Wedding Checklist 2

My fiance and I both know that when we did our initial wedding checklist, it wouldn’t stop with that. Although we wanted to just focus on the most important details, as we go on with our wedding planning, a LOT of other things started popping out of nowhere. These are things that we thought we don’t need to consider but then we actually do. I’ll just continue with the list from where I stopped with Number #10.


11. Wedding Coordinator/Planner. Whether it’s Full Planning, Turn Over or On-the-Day, this is a must especially for overseas couples like us. I did a separate post on this with detailed explanation under Wedding Coordinator. Since we both enjoy being hands-on at the moment and we have plenty of time with our wedding preps, we booked OTD for now but in case things would need Professional assistance that’s probably the time that we would resort to upgrading our Coordinator’s services to Turn-over. Wedding Coordinators Suppliers List and Which Wedding Coordinator to Choose?

12. Hair and Makeup Artist (HMUA). Another major thing to consider especially with the popularity of Airbrush Makeup. Really! It’s like a Godsend for those who wanted to look flawless on their wedding day. Traditional makeup is also good but if you want that kind of makeup that would be and feel like second skin all throughout the event, then be sure to book this on your most special day. We’ll be posting a separate HMUA topic for those that we have asked for quotations. Wedding HMUA Suppliers List

13. Wedding Rings. This is probably one of the most important aspects of a wedding event. A lot of factors are also needed to consider when choosing one such as metal, style, gem type, color, and engravement. Some prefer to keep it simple by buying plain gold rings or silver without any stone. Will definitely depend on the couple.

14. Hotel Preparation and Accommodation. In the old days, you can do your preps at home unless you have extra cash to book a room at a nearby hotel or lodge. But for weddings especially if the ceremony area is far from your house, it is best to set a budget for decent Hotels or Rented House to do the preps and pictorial. This saves time and less hassle for travel.

15. The Cake. This is the crowning glory of any wedding reception so normally couples would set aside a budget for this – unless of course this would be given as a gift. The wedding cake in a reception is like a couple’s wedding dress in the ceremony. All eyes are automatically set on it once they enter the reception venue. So, couples usually felt obliged to have a stunner for a cake that is being displayed for hours, from start-up to the end of the event. The cake’s height and size would depend on the couple’s preference but on a standard basis, wedding cakes should be at least 3 layers and up in height.

16.  Lights and Sounds. When we got our venue package I thought the LS inclusion is enough (basic sounds and the chandelier lights only). But I was wrong. In our case since we will be having a nighttime reception, it would definitely be dark so professional lights and sounds (with a good DJ) would come in handy. Unfortunately its difficult to search for a good Lights and Sounds supplier when you are overseas since you wanted to experience first hand how they work. But if you have a coordinator, their opinion would be highly regarded to make your decision. Lights and Sounds Suppliers List

17. Musical Ensemble/Strings. Some opt not to have these but for music lovers, this is a must. Besides who wouldn’t want to have a musical ensemble play your wedding march or serenade you and your fiance with your favorite songs during your couple’s dance? The thoughts are just way too romantic! Wedding Band and Strings Suppliers List

18. Wedding Host/ Emcee. They can be considered as the life of the reception party. Hosts not only entertain the couple, family and guests but as well as initiates and lead what has to be done in a reception. It’s a make or break situation. Just imagine attending an event without a set program? What more in your own wedding? Wedding Host/Emcee Suppliers List

19. Crew Meals. This is something we didn’t really consider at first, thinking that when you book a supplier, they would be the ones who would provide their own meals for their crews as part of the package. So be sure to allot around Php 10,000 ++ (usually composed of 2 meals) if you would have at least 30 people who will be working on that day to make your dream wedding a reality. If in the case of the wedding there are a few vacant slots on the guest list, it is advisable to use the slots to be given to the suppliers as crew meals.

20. Bridal Car. This can be considered as part of luxury if the couple wanted to show off especially if it’s a rented car since usually, they would cost around Php 6,500++ depending on the area and decorations. Couples can decide if this is an important part of their wedding checklist or not.

21. Officiating Priest. Most Churches already offer this service as a package when the church fee has been paid but it will depend on the couple if they know some Priest for sentimental reasons. Tips are also advised to be given after the wedding, but not compulsory since it will depend on your chosen Church.

22. Misalette/ Church offertory/ Candles/ Arrhae/ Ring Pillows/Wedding Cord/Veils. For the Misalette, you can only acquire this and reprint your own copy for your wedding after you completed all your church docs and procedures. For Church offertory, it would depend on the couple what they want to offer during the ceremony. The others, It is best to check with the wedding gown designer if they are already included in the package or have them DIY it by going to Divisoria. Or you can check suppliers who can do them for you if you don’t have enough time or lack creativity skills.

23. Monogram and #WeddingHashtag. This was a recent trend lately where couples started to combine the first letters of their names to create a personalized wedding logo and their names, likes, details about their wedding etc for their Wedding #Hashtags which became popular thanks to Instagram that would be seen in the invitations, wedding websites, in the couple’s social media accounts and other wedding stationeries. This isn’t a must, but if you want to really personalize your wedding monogram and can DIY this using Paint, Photoshop or Canva App, why not? But, if you’re not the artistic type, you can seek your Wedding Invitation Supplier to do your monogram it for you but would usually come with a minimal fee. Also there are’s tons of apps online that can generate Wedding #Hashtags or you can seek the help of your friends and online wedding communities to do it for you.

24. Photo Booth. Who doesn’t want to have their photos taken and have it printed out on the day of the event itself? This looks ideal for those who don’t want to spend more on guest’s souvenirs. Make sure the standard package is at least 3 hours of service for around Php 5-7,000++.

25. Projector or LED Wall. This is another personalized must-have during weddings since this is rather useful during Wedding Receptions to show the couple’s wedding monogram, play the couples AVP growing up and love story videos, Save the Date videos, Prenup videos, Same Day Edit Videos and sometimes even do live feed streaming for the wedding!

26. Souvenirs/ Thank You Gifts. This should be seen as a token of appreciation from the newlywed couple towards the people who came to celebrate their special day with them. For Ninongs and Ninangs — this is a must where it has a few percentages of the wedding budget itself. For the MOH, BM, Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen — it will depend also on the couple’s budget. Useful Wedding Souvenirs List

27. Banners/ Couple’s Artist Canvas/Place Cards/ Menu Cards/ Thank You Tags. You can have it done by your caterer, event stylist, invitations supplier or have it DIY. Wedding Invitations Suppliers List

28. Prenup/Engagement Shoot. Just like the Monogram and use of Projectors/LED Walls, this has been one of the most popular add-ons to personalize weddings. You can either have your own Photoshoot and/or Video shoot before your wedding with your potential suppliers and have the finished product used for your wedding invitations design, posted on your private Facebook Events page as Save the Date and be played during your wedding reception. But remember, Prenup Shoots will cost a few thousand pesos so make sure to DIY what you can, choose the best suppliers that will fit your budget and just have fun! Prenup Stylists Suppliers List

29. Legal Documents. This is a no-brainer. I’ll expound it on a single post. Wedding Legal Requirements in the Philippines, Certificate of Freedom to Marry and Express Kumpil

30. Honeymoon. Although it is a must, this would depend on the couple if they have extra time and money to spare immediately after the wedding. The best tip in order to save thousands of pesos would be to do an early booking for flights, hotels, tours and /or resorts is highly advisable! Be sure that there is sufficient cash on hand or credit on the card if you have any. Online bookings will give ample choice for discounts and promos although if you’re the lazy or busy type, you can also check out offers from trusted travel agencies.


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  1. Ness says:

    Haaay.. Loving ALL your blogs! You have no idea how much help (and peace of mind) your blogs give to us (bride-to-be’s)! 🙂 God bless you!

    1. Thank you and God bless you too Ness. ❤️

  2. Marilou Villaneza Acupio says:

    Your blog will be a really big help. Thank you ♥

    1. Hi. Don’t forget to check the Quick Links tab because we categorized all of the posts there. You’re welcome Marilou. Happy preps!

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