Wedding Emcee or Host

After the ceremony comes the Reception part of the wedding, where both sides of the family, relatives, friends and guests come to party with the newly wed couple. Traditionally, programs are made by the emcee/host to make the reception lively that’s filled with congratulatory speeches, music (through the band or DJ if there is any), games and all sorts of activities while either waiting for the couple who were doing their post-nuptial pictorial or doing the final retouch before their big entrance as Mr & Mrs and before the formal lunch or dinner will be served.

Usually, wedding emcees or host are packaged with caterers or coordinators/planners. But still, some prefer to scout for their own since programs would entail at least another 4 hours of activity for the newly wed couple, family, friends and guests. With a lot of good emcees or host in the Philippine Wedding Industry now, it’s really hard to choose who would take on that role for your very own wedding.

Below is a list of known wedding emcee or host with their 2015-2016 starting rates but they are of course subject to change without notice and do take note of OOT fees as well if your wedding will be outside of Manila. For more info, it is best to directly contact them through their FB page, IG, website or email accounts.

  • Atom Ungson : Php 25,000
  • Arbee Panga : Php 4,000 (on top of the Coordination package)
  • Ayie Contreras-Tuates : Php 3,000 (on top of the Coordination package)
  • Darlene Tan-Salazar : Php 8,000
  • Ellen Celis-Timbol : Php 6,000
  • Erie Neeman : Php 28,000
  • JC Alelis : Php 13,000
  • Joy Juizy Catubig : Php 10,000
  • Max Tiu : Php 25,000
  • KC Montero : Php 80,000
  • Madz & Dzhei : Php 2,000 (on top of the Band package)
  • Michie Lantajo : Php 6,000
  • Missy Ferrer Litao : Php 10,000
  • Richard Agtarap : Php 10,000
  • RJ Ledesma : Php 25,000
  • Sam YG : Php 60,000
  • Thoffy Consulta : Php 5,000 (on top of the Coordination package)

8 Comments Add yours

  1. MGo says:

    Any of them from Boracay? I dont wanna pay for oot hehehehe

    1. Hi MGo. I’m not sure about that though I only know 1 supplier who is Cebu-based, Iloilo-based and Bicol-based. It’s better if you can check their official FB accounts for their locations and inquire with them directly for OOT fees, packages that would suit your need etc. Happy preps!

  2. Jerelynn says:

    Hi, may I know who among those host did you book? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jerelynn. We posted our booked suppliers here and the reasons why we did 🙂

  3. Jay says:

    Hi may I know, who’s your contact for Sam YG please? 🙂

    1. Hi. It was the rate an acquaintance gave us when they got him for their 2015 wedding. No idea if that’s with an OOT fee rate. You can directly message him if you want to double check if the rates are the same.

  4. Meer says:

    Hi ! How to apply as host/emcee on your company ? Just curious.

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Meer. Please read the intro in our main home page. Again we are not a wedding supplier. We are just a couple helping others in their wedding preps. You can however contact the list of host/emcees if they can refer you to a company that would need your services. Good luck!

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