Wedding Legal Requirements in the Philippines


Marriage is a legal union between a man and woman under the eyes of the law and church (for those who also considers this). When doing wedding preps, both couple needs to make sure that all their legal documents are ready. But where should you start? Filipinos who are both based in the Philippines will find these easy but for those who are based overseas like us, we were told by the very helpful wedding suppliers that we need to be keen on the validity of our certificates. Yes, validity. All certificates have expiration dates, just like the food that you’re eating now. But there are categories, depending if the couple is both Filipino or one is a foreigner and if the wedding ceremony is Catholic.

Generally, the legal requirements and procedures are as follows for both Filipinos who plan to marry:


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Wedding Checklist 2

My fiance and I both know that when we did our initial wedding checklist, it wouldn’t stop with that. Although we wanted to just focus on the most important details, as we go on with our wedding planning, a LOT of other things started popping out of nowhere. These are things that we thought we don’t need to consider but then we actually do. I’ll just continue with the list from where I stopped with Number #10.


11. Wedding Coordinator/Planner. Whether it’s Full Planning, Turn Over or On-the-Day, this is a must especially for overseas couples like us. I did a separate post on this with detailed explanation under Wedding Coordinator. Since we both enjoy being hands-on at the moment and we have plenty of time with our wedding preps, we booked OTD for now but in case things would need Professional assistance that’s probably the time that we would resort to upgrading our Coordinator’s services to Turn-over. Wedding Coordinators Suppliers List and Which Wedding Coordinator to Choose?

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