4D/3N Bagan, Myanmar

မင်္ဂလာပါ! "Mingalabar!" (pronounced as ming-ga-la-ba) "Hello" in Burmese. Ever wonder how it feels like seeing a beautiful Sunset while overlooking 1,000 year-old ancient temples, stupas and pagodas within reach? Then you have to pack your bags and head straight to the underrated Ancient City of Bagan in Myanmar! Landlocked between India (on the left), China … Continue reading 4D/3N Bagan, Myanmar

5D/4N Siem Reap, Cambodia

ជំរាបសួរ! “Chum Reap Suor!" (pronounced as choum-reap-sore) It means "Hello" in Cambodian. If you've seen Tomb Raider, then you'll definitely recognize the huge Banyan trees that were entwined with the centuries-old temples of Angkor. The scene that showcased it was only a small depiction of the majestic beauty of the Khmer empire or modern-day Cambodia … Continue reading 5D/4N Siem Reap, Cambodia

1 Year of Wedding bliss and counting!

From the end of 2015 when we got engaged until our wedding month in December 2016, the weeks just went by so fast! 2016 was a year full of hope while we were both busily preparing for our dream wedding, trying to make everything perfectly organized and carefully deciding on different things. And then just … Continue reading 1 Year of Wedding bliss and counting!

Wedding Checklist 2

My fiance and I both know that when we did our initial wedding checklist, it wouldn't stop with that. Although we wanted to just focus on the most important details, as we go on with our wedding planning, a LOT of other things started popping out of nowhere. These are things that we thought we … Continue reading Wedding Checklist 2