Bridal Gown Fitting



Mel Orlina Couture’s fitting area


So is it time for you to fit your gown? Aside from the “Things to ask your Bridal Gown designer” questions that can be found HERE, these are the things that you must prepare before your fitting and the things that you need to bring with you. These are all based on my personal experience and if I may have forgotten something, it’s also best to ask your bridal gown designer for more info.

1. Don’t overeat the day before or an hour before your bridal gown fitting. When your bloated or you feel like your stomach is full, definitely you’ll have a hard time fitting your garments. I had this problem on one of my fittings when I drank a large sized soda which was a big no-no. I ended up feeling heavy at hindi talaga nasara yung zip ng gown ko!

2. Wear seamless underwear and body shaper (for voluptuous brides) in case you need one. This will basically give you an idea if you’ll have to wear sa actual wedding or not. Although your gown would automatically have pads (better ask your designer if they’ll put one on your gown) so you won’t be needing to wear your bra on the wedding day itself, it’s still a good idea so you can know how your chest will appear while wearing the gown, especially for those who are flat-chested brides. Adjustments on the gown can also be done more easily while you are wearing it.

3. Bring your bridal shoes. Not exactly the one that you’re going to wear on your big day, but if you can it would be much better. This is very important since you can already have a feel kung gaano kataas yung heels na need mo for your gown. Your designer will also be able to assess until where dapat putulan gown mo. Also, this is also a good time for you to practice walking in your bridal shoes (or with the same heels height) and/or have that feeling while wearing heels in your gown.

4. Hair tie. This is important especially if you have a long hair since wearing one will enable you to easily check the full frontal and back details of your gown. Having your hair tied up will also make you move freely, etc.

5. Bridal hair accessory and jewelry. If you have it in your possession, better bring it so you can check if it will complement with the design of your gown.

6. Bring an HD camera or smartphone with a good camera. This will be useful to take photos and videos while you’re doing your fitting so you can double check later on your gown’s details.

7. A very reliable assistant/friend/relative who can take lots of photos and videos while you’re fitting so when you go home you can check if ano hitsura mo while wearing the gown, the details of your gown especially if may need ipaayos etc. Yes, you need to document your fitting day so you can see all the angles and details of your gown! Most of the time kasi hindi mo mapapansin ang problem sa gown habang suot mo kasi full of emotions so an extra hand is always recommended! This was something that I really kept in mind during my fitting and thankfully, if not for the help of my cousin and best friend, I wouldn’t be able to clearly picture out the things that needed to be fixed on my gown.



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  1. ave says:

    Hi Aiki
    I have been following your blog since day 1 and I find it very helpful. I just want to know now how much exactly or just the range of the costs that you have spent in total?

    thank your so much

    1. Hi Ave. Thanks for following the blog and we’re happy to know that our wedding preps journey has been helpful to yours. About that we’re sorry but we decided not to divulge the total peso power that we have spent in total since most of the rates that we got were old ones, etc.

  2. Mi Miao says:

    Thank you for sharing, I think these accessories are necessary.

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