now haha! 🙂 I’ve been hanging around here EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Haha! We’re in the early stages of planning and you are SUCH BIG HELP getting us started on the right track. Thank you for sharing all these things here (and in such an organized manner too)! Congratulations on being newly married and I am sure your generosity here will come back to you in heaps ❤

    1. Hi Sabrina. Wow thank you for the kind words! Your comment just made my day! ❤️ Anyway I do hope that the info you find here will be really helpful in your wedding planning. Congrats on your engagement and happy preps! Just ask away if you are in doubt or you need help. God bless 😊

      1. Lei toxas says:

        Hi! This is so helpful especially for couples who is not that familiar with stuffs needed for wedding,at first i thought it’s just sinple but when you discuss about the reception,here cones the caterer,followed by the lights and sounds and photo and all holy!!
        May i ask if which of those did you choose?
        Thank you

      2. Hi Lei Toxas. I’m glad you found our wedding blog helpful to your own preps! Anyway you can check our final wedding supplier list here

        A summary of all our posts in the blog can actually be found here 🙂

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