We’re Engaged


…for 41 days and counting (as of 23 August 2015)! Isn’t that ahhmazing?! Of course it is. I now have my rock! But it’s not just about the material thing. It’s all about finally being able to say that I am one step closer to being with the person who I truly love. It’s one of those precious moments that I thank God that I have experienced in this lifetime. Just imagine finding The One amidst the billions of people in this world. Now I feel like I’m a character in a love story that I used to read in books and be thrilled while watching in movies, but gratefully though – it’s our very own beautiful love story.

“Our love story may seem ordinary but it’s the most extraordinary experience in our lives…yet.”

Although we have been talking about marriage details at the start of this year, selected the design (he says he values how I want my ring to look like 😍) and paid for the deposit of our future wedding rings (long story how it happened), no definite plans have been arranged since we have not been officially engaged.

“And then the to-be-expected, unexpected proposal happened. I don’t want to assume.” 😅

It was on a very ordinary Sunday night on the 23rd of August 2015 past 8:30PM at home with my parents after dinner before going to mass at St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish in Salmiya, Kuwait to do our scheduled church service as Lectors/Mass Readers. I wasn’t wearing any makeup. No fancy dress or shoes (but thank God I got my nails done). No extravagant decorations. No flash mob. No surprise party. Not even chocolates or flowers. It was just another day – but wasn’t really ordinary because God made that day very very extraordinary for us. It was just me, him and my parents (who were wearing pajamas by the way).

When we were about to go out after our sumptuous dinner, he quickly pulled my hand, squeezed it and in his bravest form, spoke loudly towards my parents, his voice obviously trembling while saying, “Tito, Tita.. may sasabihin po ako.”

Suddenly, I felt his hand became sweaty and really cold from his grip. He then looked at me, as if he was having a hard time to breathe, but still with the most mesmerizing eyes that I have ever seen before quickly kneeling down on one knee. Yes, on one knee! So how was I supposed to react? I was definitely surprised he did it at that moment!

I quickly looked at my parents who were shocked as well. I can still remember the look on their faces. My Dad suddenly got a stern look on his face quickly asked us if we were joking while my Mom stopped looking at her Ipad to give us a serious look.

Then he took my hand towards his so I can have his full attention again, now his face plastered with a big smile while he out of nowhere popped the question right there and then in front of me.

“Will you marry me?”, he said while pulling a ring out of nowhere as if it was magic and giving it to me.

For the first time in my life, I was utterly speechless. I remembered I was silent for a while, then I kept sobbing, tears running down my face then suddenly saying things like, “Ano ito? Bakit ngayon? Bakit dito? ma-late na tayo.” Funny thing is, I can’t help but smile again, then started to laugh in between sobs. Yes, I was crying, laughing and uttering weird questions all at the same time. You may call it crazy but that’s how I felt. Then I became silent again, didn’t know how long, just looking at his face. I can fully remember he repeated his question, twice maybe, I’m not sure, while his eyes still fixed on me..and a smirk that turned into a big smile plastered on his face. “Mahal..Mahal..sumagot ka!” (Now I just realized it took me forever to answer because of my uncontrolled sobbing 😂) Then without a doubt, as if I was taken back to reality I said, “YES”. At that moment, I felt completely lost. Literally, emotionally, physically and probably even mentally. I was floating from happiness and it’s as if we were the only ones in our flat at that time. I actually forgot my parents were still with us. Then, he quickly stood up and hugged me tightly, so tight I could feel his bones while planting lots of soft kisses on my forehead.

My parents congratulated us, with my mom thankfully capturing the moment using her Ipad, though thinking she had it on video but turns out all she had were photos. My Dad, who seemed really caught off guard by what happened just told us that we need to have a serious talk about it. We just came to realize later when everything quite settled down that he was pertaining to the “Pamamanhikan” that’s typical of Filipino families.

My ex-boyfriend and now fiancé sure knows how to give huge surprises. He is Mr. Loads-of-Surprises after all. But ironically, on the day that he proposed, he kept it so simple with nothing but himself and a ring which is a symbol of his Love and commitment to our relationship. The proposal was simple, unexpected, very surreal and sincere. But most of all — it was the best YES — yet, in my life – because the biggest fat yes will come soon. It was just plain Beautiful. No more words to describe that moment.

Since it’s a Filipino tradition to do Pamamanhikan or meeting of the families, we decided to set our Engagement dinner at Salt Restaurant in Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel exactly 10 days after the surprise Proposal. Our engagement dinner became the perfect time where both of our families finally met for the first time to discuss the matters of a future union through a traditional wedding. Also, this is the time when my now-fiance formally asked my hand in marriage from my parents with both our families as witnesses.

When our Engagement dinner occurred, it was really nerve-wracking since this is the first time that both our families met formally. My Dad took the initiative to ask him why we are all gathered there since he seriously looked so nervous. Fiance then asked my parents again, this time more formally, for my hand in marriage. Everyone in the table cheered but in between the talks, they would always ask us if we were really ready and serious about our decision. I let my fiance do all the talking while simply holding his hand all the time for support. Hindi naman siya masyado nagisa, slight lang.

That dinner actually made me remember the first time he met with my parents and formally asked them to court me. That is a really comical meeting. Thanks, Mom!

Thankfully, the night ended beautifully just like what we have prayed for it to happen. All the initial details for the upcoming wedding was discussed and we were both glad that our families gave us their full support in all our plans. Our friends even came after dinner to give their support and thankfully because of them, we realized we forgot to take our formal engagement photos.

Now that the first initial stages of our future plans have started..we’re now ready to begin the year of wedding planning with a blast! May God be with us!


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  1. eula mendoza says:

    I’m glad I found this blog! I am also a lector at Sta Rita De Cascia in Baclaran. My wedding will be next year. This blog is really helpful. 🙂 Good luck to us hahahahaha

  2. Thank you Eula. I do hope you’ll find this blog helpful with your wedding planning. Good luck on your wedding as well. Happy preps to us 2016 brides! 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    This is an amazing blog! Congratulations and best wishes to you. I myself got engaged in July 2015 and planning a wedding in the Philippines from USA.

    1. Thanks Sara. Hope the information you find on this site is relevant to your wedding preps. Congrats to you too!

  4. Beffy says:

    Very useful blog. Keep it up 🙂
    Fiance and I are planning our dream wedding while overseas too, challenging talaga. Will be following you for latest updates. Big thanks and good luck sa atin 🙂

    1. Hi Beffy. Thanks for appreciating. I hope you’ll find the infos on this blog helpful. Happy preps to us! 🙂

  5. Kyla tupas says:

    Hi I’m planning to get married this year and I wondered if you able to help me out where is the best place also how much for the wedding venue for 100 people what is the package deal you can offer.

    1. Hi Kyla. How much is your estimated budget? It’s difficult to say kasi it will depend sa na envision niyo sa wedding niyo.

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