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Event coordination is not new to me nor the boyfie. We’ve always been part of different affairs from acquaintance parties, JS Prom, birthdays, debut, educational workshops and conferences, financial sessions, technical seminars, theatrical, dance and musical presentations, religious meetings, photo shoots, and even Weddings! We’ve handled all sorts of coordination roles, even led a few events and recently did a couple of Pre Nup pictorials. But the thing is.. whatever your past experiences are you would always start from scratch if it’s your OWN wedding you’re starting to plan! Now that’s our BIG dilemma. Add the fact that we are an OVERSEAS couple makes planning even harder.

Getting married in our home country, the Philippines, is not simply a want or a need but more of a dream that we both have for ourselves of course. So starting from zero by researching the latest trends, great yet affordable suppliers, event venues and churches is a really difficult task for the both of us who are tied with an 8 to 5 job. Thankfully there are tons of helpful and accessible wedding websites online as well as blogs that give realistic reviews from already married couples and soon-to-be-weds like me.

As I was searching with my new best friends — Google and Facebook I came to know that Wedding Coordinators in the Philippines now categorize their services into 3 different things:

  • FULL COORDINATION. This simply means that the coordinator will help the couple from start to finish or Day 1 of Planning to Day #?! of the Wedding (until the very end where all your guests will be finally home). The coordinator are responsible to manage everything — from checking the best suppliers, assisting with the legal documents, guiding the couple with supplier proposals and helping out as well in choosing the best suppliers for the event and budget, troubleshooting and most of all making sure that the couple’s big day would be stress-free and perfect! Day 1 Prep + On-the-Day
  • PARTIAL OR HALF COORDINATION. The couple had booked at least 50% of their suppliers and just need more help in order to complete all of the tasks until the big day. Mid-year Prep + On-the-Day 
  • ON-THE-DAY COORDINATION. Everything has been booked by the couple themselves and they just need help from the coordinators to manage everything on the wedding day itself from hotel preparations, photo shoots, ceremony and reception venue. This will ensure less stress for the couple and the family.

Simply put the category of services are okay but event coordinators still vary depending on their actual performance, current rates and reviews/comments from their past events. As of today I have inquired and received replies promptly from these Wedding Coordinators based in Metro Manila. Some rates are really EXPENSIVE but probably due to the fact that they’re members of this group called Philippine Association of Wedding Planners (PAWP) so they have a standard rate. Out-of-town fees are not included but usually, the would range from Php 1,500 onwards.


Starting rates here are for 2015-2016 and subject to change without notice. Rates are also for 100-250 guests on a standard basis and OOT Fee not yet included. But check with them for more info.

Better to inquire directly to get their updated rates.

7TEN5 EVENTS (Lowell)

They cater to 2 weddings per day so make sure you get their Team A.

  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 20,000 (with Hosting) 35,000


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 65,000 85,000



  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 30,000 + 15,000 plus (with Styling)
  • Partial/ OTD Coordination Rate: Php 20,000

BRIDAL FANTASY (Therry Arriza)

  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 40,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 28,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 18,000


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 85,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 55,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 27,000


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 120,000 Php 130,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 90,000 Php 100,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 65,000 Php 75,000

EVENTS BY MISS P (Princess Ramos)

  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 60,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 25,000-30,000

EVENTS BY THOFFY (Thoffy Consulta)

We’ve read tons of good reviews about Thoffy so he’s also on our list. πŸ˜€

  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 40,000 + Php 5,000 (with Hosting)
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 30,000 + Php 5,000 (with Hosting)
  • OTD Coordination Rate Team A: Php 15,000 Php 25,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate Team B: Php 18,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 20,000 (with Hosting)
  • Hosting: Php 10,000


A friend who got married two years ago recommended them to me. They cater to more than 2 weddings/events per day so make sure you get their Team A.

  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 35,000


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 90,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 70,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 35,000


They cater to 2 weddings per day so make sure you get their Team A.

  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 95,000 Php 127,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 45,000 56,000

IMBITADO EVENTS (Ayie Contreras-Tuates) Review Here

Two of my friend’s weddings were coordinated by them and both looked fabulous so they’re on our list not only because of their past events but as well as we’re on a tight budget. πŸ˜€

  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 41,000 70,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 31,000 60,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate with Hosting: Php 19,000 25,000 35,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 15,000 20,000 30,000


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 90,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 60,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 20,000


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 95,000
  • Partial/OTD Coordination Rate: Php 35,000


Add Php 4,000 Php 5,000 (Hosting)

  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 50,000 Php 75,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 35,000 55,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 20,000 30,000


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 45,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 25,000


This is definitely the cheapest Full Coordinator rate that we researched so far and we’ve seen images of their past events but since they’re new in the industry we need more information to convince us to get them. 

  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 30,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 25,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 15,000


Their rate would depend on the couple’s need.

  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 165,000 (with Event Styling for Church and Reception)


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 200,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 85,000


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 95,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 70,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 37,000


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 45,000 Php 70,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 40,000 Php 55,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 17,000 Php 22,000


  • Full Coordination Rate: Php 40,000
  • Partial Coordination Rate: Php 30,000
  • OTD Coordination Rate: Php 18,000


  1. Start with your budget, then shortlist all the coords that people recommend. Majority of them naman are hit and miss, since there’s no perfect wedding. Then if you have shortlisted those who fit your budget, inquire if they’re available with your date.
  2. If you can, set up a meeting – online or personal. Do not book a coord without meeting them. You need to have an instant connection during your meeting since at this point they will relate all their services to you.
  3. For related posts you may want to read: Do you need a Wedding Coordinator?, Supplier Online Interviews: Wedding Coordinator

** Thanks to outlook for some of the update rates for 2018-2019 weddings πŸ™‚


55 Comments Add yours

  1. Christina Dagdag says:

    How can I contact directly?

    1. Hi Christina. Who are you referring to?

  2. any review from monina E Events ?

  3. Hi Lorenz. No, I have not contacted them.

  4. Christina Manuta says:

    how can i contact you guys? im searching for a wedding coordinator to be held in Tagaytay… Please contact me @ 09175360300 / 6647996

    1. Hi Christina. If you need Wedding Coordinators, you can check the post that I did. Majority of them can be reached tru FB.

  5. Stacey says:

    hello.. just want to ask which of them would you recommend for a full coordination?thanks

    1. Hi Stacey. As per experience it would depend on your budget for full coordination, your and your fiance’s personality type, you and your fiance’s rapport with the coordinator and how you envision your wedding to be? What I mean from that is your wedding going to have all low-range, middle-range, high-range or mixed-range suppliers (price rates)?

  6. Miao says:

    Hello. Do you have any rates for Narcissus Event Styling & catering?

    1. Hi Miao. Sorry I don’t have their rates. I only have those that we have considered for our Coordinator services.

  7. Anna says:

    what’s the difference between full and partial?

    1. Hi Anna. Please check the above description but generally they differ in scope of work, length of work and price rates.

  8. Tin says:

    hi your website is actually helpful and informative. I would like to ask who did you end up getting as wedding coordinator?

    1. Hi Tin. Thanks! We got Imbitado Events as our wedding coordinator. How about you?

  9. Beth says:

    Hi! Were you super satisfied with the coordinator you hired? Do you mind sharing your budget for the whole wedding? I am also on a tight budget and still on early stages of planning and got no knowledge as to where to start 😭😬

    1. Hi Beth. I can’t say that I am super satisfied since were still on our wedding preps and we only got our coordinator for their OTD services. But so far, yes I can say that I only have good words about them! Our coordinator, Imbitado Events, have helped us in a few things during our preps even though their official work should only start a monthe before the wedding. As for the budget, I have always that we cannot disclose it for now since we are also in the process of managing what we can have and can’t have..but definitely not beyond our means.

      Mind if I may suggest, I posted a few articles based from our experience so far regarding where you can start your planning. You can also use our post regarding Wedding Preps Timeline to see which suppliers we needed to book first and why so you can have an idea. It is also best to join wedding online forums like Weddings at Work since you can get ideas from brides who just got married. Hope my suggestions has somehow enlightened you. Happy preps! πŸ™‚

  10. hazel says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for months already. Nagiging basehan ko yung lists mo sa pagkuha ng mga wedding suppliers, lalo na we’re in super tight budget. If you don’t mind me asking, naka book na ba kayo ng host? I’m thinking of getting host na lang from the coordinator kasi mukhang mas makakamura pag ganun o sa talagang kilalang wedding hosts na. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Hazel. Thanks for following the blog. Regarding your question we already did have a host for the wedding and packaged siya sa coordinator namin. It was optional but then again after budget considerations, we decided na good decision din siya since our host is our main coordinator who happens to have hosted a lot of weddings na din. I posted our selected host under Wedding Preps Timeline. If you’re in a super tight budget, check the profile of your shortlisted coordinator/host and see if pasok sa taste niyo. If not, better hire a separate host. Hosts are also important so do not scrimp espc sila magdadala ng program ng reception niyo. Good luck!

  11. CK says:

    Hihi! This is my first time to comment in any blog! :)My fiance and I are planning to get a full coordination package. Ask ko lng po… Does it mean, we dont have to attend bridal fairs to get some offer from suppliers? Would our planner take care of that na? Salamat:))

    1. Hi CK. Congrats on your engagement! That’s nice to know πŸ™‚ Anyway with regards to your question, if you get a full planner, it’s your coordinator’s responsibility to scout for all of your suppliers. But mostly these suppliers would only be within their network or those they have worked a couple of times before because with the right connection, it would be much easier for them to do your wedding. The downside? Probably limited lang suppliers mo to choose from. You can however ask your full planner if ok sa kanila to work with possibly other new suppliers if in case may mas magustuhan kayo na iba. Also, if you’re both in Manila, highly recommended ko for you to attend bridal fairs. Make it as a date time. Its an experience that you guys can look back to after the wedding. That’s actuallu one of the reasons why we preferred to have an OTD coordinator instead of a full/semi one since we decided we wanted to really personalize our wedding and experience at least everything. Trust me, it’s a good way to also know your fiance’s attitude towards decision making, planning etc.

      1. CK says:

        Kinikilig ako! Thank you so much for the prompt reply. Noted on all your advices, very helpful. Cheers😘

      2. Hi CK. Aww thanks! Just comment back or you can send us PM on FB if you have any more questions. Happy preps! πŸ™‚

  12. Kelly Naval says:

    Co-wawie here. This is helpful! Good job on your blog 😊

    1. Hi Kelly. Thanks for appreciating the blog! If you have any other question, don’t hesitate to ask. Happy preps! πŸ™‚

  13. Ness says:

    Hello. Thanks for making this blog. I find it really helpful. I’m currently doing our wedding budget plan. Some coordinators sent us quotations that are “out-of-this-world” expensive for an OTD and your blog helped us pick which ones are reliable.

    And oh, co-wawie here, too. Great job on your blog! πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Ness. Thanks for appreciating the blog. Yeah that’s true. Some just do it for business so you really need to find those with affordable rates but are really trusted and reliable. Just ask away if you need help and I’m glad that you’re a wawie too! πŸ™‚ Happy preps!

  14. Chii says:

    By any chance have you heard about Rita Neri Event Planners?

    1. Hi Chii. Yes, but we didn’t inquire about their services since we’re also focused with our shortlisted wedding coordinators that were either highly recommended by friends and those that caters to overseas based couples like us.

  15. kath says:

    Hi, just to get some advice. I have a friend na newbie in this kind of business. And im planning to get her as my otd coor. Pros ate lower rates niya and i can be at ease with her and i can open up anything bout the details of our planning. But im a bit hesitant kasi newbie siya and if in case something went wrong I dont want our friendship to be affected

    1. Hi Kath. Everyone starts from the bottom and people in the business only excels from gaining relevant experience. In your case, it will depend on you if you want to give your full trust to your friend to be your OTD coordinator, but be mindful that wedding preparation is stressful. It’s also a common story for friends who would have a falling out during these times because of pressure and stress.
      Anyway, try to read this post that we did here hopefully this can help you decide —

  16. outlook says:

    Waaa I can’t believe na ang laki ng tinaas ng SMA from 2015. I inquired for their full coordination rates, 70k na sila. Same with Kutchie’s 127k and KTG for 75k 😦

    1. Hi outlook. I won’t be surprised that their rates have increased already since its normal for businesses to do so. But anyway thanks for this update it will be helpful for the others. Also can I ask when is your intended wedding? It will be highly appreciated if you can send us copy of their rates so we can update ours. Thanks! πŸ™‚

      1. outlook says:

        Hi Aiki! June 2019 πŸ™‚ Ginawa kong reference yung list mo sa pag-ask ng mga suppliers hehehe. Thank you kasi dami ko nakukuhang pointers sa mga posts mo! πŸ™‚ Based from my inquiries at sa mga nagreply, here are their updated rates:

        Full Coordination Rate: Php 130,000
        Partial Coordination Rate: Php 100,000
        OTD Coordination Rate: Php 75,000

        GETTING MARRIED PHILIPPINES (Kutchie Zaldarriaga)
        Full Coordination Rate: Php 127,000
        Partial Coordination Rate: Php 56,000

        With Php 5,000 (Hosting)
        Full Coordination Rate: Php 75,000
        Partial Coordination Rate: Php 55,000
        OTD Coordination Rate: Php 30,000

        SMA WEDDINGS AND BEYOND (Sheena May Anonuevo)
        Full Coordination Rate: Php 70,000
        Partial Coordination Rate: Php 55,000
        OTD Coordination Rate: Php 22,000

      2. Hi outlook. Oh I see. Mostly rates talaga ng suppliers would go up, parang inflation lang yan.

        Aww :). But thanks a lot for this! I know a lot of brides will find this info helpful. Happy preps and God bless! πŸ™‚

  17. outlook says:

    Oo nga eh, mahal na nila hehe! Thank you!! God bless you too!!! πŸ™‚

    1. True! But reputable din naman kasi sila and hindi na matatawaran protfolio nila. I do hope you’ll find the best possible coordinator for your wedding! Even if expensive yung gusto mo, try to work it out. Maybe you can get a good deal. Don’t be shy in talking to them especially with the budget that you have. Thanks again for the update outlook! Happy preps and God bless! ❀ πŸ™‚

  18. Alena Rumbaoa says:

    Hello there! I need a full wedding coordinator next year by october or november. Im stil uncertain with the exact date and month. Please give me some suggestions. The budget will be from 600-800k php. Looking forward for a positive response. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Alena. I cannot suggest a full wedding coordinator because we ended up getting an on-the-day coordinator instead since our budget was lower than your initial range when we were starting to plan our wedding back in 2015. The only thing we can do to help you is to suggest the coordinators in our list and check real bride feed backs about them on their portfolio. It’s also good to join wedding communities like W@W to help you out with more “real” supplier reviews. Happy preps!

  19. Yvette says:

    Thank you. The canonical interview is how many days before the wedding? and I saw your post that you start processing the documents needed 5 months before the wedding, so by this time I need to call the church if there is any available date on March? Thanks again, your blog is really a big help.

    1. Hi Yvette. We booked and paid for the reservation for our wedding date for the church 1 year in advanced since slots at San Agustin Church gets full usually a year before your intended date especially if its a -ber month.

      For the documents, yes we started processing everything only around that time. We made our own timeline to be sure after double checking with the churches and the validities of our baptismal and confirmation certificates.

      The date for the canonical interview will depend on the church but usually they should be done at 2 weeks before your wedding date.

      You’re welcome! Happy preps πŸ™‚

  20. Yvette says:

    Hi I started reading your blog last night, I can relate because me and my husband ( we already had a civil wedding) are planning to have a church wedding next year March. I have a question about San Agustin because we’re both working overseas, do we have to come home just for the pre cana seminar and canonical interview?

    1. Hi Yvette. If you have an option to do your pre cana seminar where you are based you can do so. Like us, we did our pre cana seminar here in Kuwait. But for the canonical interview you have to do it at San Agustin Church. For the list of steps that can help you out, yoy can check our separate post about that. πŸ™‚

  21. Nica says:

    Hi, sorry if this may sound like a noob question. By coordination, β€˜di ba you mean β€˜yung pinaka-fee lang nila as the coordinator? Ano po ba usually included sa mga OTD coordination? Grabe ang mahal pala talaga. Around 100k na for the coordination lang. Huhuhu. Great website btw. My husband and I (had civil wedding na) are in Canada and planning a wedding din kaya this website helps a lot. Thank you! God bless!

    1. Hi Nica. Its okay we always start with being a noob πŸ™‚ As for your question, yes yung rates na nakikita mo sa post are their rates for Coordination only. The scope of their work varies if full, semi/ partial or OTD. You can check this so you have an ide what you’ll probably be needing.

      Unfortunately 100K++ talaga rates for full coordination ng mga kilala and reputable coordinators these days.

      You’re welcome. Just browse around the site, you can start at the main page everything is listed there for our posts and we also have reviews for our suppliers that might help out. God bless din! 😊

  22. Hi Nica. Its okay we always start with being a noob πŸ™‚ As for your question, yes yung rates na nakikita mo sa post are their rates for Coordination only. The scope of their work varies if full, semi/ partial or OTD. You can check this so you have an ide what you’ll probably be needing.

    Unfortunately 100K++ talaga rates for full coordination ng mga kilala and reputable coordinators these days.

  23. stefany says:

    anu ang naka enclosed sa full coordination rate?

    1. Hi Stefany. The detailed job responsibilities of the Full Coordinator varies depending on the company/coordinator but usually they do these things

  24. Tj says:

    Hi! Just want to share. We really wanted to get Imbitado for our wedding next year and good thing they are still free for our date but their rates had changed and it’s already out of our budget. Just sharing the latest rates I got when i inquired.

    OTD – 30K, 35K if hosting included.
    Partial Coordination – 60K
    Full Coordination – 70K

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi TJ. Thanks for this updated rate. A lot of other couples will find this useful! Happy preps 😊

  25. Tiffany says:

    Hi Aika! We are planning for our wedding na din for next year and your blog is really helpful. πŸ™‚ I have a question though in terms with the Event Styling. Separate ba ang payment for an event stylist or meron ka po bang maisasuggest na coordinator with event styling na? We’re paying a huge chunk na rin kasi sa venue pa lang. Hahaha. woooh! anyway.. thanks in advance sa reply mo. God bless! β™₯

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Tiffany. Thanks for appreciating our blog and we’re glad to know that you find it helpful in your own wedding planning. 😊

      Event Styling is usually included in Catering packages as a freebie but only comes as Basic Styling and not with the Coordinator, unless the Coordinator also offers this package. If it’s included with the Caterer and you’re not satisfied with their basic styling, you have the option to upgrade it and just pay the upgrade fee.

      If it’s included with the Coordinator’s package, rate varies since it would depend on the level of styling that they would do. Typically All-in package suppliers offer this scheme where they provide for everything — caterer, coordinator, flowers, styling etc. But, there are also downsides to that. You can read it here

      Now if you’re still not satisfied with your Caterer’s event styling, you get a separate supplier – Event Stylist – who can do what you want. Some Florists also offer event styling packages, but generally, the payment is separate of course. For Event Stylists you can check out list here to give you an idea.

      Hope that helps!

  26. Sky says:

    Any reviews or anyone have worked with events by miss p? πŸ™‚ it will help us a lot thanks 😊

  27. Lay says:


    Newbie here! Has anyone here booked Kiss the Girl Events? Are they good or any good reviews about them?

  28. Gabriella says:

    I wonder how much these wedding coordinators cost at 2022

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