Wedding Supplier Review: MEL ORLINA Couture

I have always dreamed of being a princess and wearing a very beautiful gown on my wedding day. But finding the best and yet affordable couturier that fits our budget who can make what I envision into reality is really tricky. Luckily, I found her. Below is our supplier review for my chosen bridal couture — MEL ORLINA

  • Supplier Rating: 4.50/5 
  • Mode of Communication: Email, Call (if necessary)
  • Contact Person: Ms. Mel, Ms. Michel (staff), Ms. Kristine (staff)
Bride Done-76
My dream wedding dress and that long train! Photo by Myio Okamoto.

It actually took me half a year to decide in shortlisting the names of designers who I want to make my dream wedding gown, to the point that I even created this list HERE with all their rates so I would be reminded who to choose especially with a budget in mind. Honestly, it’s the really limited budget that makes it difficult for me to finally book my couturier. Since we have a lot to consider for the wedding, as much as I want to splurge on my wedding gown, I also don’t want to be selfish and want to make sure that the gown that I would wear won’t cost more than our caterer!

When I contacted my potential supplier around July for my December 2015 scheduled meeting with the designer herself, Ms Mel Orlina, I didn’t really think that I would be paying the deposit right on-the-spot. I went to her old shop in Jupiter St in Makati at past 2.00 PM. There were a couple of bride-to-be’s like me at that time but then when it was my turn to meet with Ms Mel, she was in her friendly and approachable demeanor. I immediately showed her my pegs and sketched 2 designs while telling me she feels would suit me, since I’m petite and has a pear-shaped body. Hindi ko na-feel yung this-is-it feeling sa sketches ni Mel, but what made me decide to book her was her gowns — pulido talaga ang pagkakagawa at na-emphasized talaga yung korte ng nag susuot. Plus point also that she can work well on my budget and she has worked with a lot of overseas brides like me before. On our first meeting, even though there wasn’t any “spark“, somehow I felt that I did the right choice.

aiki and ms mel
Our first meeting. December 2015. Me and my bridal gown couturier, Ms Mel Orlina

Since I was an overseas bride she took my measurements personally and informed me of my possible schedule, adjusting well to the time that I will probably be going back to Manila a month before the wedding. That, of course, was also an advantage for me since I want a designer who had worked a lot of times with overseas couples like me who have limited time. By April 2016, I was able to finally choose my peg and sent all the designs that I want to Mel and she replied back with those that she had chosen for me. She then told me through email that she’ll make it work. Our measurement update was supposed to be given again around June-July 2016 but I told her to just push through with my measurements when I was in her shop back in December 2015 and instead sent my updated whole body photos wearing tight leggings.

Around August 2016, I emailed them to inquire regarding my gown’s update since it’s already past the 6 months time. I remembered it well that they usually start doing bridal gowns on an 8-months lead time. Her secretary, Ms Michel was the one that I always communicate with through email on her behalf and they sent me photos of my gown base. The first time I laid my eyes on my gown’s base I felt surprised to see that it already had a form.

From that time on, her staff would promptly answer my questions and entertain my suggestions regarding my gown. Since I couldn’t be there physically to fit the gown, I always made sure that my email is turned on and would reply back quickly whenever I find something off. There was even a time that I didn’t like how the embroidery pattern was attached so they re-attached it before doing the embellishment.

When we finally had our schedule back to Manila, I set the appointment for my 1st fitting on Nov 20, more than a month before the wedding just to be sure that the gown will be a perfect fit and to see it in person. I arrived an hour early for my 2 PM appointment in Mel Orlina’s old shop at Doña Consolacion, Makati.

The new Couture shop at 109 Esteban, Legaspi Village, Makati
Mel Orlina Couture’s new office where I did my 3rd and final fittings.

When I arrived there, I was the 2nd client since there was a bride who’s currently fitting her gown and Mel was looking irritated at one of her staff whilst talking about the gown’s deadline. That was actually the first time I saw her work in person and it was just as I had expected. Then Ms. Mel met with me who seemed to change her look immediately and we then discussed about my peg. She started to sketch on her pad while I was showing her my pegs and then explaining to me what she thinks would fit me. Napansin ko sa kanya she would really insist on the design that she thinks is okay unless you would say what you want and don’t want. Since we already have a theme back then, I told her I want something related to it as well as saying that I really fancy having “scrolls pattern” for the main design of my gown. I even asked if I could have thick embroidered patterns for my gown to combine with pearls and swarovski, she told me we can deal with that later because usually according to her “brides would always be fickle-minded”. She said that its best that I would send her my final gown pegs at least 6-8 months before the wedding and we’ll work on that. So to close the deal, I paid my deposit right then and there and she took my measurements.

Gown Revised with Skirt Oct 26 20161
The base of my gown with embroidery patterns. September-October 2016

I was only able to see the progress of my gown through the photos that they would send me through email which was really helpful! From that, I would always comment whenever I see something that’s not done right like yung mga small details ng embroidery na mukhang hindi pantay or those that I see na kulang ng details. Everything was smooth and fast except for that one incident with regards to my detachable train. Initially I have a 4ft train as per the contract but before finalizing the details of my train I emailed them that I would upgrade it to 6ft (their longest possible train). They replied back by saying that it’s okay but then after a month I saw that it’s still the same. I quickly asked why and then it so happens that my request was not coordinated with the other staff. They offered me a solution to use the upgrade to a different product (which was already PAID) to a much longer embroidered veil (which I already have in my contract) since gawa na daw yung train ko at hindi na pwede yun palitan. But since I’ve always wanted a really long train, the reason for my pegs, hindi talaga ako pumayag and sinabi ko na hindi ko kasalanan na hindi na- coordinate ng staff niya yung request when fully aware naman sila that it was paid already in advanced. So, they agreed and offered me instead option — dudugtungan nila yung nagawa na train para humaba! Of course nagulat ako sa sinabi ng staff niya na kausap ko and informed them na hindi ako tatanggap ng gown na may dugtong lang since obviously mahahalata yun even if patungan pa ng embroidery and embellishments. With that, Ms Mel called me early in the morning the following day (around 5AM Kuwait time), apologized for the misunderstanding and informed me that she will fix the issue by saying din na hindi nila ginagawa ang ganun since she has a reputation to uphold. Thankfully, problem-solved!

Gown 1st Fitting Nov 21 2016
1ST FITTING last Nov 21 2016. This is the very first time I saw my gown in person and the very first time that I would try it. Ms Mel wasn’t around so her staff assisted me during my fitting.

After almost a year I came back for my 1st fitting and boy was I so glad to see my gown! Unfortunately Ms Mel wasn’t there (she was in Paris at that time) so her staff, Ms Kristine, Ms Michel and her main mananahi was the one who took care of everything. The beaded parts were halfway done but then during my fitting I noticed hindi pantay yung part ng design sa pinaka-front which is very obvious. 

design pattern
The arrows showing the design patterns that I told them na hindi pantay. 

When I fit the gown, it was just my size though I felt like I gained weight as compared to my initial measurement. I told Ms Kristine about the inconsistency with the embellishment and she said “okay lang yan hindi naman mapapansin yan Ms Aiki.Of course nagulat ako sa reply niya since I was rather expecting that they would tell me na gagawan nila ng paraan, so I really insisted na ipaayos yun since halatang-halata talaga. Then they started to put a “mesh or illusion tulle” on my top and some embroidery patterns. They told me it was part of my peg but at that time I didn’t really know what exactly would happen to my gown so I just nod and followed them.

Gown 2nd Fitting Dec 9 2016
2ND FITTING. Almost 2 weeks after the 1st Fitting. The mesh was already applied with the pearl beads at the back of my spinal cord and I could already picture out how my gown would look like.

After two weeks, I had my schedule for my 2nd fitting. At that time my excitement grew since I already had on what to expect and I wanted to know how it would look like with the almost complete bead work, which is probably around 90% complete at that time if I’m correct. Thankfully Ms Mel was there during my fitting and informed me that the irregularity in the front design was already fixed. Nasunod ang peg ko except that when the mesh/illusion tulle and embroidered parts were applied on my top to give that off-shoulder look, literal na hindi ko magalaw ng maayos ang braso ko. I told Ms Mel that I wasn’t comfortable at hindi ko maitaas ang kili-kili ko. She just told me na it’s normal and that during my wedding, wag na lang daw ako mag kikilos masyado. I was like… Huh?! So I really insisted na I can’t possibly do that and dun ko lang din napansin na yung sa shoulder part is too tight on me. When I went home, I reviewed all the photos and I just didn’t have that it-feeling plus I noticed na hindi bagsak yung design sa may arms which I told her sa umpisa pa lang. So I quickly emailed them and scheduled another fitting since may ipapabago ako.

Gown 3rd Fitting
3RD FITTING. Ms Mel removed the whole mesh on-the-spot since it wasn’t part of my peg and tried to re-arrange the pattern as per what I “insisted” that I wanted

During my 3rd fitting, which was supposedly my last fitting was 4 days before the wedding,  I thought there will be changes with my gown so when I fit it again, ganun pa din. Since hindi talaga ko comfortable, I told Ms Mel again that I really don’t like the top part of my gown since I wasn’t really comfortable and that I was expecting for the embroidery design on my arms would fall and not be too tight. Yung loose ang dating ng off-shoulder ko. She explained that it was tight like that because of the mesh that holds the embroidery pattern which I asked if it can be removed since it’s not what I expected in the first place. She told me “bakit ngayon ko lang daw sinabi eh dapat noon pa dahil mahirap gawin yun since masisira lang yung design sa top“.  I replied by saying na “noon ko pa sinabi since yun ang peg ko and I was expecting it too look like that. I even told you last time na hindi ako comfortable,” but she even continued to say things like “alam mo naman na peak season bakit ngayon ka pa magpapabago.” Then I saw her get a big scissor and started cutting the mesh and trying to see what she can do.

My 3rd fitting was a bit stressful which lasted for almost 3 hours since they need to fix the design to make it look like a loose off shoulder and Mel just kept on talking again with “bakit ngayon mo lang kasi sinabi ito Aiki alam mo naman na December na at ilang araw na lang kasal mo na” which was obvious that she’s already annoyed with what was happening. For me as a client, honestly, nakakairita din to hear her, as the designer to say those things and besides she knew from the start na yun talaga ang peg ko so I replied uli with “I did Ms Mel. I even informed you sa email after my 2nd fitting. Ilang beses ko sinabi na off shoulder na pabagsak (sabay pakita ng photo na nasa ipad ko) kasi gusto ko i-hide yung arms ko kaya nagulat ako bakit ganito ka-tight siya lumabas at ang alam ko malinis dapat sa likod na walang pearls pero bakit ako may mesh?” It was clear that I want an off shoulder and showed her a peg that shows that it was loose, na pabagsak siya on the shoulder and not tight just like what they did initially. I even said that nagulat ako na may beads/pearls sa back ng damit ko which wala naman sa peg ko dahil gusto ko malinis tignan. There they told me it’s standard for them since the beads/pearls would hold the embroidered illusion tulle. Buti na lang I was really, really calm at that time and I try not na sumagot pa. Good thing also that my MOH Meann and Man of Honor, Ethel was with me during that time, giving me comforting looks. Besides, I was really thinking that I don’t want any problem especially with my gown since my expectations was really high. So right there and then, Mel took her scissors and started cutting off the illusion tulle and the embroideries while I was wearing the gown and kept on saying, “kasi naman eh..sayang yung embroideries, sayang yung design” , while I, on the other hand, was biting my lower lip to keep my mouth shut kahit gusto ko na sumagot and that so I won’t be forced to speak or else I know baka lang magtalo pa kami. 

Aikis Gown
AIKI’S GOWN SUMMARY: Aiki’s gown from sketch, gown base up until the last fitting ❤

Then when she cut the whole illusion tulle on my top, I told her that there should still be a design since when I was looking at the mirror, my top suddenly looked plain, even at the back since she removed the embroideries entirely and told me it’s impossible to have it attached because the back was already done. So I asked her right there and then if she can make me a detachable necklace to add something in front. Thankfully she agreed and made me one. When she placed it, naging mas okay kinalabasan. Although the necklace wasn’t part of the initial peg, mas nagkaroon ng buhay yung top part ng gown.

The gown was displayed in my hotel room suite the night before the wedding
During the preps inside the hotel suite. My gown on Mel’s mannequin which I borrowed as part of the package. I had to deposit 3K though since I didn’t have any bridal assistant (even if it was included in the contract) because she said her staff would already be on holidays during my wedding. Photo by Myio Okamoto

Ms Kristine and yung si ate na mananahi nila (forgot her name, sorry) delivered my gown the night before the wedding at around past 9 PM since we had misunderstandings with the time for the delivery (available lang sila after 7PM) and hindi ko din kasi naibigay agad yung room number ko dahil may occurring problem sa hotel that I was fixing and they were also caught with the traffic. With the so many connected mishaps, I was still thankful that my gown came in one piece, delivered perfectly well and was just awed when I saw it completely done 101%! They placed it in their mannequin stand (which I rented for Php 3,000 refundable payment) and told me na wala talaga available for bridal assistance and again told us what we need to do tomorrow during the wedding pag sinuot ko na siya.

Church Done-28
So Vintage-looking! Just as how I wanted it to look like! My dramatic entrance with the ball gown and oh so longgg train! This shot is taken during my bridal walk. Photo by Myio Okamoto
Front photo of my gown with the detachable long train and my mom wearing a Mel Orlina gown as well which she customized for her.

On the wedding day itself, the gown was just as how I envisioned it to be. I even remembered a lot of people approaching me to take my photos in my wedding dress and asking me who did my gown! Feeling artista lang talaga! Looking back, sulit yung long emails since Day 1 na ginawa yung gown and travels namin from Bulacan to Makati  kasama na yung heavy traffic sa EDSA every time I would do my fittings, and of course the budget that we managed to save by doing extra part-time jobs here in Kuwait just so I can have my dream gown!

Even with the unforeseen issues, I had to deal with during the creation of my dream wedding gown and the hefty price tag that came with it… I’m still beyond satisfied and super duper happy with the gown’s quality and outcome! I’m still at high and proud to say that Mel Orlina created my dream wedding gown! ❤️❤️❤️

Bride Done-51
Front details of my gown.. just as how I wanted it to be. Photo by Myio Okamoto


  • It’s a customized designer gown made by Ms. Mel Orlina, a known couturier from Manila
  • My gown was just breathtakingly gorgeous! It was really what I had imagined it to be. Sulit yung tight schedules for appointment, traffic, stress etc that I experienced overall.
  • She works well with the complicated and tight schedules of overseas brides like me who only was able to fit my gown 2 months before my wedding day.
  • Her rate is affordable given that she’s a reputable and well-known wedding gown designer in the Philippines, has great payment scheme and would really work on the client’s budget. She also offers good bridal packages with all the necessary accessories, bridal repair (after the wedding which is a must) and gown assistance on the day of the wedding but would still depend on the dates for her staff’s availability (I didn’t get mine kasi holiday na daw)
  • You’ll know the quality of the materials that she uses with her gowns na hindi tinipid and the gowns simply speaks of her work!
  • She was also very accomodating and nice to my Mom since she also did her gown and my mom loved it! She actually adored Mel. Nakuha niya yung peg ni Mommy especially with her requests to hide yung mga dapat matago. Very particular pa naman si Mommy sa mga damit. Kung OC ako sa details, definitely mas OC si Mommy.
  • They are detailed and prompt with their replies especially with the progress of the gowns through email. They will call whenever it is very necessary.
  • Ms Mel’s effort to reach out personally to her client whenever her staff would create a problem and would quickly offer a good solution which of course shows her professionalism.
  • She also let me borrow one of her gowns for my prenup but this will depend on the availability of the gowns. For budget brides like me, this is super helpful especially if I had no intention to buy or rent a gown for a one-day use only. After your prenup just dry clean it afterward. (It’s the blue plunging gown in our Save the date video by Vidlens)


  • She would really insist the design and style she think fits the bride and if the bride won’t insist or say what she really wants, Ms Mel would do what she initially thought would be best. At times it’s good but minsan magugulat na lang ang bride bakit may ganun na sa design na hindi naman  part ng peg. For example the pearl beads on  my spinal cord area, too tight embroidery/embellishment for my off shoulder look and the mesh itself.
  • Her staff are really knowledgeable but they need to be well aware on how to talk to the client in a manner that they won’t say things na ikakapahamak nila. For example would be when I saw that there were irregularities in the embellishment (hindi pantay yung design), I informed her staff about it but they replied to me by saying na “okay na yun at hindi naman mapapansin” was a turn off since I expect that they would at least inform me they’ll see what they can do to fix it. Also whenever I see things like this and would inform them verbally and through email (with photos) so madali mabalikan just in case, 2-3x ko pa paulit-ulit sila sinabihan before there was even an action taken. They would just say na natagalan kasi busy sila at madami clients which again was another turn off.
  • Her staff doesn’t seemed to be well-coordinated with one another since it clearly showed during the issue with my paid upgraded detachable waist train wherein if hindi ko pa napansin sa photos na hindi nagbago yung length ng train ko they won’t double check our email conversations to know that I already upgraded and paid it even before they set it out to be manufactured. Then they would put the blame on me indirectly by saying that I had it upgraded too late when in fact it was very clear in our email conversations (which I print screened as proof and showed it to them) that I informed them about it months ahead of time, that’s why I even managed to pay the upgrade in full.
  • I was only informed that I didn’t have any bridal assistant on my wedding day during my 3rd fitting since vacation na daw ng staff niya. I was disappointed of course since it was included in my contract.
  • During my 3rd fitting I know she was also annoyed and so am I, at hindi ko lang din talaga nagustuhan yung continuous na pag daldal niya. It was really a turn off at that time, if I didn’t keep my cool probably nasagot ko din siya.


  1. Be sure you would really insist with what you want and not just with what the designer wants. It’s your gown, ikaw ang magsusuot niyan at hindi ibang tao. When meeting with your designer or mananahi be sure to bring at least 3 pegs and work from that.
  2. Be sure to get your money’s worth with all your supplier services so always double check the output and quality. If may nakita ka na mali or hindi ok sayo or hindi ka comfortable, immediately inform them ASAP in a polite and diplomatic manner. Make sure magagawan ng paraan kaya always ask for update. Take photos and videos so you can review your fittings later on, since there are instances na may hindi ka mapapansin during your fitting na importante pala and it would be too late na for it to be changed. 
  3. During your fittings, it is highly recommended na may kasama ka na titingin ng gown mo for you and someone who would take photos and videos as well. 
  4. During fittings, be sure to bring your bridal shoes or shoes with the same height so they’ll know until when need to cut for your gown’s length and for you to be able to feel yung weight ng gown. Also be sure to wear seamless bra and remove your bra when fitting your gown because there’s also a pad inside.

Mel Orlina Couture
Ms. Mel Orlina or Ms. Michel
FB and IG: Mel Orlina Couture
+63 2 8095129


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim says:

    I just read your article and it is very helpful! I live in the states but will be going to Manila end of June. Ive decided to have my gown designed by Ms. Orlina. A little nervous about it b/c 1. you arent the only one with these reviews about her personality, 2. I havent spoken to her once, only Michel. Compared to other designers like Nino Angeles and Ms. Carmen Lazaro. They took the time to video chat with me. Did you ever get to speak to Ms. Orlina via video chat before meeting her for your PEGS?

    I hope everything works out and that I wont have so many issues as you did. Your gown turned out beautiful by the way!

    1. Hi Kim. Thanks! I’m glad our supplier review has been helpful.

      Anyway as per your question,like what I wrote in the post, No, I haven’t met her prior my personal appointment with her when I went back to Manila 1 year before my wedding. They only deal with clients through email and I think they would recommend that you talk to Mel personally so you can discuss your pegs, the rates, payment scheme, to get your measurements etc Video chat is okay since we meet most of our suppliers through skype but experience-wise it’s better to meet your bridal gown designer personally.

      Issues are pretty normal especially when you plan your wedding overseas and you’re a very particular/OC bride like me. I’m really into details and as you’ve noticed I’m a very hands-on bride. I guess it’s just a matter of being able to look at the bright side of things, trust your wedding suppliers that they’d do good since that’s the main reason why you get them and be firm with what you want. Happy preps! 🙂

  2. Joanna Mankarios says:

    Hi, the gown was beautiful! 🙂 I have also decided Mel Orlina´s dresses. May I ask how much you paid?

    1. Hi Joanna. Thanks! It’s nice to know you’re a Mel Orlina bride to be as well. I have to apologize but I don’t divulge that info here because her gown rates are different depending on the year when it was price-locked (when the deposit was paid), peg/style of the gown, materials to be used and upgrades if there is any. Though her gown rates as of now starts at 60K and up depending on the design.

      1. Joanna Mankarios says:

        Thank you for the information! 🙂 I understand. Just wanted to know what to expect when it came to the price. Can you answer if it was under a 150 K? I want to stick to a budget of 100 K, and try to imagine what kind of dress I can get for this price.

      2. Hi Joanna. As I’ve said it will vary. Better talk to Ms Mel directly so you can have an idea what to expect with the rates. Also you can check our Filipino Wedding Gown Couture post for rates of all our shortlisted wedding gown designers.

  3. Joanna says:

    Hello again, Ms Aiki! 🙂
    I’ve been in contact with Ms Mel regarding the rates. I was just wondering, in terms of service- how is she? Does she set of enough time for you sa fittings, and does she considerate what the clients want? Kasi after reading the review, parang she is a bit “busy” designer which can cause some things to be rushed. Which also can lead to some unwanted things on the dress in form of design. I mean, would you recommend me to pursue her? Being a client abroad, I do not want things to be rushed- and end up not getting the dress as I want due to lack of fitting. Just deliberating with myself since this is a very important dress. Hehe. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Joanna. She really is a busy designer since reputable siya and well known sa wedding industry. As per my experience, she allots time for the fittings though when you do yours just make sure she is there and be prompt with the time. If your fitting schedule is at 1 PM be there at least 30 minutes before. On a daily basis their max fittings is 8 clients as per her staff. So far ok naman fittings ko. There was this instance nga just like what I said sa review that my fitting took me 2-3 hours since mahirap isuot yung gown and particular ako sa details. Ms Mel is a professional designer so even with the issues na nangyari during the creation of my gown, I would still highly recommend her.

      My gown was made on time and hindi ko naman na feel that it was made quickly or ni-rush since as per the post, December 2015 nakuha measurement ko and around early September almost done na yung gown, ako na lang hinihintay for my fittings and adjustments.

      1. Joanna says:

        Thanks for the reply 🙂
        Been looking through your blog a lot for info, and it really helps! So thanks for sharing!
        (PS. Getting married in San Agustin also, and have contacted Neonovelties for invitations/STD cards)

      2. You’re welcome Joanna. It’s nice to know that you’ll be getting married at SAC as well. Just ask away if you need to know more info about our suppliers. 🙂 You’ll be in good hands with Neonovelties if you book them! Based from experience ito ha 🙂

  4. Megan says:

    Hello! I have just found your blog via google and finding it very helpful! I live in Australia (mum is Filipina) and I would love to have my dress made by a Filipino designer. I’m finding it difficult to get responses from the ones I contact though, even with my mum also texting them in Tagalog! I will probably only be able to attend two face to face meetings with the designer, so I am thinking that maybe it will be difficult to me after reading this post as I am very detailed focused like you! 😦

    1. Hi Megan. Thanks for appreciating the blog. Have you checked our list about Filipino designers? Usually you can get quick responses through email, call and/or better yet schedule an appointment with them. Have you shortlisted or contacted any designer yet? No need to send messages in Tagalog, I’m guessing they’re probably busy or that they haven’t received your inquiries.

      Yeah being based overseas is difficult and if you read my post I was only able to get my measurements 1 year before my wedding. But if you would get a good designer, I know they can make it work even if your schedule is tight. Good luck! 🙂

      1. Megan says:

        I have seen that post. I will do some more researching based on that 🙂 I really wanted Patricia Santos but unfortunately she is out of my price range (her starting price is now 150k). I may also contact Mel Orlina after reading this post. Thanks again for sharing your experiences!

      2. You’re welcome 😊

  5. Fiona says:

    I’m really interested with working with Mel Orlina for my wedding, but she seems to be very impatient with her brides. Nakaka turn off the way she treated or reacted with how you want your gown to be. But to be fair girl super OC mo, hehe.. the first one looked better ( in my opinion) and suits you better. But the one that you went with is beautiful too. ❤️

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Fiona. I have to agree with that, though siguro personality lang talaga yun ni Ms Mel. Actually, common impression sa kanya talaga yan ng brides niya. I guess nasa sayo na yun if kakayanin mo makipag work sa ganun ang personality. But work-wise, pulido siya gumawa at affordable pa compared sa iba kaya I went with her pa din. As a designer maybe she thinks na mas ok yung gusto niya compared sa gusto ng bride, but in the end basta may compromise, the output will be great.

      Yes the first design sa top is okay naman, but ayoko kasi ng usual style na nakikita ko sa mga brides na kakilala ko kaya I made it a point na ibahin siya talaga and with Ms Mel’s help it turned out the way I wanted it to be. Good thing pa na 4-in-1 siya which is ok to play with, as compared sa 1st na fixed lang. Naku super need to be OC especially since overseas kami, it’s difficult to be content with “just okay” diba kasi hindi din biro ang gastos hehe

      Did you book her na ba or still deciding about it?

      – Aiki 😊

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