Wedding Music Planner

Weddings will never be weddings without music. Music is present everywherr even through the Prenup videos, AVPs and wedding SDEs that would be played during reception includes music that’s either the videographer’s choice or the couple’s. Music is considered part of the program proper, from the cermony till reception so planning out the perfect playlist for the wedding is essential to ensure that the event will be more magical!

Below are the things that you need to consider when creating your own Wedding Music Planner.

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Express Kumpil in Manila

st michael church

The Confirmation or Kumpil Ceremony is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church that is required by an individual if they wish to be married in the Catholic rites in the Philippines. Normally, this ceremony can be obtained when the parishioner reaches the age of 10 onwards but only if the person has already been Baptized in the Roman Catholic Church as a pre-requisite.

But the question is, what if you seemed to “forget” if you had undergone this Catholic ritual before? Or what if, if you really haven’t done it before? What can you do? Is it possible for an adult individual to get it rather quickly?

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Things to ask your Church

Ask 1

If you’re currently scouting for your dream wedding church and don’t know what to ask during your appointment, you can use this list as your guide to help you in your wedidng preps journey. The list is applicable for Catholic weddings since this is based from our own experience, though some information found below can also be useful for Christian weddings. But before you ask your church, be sure you have these information at hand.

  • prospective date of ceremony
  • prospective time of ceremony

During your meeting, these are the things that you should ask..
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Wedding Supplier Review: SAN AGUSTIN CHURCH MANILA

Yes! We’re finally married! Now, we’re going to give you our Wedding Supplier Reviews for all our suppliers. One supplier review per post to give our detailed and comprehensive reviews for each. Hopefully, we can do it all this month. Anyway, for our first supplier review, check out #OurLoveStoReal‘s ceremony venue — SAN AGUSTIN CHURCH in Intramuros Manila.

  • Supplier Rating- 4.5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Landline, Personal
  • Contact Person: Ms Belen / Ms Nora


The aisle decoration and altar photo during our wedding. Photo by Myio Okamoto

I have always dreamed of getting married in this UNESCO heritage church inside the walls of Intramuros. Although I also fancy other old churches like Manila Cathedral,  there’s just something about the elegantly lit chandeliers, organs, and the trompe l’oeil ceiling paintings that shouts grandeur that dates back from the 16th-century colonial period. Just like what I said from this previous post (Our Wedding Preps Timeline) HERE, it was a mutual decision between Garry and me to book San Agustin Church (SAC) for our church ceremony.

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Our Wedding Preps Timeline 2015


Looking back at the old posts that we did for this blog which contained all of our various wedding supplier researches, I felt the need to review again the preparations that we have done so far. Although we already have a list to summarize all that we have booked, it’s still interesting to look back at how much we’ve accomplished. Thank you Lord!

Overall, it’s a 1 year and 4 months wedding preparation. 😊

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Wedding Florist and Event Styling

Reception styling by Gideon Hermosa

Weddings won’t be complete without flowers and decorations for both the ceremony and reception. They are one of the things that make the event — stunning and luscious to the eyes. Looking at gorgeous bridal bouquets and beautifully arranged ceremonial aisle where the bride will walk to meet her groom and inspiring well-decorated venues for the party afterward is one of the things that soon-to-wed-couples give a good amount of consideration lately. With the trend of theme weddings, couples are more than happy to search for the best of the best in Manila’s wedding industry. Unfortunately, event styling has become too pricey due to the recent demand and glamour that it adds to weddings. For those who are on a tight budget like us — this could probably be a dream to get unless a miracle would happen! 🙂

Below is a list of reliable and in-demand florists and event stylists in the country that we have come into contact with and their initial price range for a Manila-based December 2016 wedding.


Their rates, however, varies depending on your wedding date, number of guests, size of venue, flowers (local, imported or mixed) and decors to be used, if reception only or with ceremony or with bridal bouquet/entourage flowers, OOT fees (if applicable), corkages (if not accredited by the venue and caterer), number of crew meals and reputation (mid-range or high end supplier). It is highly advisable to contact them directly for your specific event quotation.

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Wedding Churches in Manila

People have their own vision of what a perfect wedding ceremony would look like. Some want to do the unconventional way of tying the the knot on a garden, beach resort, clubhouse, museum, events venue or even under water on scuba outfits – but nothing would beat the traditional way of getting hitched on a beautiful and serene church. Weddings should definitely center on the matrimonal ceremony itself and not on the other secondary preparations. For Filipino Catholics like us, this would mean having your dream wedding ceremony on one of the hundreds of stunning, gorgeous and absolutely instragram-worthy Churches built all over the Philippine archipelago.

As a child I have always set my heart on getting married on two churches only both in Intramuros, either Manila Cathedral because of its enormous architectural design and San Agustin because of its vintage 3D paintings and lovely chandeliers. These churches both have this feeling of being transported back to colonial Spanish era. But when I went to College, I fell in love with our newly renovated church at home where my parents got married and this cute church in Caleruega that offers a serene view of the mountains.

When we got engaged, finding the perfect church for our wedding was not difficult because we shortlisted the areas where we would be married. My hometown, Caleruega, his hometown and Manila. In the end we ended up in Manila and of course I quickly showed him San Agustin when he was still eyeing another Catholic Masterpiece. My fiance fell in love with San Agustin at first sight and we knew it would be the one..and the rest is history.

While searching for our wedding ceremony options in Manila, we shortlisted some of the best looking Catholic Churches in the City and here’s what we found.

** Tip! ** Wedding Fee Range will depend on the inclusion such as flower decorations, flower decorations upgrades, choir, opening doors, etc. Church requirements and regulations also varies. Click the name of the Church to be directed to its official website.

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