Our Wedding Legal Requirements Timeline

As an overseas based couple it is very difficult for us to just go home and secure all the necessary documents and processing that is needed for both our Civil and Church requirements. In this post HERE we have compiled all the necessary documents that we needed to secure our marriage license permit for our church wedding.


Our Pre-Cana booklets from Holy Family Cathedral in Kuwait City

For a Church-rites wedding in the Philippines, both civil and church requirements are needed. If you are already married civilly, you don’t need to apply for a marriage license and instead just submit your original NSO Marriage Contract.

Below is our summarized timeline when we started our documents processing.

JULY 2016 (5 months before the Wedding)

1st to 2nd week of July 

  • acquired Baptismal Certificate with annotation for Marriage Purpose (B+G)
  • acquired Confirmation Certificate with annotation for Marriage Purpose (B+G)

July 15

  • 1st day of Marriage Preparation Course (Pre-Cana) at Holy Family Cathedral in Kuwait City (1-7 PM)


AUGUST 2016 (4 months before the Wedding)

1st week of August

  • submitted Baptismal Certificate with annotation for Marriage Purpose (B+G) and Confirmation Certificate with annotation for Marriage Purpose (B+G) at San Agustin Church

Aug 11

  • online application of NSO Birth Certificate (B+) and NSO CENOMAR (B+G) through E-Census portal

Aug 17

  • delivery of NSO Birth Certificate (B+G) and NSO CENOMAR (B+G)


OCTOBER 2016 (2 months before the Wedding)

1st week of Oct 

  • acquired Marriage Banns permit from San Agustin Church and submitted it to B+G town parishes

Oct 16-30

  • Marriage Banns Announcement (B+G)


NOVEMBER 2016 (1 month before the Wedding)

Nov 11

  • 2nd day of Marriage Preparation Course (Pre-Cana) at Holy Family Cathedral in Kuwait City (1-7 PM)
  • acquired Certificate of Freedom to Marry from Holy Family Cathedral in Kuwait City
  • release of Marriage Banns from B+G town’s Parish (Oct 16 to 30, 2016 announcements)

Nov 21

  • filed for Marriage License Application at SJDM City Hall and submission of necessary documents of both couple (original NSO Birth Certificate + original NSO Cenomar + Cedula) ** some City Hall may require further documents, please see the post HERE **

Nov 24

  • submitted Marriage Banns (B+G)
  • Canonical Interview at San Agustin Church, Manila (4PM-5PM)

Nov 26 

  • scheduled our 2nd Pre-Cana seminar to be held at San Agustin Church (every Saturday only, 8AM-12 Noon, Php 1,500 per couple) but we cancelled it because they already accepted our Pre-Cana seminar certificate that we did in Kuwait City Cathedral

Nov 29

  • Family Planning Seminar by the City Health Department at SJDM City as a requirement for the Marriage License application (every Tuesday only, 8AM-12 Noon)
  • submitted the certificate to the City Registrar for the Marriage License application


Dec 13

  • release of the Marriage License (120 days validity anywhere in the Philippines)
  • submitted the Marriage License from SJDM City Hall to San Agustin Church as requirement for a Catholic rites wedding


Dec 23 2016 = GA WEDDING DAY! =)


** Legend: B = Bride, G = Groom


4 thoughts on “Our Wedding Legal Requirements Timeline

  1. Hello Ms. Aiki,

    I am very thankful for this article. I could relate because my fiancé and I also work overseas. We are planning to get married on January 2018. I am currently on a 45- day leave and I learned from our target church (ST. IGnatius Chapel, Paco Park) that we have to both be in the Philippines at least one month before the wedding for the marriage license application and canonical interview. 😅😅😅 #panic because we plan to be here 2-3 weeks before the wedding. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much.


    • Hi April. If you check our post, we started our detailing and marriage license application 1 month before our wedding date. During your 45 days leave, if you can, prioritize the given schedule and create your own timeline based on your vacation/availability and needed days set for each requirement.

      Also, if you can, try to submit all the necessary docs that you can while you are both based overseas like baptismal certificates, confirmation certificates, pre-cana seminar certificates (if you are in the same country), marriage banns (because it needs 3 consecutive sundays), etc and ask what are the schedule for the family health seminar in your city hall so you can have an idea when you need to do it. Again, processing for marriage license is 11 days only after when you filed for your application and you’re done with the family health seminar. Happy preps! 🙂


  2. Hello Aiki!

    Your blog is really helpful and I admire your passion in writing plus also doing the wedding preps! I don’t know how you did it! But anyway, my question is, my fiance and I lives here in the US. We were both born in the Philippines and we are now American Citizens with dual citizenship. We got married here in the US civilly, what do we have to do in terms of legal requirements? Do we just present our marriage certificate?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Jackie. Thanks for appreciating our blog. It was really difficult especially we’re both based overseas but everything is possible now especially with the help of online resources. 🙂

      As per your question, you didn’t mention if you plan to have a catholic wedding ceremony or a christian wedding ceremony because the requirements for that would depend on your church. And as for the civil legal requirements, since you both got married in the US even if you have a dual citizenship, it is best to ask the Philippine embassy in the US about the legalities of this marriage ceremony to be done in the Philippines with your Report of Marriage from the US Civil Registry.

      Happy preps 🙂


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