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Wedding Supplier Review: GQ Mobile Bar

For our family, a drink or two during special occasions such as this is something that we really considered that’s why we tried to research for the best possible option for our mobile bar section and thankfully, we found — GQ MOBILE BAR

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email
  • Contact Person: Boogie and Michelle Geronimo
  • Package: 80 pax unlimited drinks for 4 hours with mocktail and customized drink of the night
Two of their drinks. Photo taken from one of our guests.

Among the non-negotiables to have at our wedding was alcohol. It was something that the majority of our guests would definitely look for. My family’s side, for one, were drinkers and having a bottle of Whiskey, Gin or Red wine on every special occasion is normal. So during our wedding preps, we were torn between getting an upgrade from our caterer to include alcoholic beverages, to get a mobile bar supplier who will be serving unlimited drinks or to buy bottles from the grocery. When we were checking the rates of local and imported alcoholic beverages from Duty-Free, S&R, SM grocery and even 7eleven, we found out that it’s a bit more expensive if we’ll source it from there and the options would be less since it’s not practical to buy everything.

We found out about GQ Mobile bar through our venue because they have a list of accredited suppliers where we don’t need to pay for corkages in case we would avail of their services. Throughout the process of planning for our wedding, we were very keen with corkages or any add-on fees because of our tight budget. So when we were scouting for wedding suppliers, we would always double check their connection with our other booked supplier, like our venue, to save ourselves from paying extra fees. Thankfully though GQ Mobile bar also has great reviews from other wedding sites that we belong to like Weddings at Work so this made our decision to finally book them for our wedding.

Majority of our communication was done through Facebook Chat and emails. Upon inquiry, they sent us their packages and good thing to know, among the list of Mobile Bars that we searched they were the only ones who had a good selection for Mocktails. This is also a must-have since not all of our guests like to drink alcoholic beverages and the drinks to be served for our reception is not unlimited.

As per our coordinator, they arrived on time and we never heard issues about them from anyone on the day of our wedding. Instead, everyone loved them! A lot of our guests really commended them for their prompt service and it was very notable even in our photos that most of the men would hang out in the bar area!


  • A smooth and fast transaction with affordable rates
  • Great selection for both cocktails and mocktails
  • A customized “drink of the night” was included for free




  1. Book directly because sometimes rates vary. In our case, we were able to save Php 4,000 because we booked directly.
  2. Make sure that your mobile bar is accredited by your Venue and Caterer if there is any to avoid possible corkage fees.
  3. Ask for a recommendation for their best-seller drinks and inquire if “drink of the night” can be customized and included in your drinks menu.

About Us

We are Garry and Aiki, a newly-married Filipino couple based in Kuwait. We created this blog to document our own wedding planning journey after we got engaged last August 2015.

For 15 months, we carefully planned Our Budget Dream Wedding while we are both based overseas as OFWs where we heavily relied on the resources that we found online through various wedding magazines, blogs, Facebook groups, forums and Pinterest for our source of wedding inspiration. Since we weren’t able to go home to meet up with our shortlisted wedding suppliers, we used Email, Facebook chat, Viber, Skype and Instagram to communicate with them. It was quite challenging on our part because we only relied on our supplier client reviews/feedback and their output that was posted online.

How did we survive our wedding planning since we are based overseas? Simple.

Everything was done online – from research, communication, reservations/booking and even payments.

Is that a bit scary since you’re like gambling kasi hindi mo naman personally nakita yung mga supplier mo? Well, truth is… Suntok sa buwan talaga ang ginawa namin dahil buong loob kami na nag-tiwala sa Suppliers na kinuha namin na hindi nila kami lolokohin lalu na at nagkalat ang mga scammers! It’s all about “trust” talaga and doing your own “research” thoroughly. To be sure, get a reputable supplier na kilala na pero siyempre afford pa rin ng budget! And in our case, thankfully, everything went well. (Though except for a few minor flaws, of course.. and that’s another story to tell which you can read through our Wedding Supplier Reviews.)

Also throughout this wedding planning journey, we also came to realize na kulang yung information for couples who are planning to get married in the Philippines especially for OFWs like us and who are on a tight wedding budget! And initially, this blog is only intended for us to document everything, but because of this realization and the need to help other couples like us who are really confused with what they’re supposed to do, we decided to make all the information in our wedding blog publicly available and hopefully it would help others in their own wedding preps journey.

Overall, the journey was a rollercoaster ride of emotions filled with excitement, frustration, and bliss.. but it was a journey definitely worth remembering! This is #OurLoveStoReal and this is #OurBudgetDreamWedding .

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