My Ex and Why’s

Concepts are everywhere. It’s really difficult to come out with a unique design, but then when you do, and tried to make it “personalized” with how you envisioned your dream event or wedding for that matter, you would feel that all your hardwork has paid off. And then comes the realization that even if you have been nice to your supplier and paid them diligently and without fault, the outcome won’t be as perfect as you imagined it to be — even after all the meetings and final detailing that you did to remind them about it. Then, you moved on. Your wedding’s over.


Then one day you’ll see another event that has the “similarities in some of the few details” with what you and your hubby really envisioned a couple of months back. Then the excitement will hit you and be like.. Wow it looks beautiful! And then you’ll find yourself more than happy to know as well that it was done by the same Event Stylist during your wedding who even if after the mishap you still comnected with as “friends”. Suddenly feeling flattered? Maybe? So, instinctively you’d grab your social media account to check about your supplier-turned-friend’s update to congratulate him on this awesome celebrity endeavor and voila.. the same Event Stylist has suddenly “blocked” you. Must be an accident? Some kind of error? Ahhhh.. Okay?


🎶 Anong nangyari sa ating dalawa? 🎶

 But guess what? You and your hubby shared the same fate because he was “blocked” too by the same person. Now that’s funny. Since you don’t know the answer to your why’s, now you’re just left staring at the “similar Spanish” looking styled event wondering what must be his reason to have blocked you and your hubby in all of his social media accounts? Just right after this same themed event? Ahhhh.. Okay, AGAIN?!


Your theme looks familiar 😍😍😍

Now you think.. for what? Why? Was it because you have an “almost the same” theme and he must have thought of using the same concepts in this new event? But that would just make you sound bitter and weird. The scenario is so- Liza Soberano with her famous line… Pangit ba ako? Kapalit-palit ba ako?


KITA KITA. 😂 (1st photo — the new event. 2nd photo — our wedding)

But.. for whatever reason you want to explain to yourself what happened, one word just keeps on repeatedly echoing in your head.


And.. unfortunately you know based from your own experience with him, your supplier, that it’s something that you know he seems to “lack” even from the start.

God bless you.



DIY: Save the Date video 2

During our wedding preps, everything was on a tight budget. From our major suppliers until down to the very smallest detail, everything was accounted for. And like any other couple, we, of course wanted everyone to be reminded of our special day but not to the extent of printing save the date cards and sending them out to our guests. They’re good, no offense, but for us it’s pretty much redundant already since we already planned to give out our official formal wedding invites. Plus, the printing and shipping would cost us a few thousand that we felt would be better off with our invites or some other important wedding supplier. Besides, we don’t want to jump on the bandwagon. We wanted to be unique. We wanted to showcase who we are as a couple. So..what better way to present it was through our passion — photography and videography!

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Ways to ask your Entourage to be part of your Wedding

Asking people to be part of your special wedding VIPs – your Primary Sponsors (Ninongs and Ninangs), your Best Man, your Maid of Honor, your Man of Honor (for that extra twist), your Secondary Sponsors, your Groomsmen, your Bridesmaids and even the kids, both Bearers and Flower Girls – those who will play a vital role during and after your wedding can be quite nerve wracking. There is actually no specific answer based from our experience since it really depends on the couple and their “closeness” with the chosen potential Primary Sponsor. But remember before you act on it, think a lot of times if your chosen potential ninong or ninang will be really “fit” the role to stand beside you in front of the altar and vow to commit to God to be your second parents not only because your parents said so, or they’re politicians or probably the richest person/couple you know of but because they also embody great values and character traits that you guys respect. This is a huge responsibility that is way beyond the expensive gifts or the thought that you would be rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.

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Wedding Supplier Review: CHOCOLATE CONFECTIONS Souvenirs

There are a lot of souvenir suppliers but not everyone offers quality and affordability. Below is our supplier review for our Entourage Souvenirs — CHOCOLATE CONFECTIONS

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email
  • Contact Person: Ms Maribeth Santiago

The box in red and black with gold ribbon by Chocolate Confections. Photo credit by one of our guests

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RTW, Rent or Customized Wedding Gown?


Credit: Mel Orlina

This has been a serious topic for me during my preps especially since we’re on a tight budget. But because I couldn’t really ask my ex-fiance about details things when it comes to my gown, I’ve asked my mom, my close girlfriends and a lot of women who have been married or is going to get married like me at that time. Unfortunately, they have different views about it which made me more confused. And every time I would go to the mall, to different wedding gown boutiques and ateliers, like Rosa Clara, Pronovias, to name a few, I would be more than confused. More so, whenever I would read blogs and see wedding videos of celebrities with their jaw-dropping bridal gowns! I’m always left with the question.. now what?!

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WAW Online Bridal Fair 4

The most anticipated and the only Online Bridal Fair in the Philippines takes place this week as W@W (Weddings At Work) launches it’s 4th Online Bridal Fair on June 21-23, 2017. Just like these past 2 years, all you have to do is to click the image to be directed to the site to book/reserve your desired wedding supplier. Awesome discounts, freebies and promos awaits! Interestingly, some of our awesome suppliers are also included! So better mark your calendars now! ❤️

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Who should really prepare for the wedding? Bride or Groom?

Brides lang ba dapat ang kikilos to prepare for the wedding?”

I have been asked about this a few times and kahit OC bride ako, the answer is NO. Here’s my take based from personal experience.

If you have the means, no problem with budget, hire the best possible Full Coordinator and let them do everything for you. You can just say yes and no at ganun din si fiancé mo. Kumbaga let your money work for you.

But, if you’re a budgeted bride like me, overseas based ka man or not, you need your fiancé to help you with everything.


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