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Bridal Gown Fitting

      So is it time for you to fit your gown? Aside from the "Things to ask your Bridal Gown designer" questions that can be found HERE, these are the things that you must prepare before your fitting and the things that you need to bring with you. These are all based on my … Continue reading Bridal Gown Fitting

RTW, Rent or Customized Wedding Gown?

This has been a serious topic for me during my preps especially since we're on a tight budget. But because I couldn't really ask my ex-fiance about details things when it comes to my gown, I've asked my mom, my close girlfriends and a lot of women who have been married or is going to … Continue reading RTW, Rent or Customized Wedding Gown?

Prenup Supplier Review: Jeff Galang Prenup Stylist

Photo Prenup Stylist: JEFF GALANG Supplier Rating: 5/5 Package: Gold (4 layouts with Stylist OTD of the Prenup) * We will show the full set later after the Prenup Photo Supplier Reviews are completed. * PROS: We thought we can DIY our prenup attire and accessories since we already bought shoes and some clothes as per … Continue reading Prenup Supplier Review: Jeff Galang Prenup Stylist

Filipino Wedding Gown Couture

  The bride's gown has been (and always will be) the centerpiece of a wedding event. Whether the ceremony is well decorated, the reception has the best food being served, the groom looked dashing or the flowers are just magical. Nothing still beats the attention that the bride will receive on her wedding day. And yes, … Continue reading Filipino Wedding Gown Couture