Budget Dream Wedding turns 1



Who would have thought that time would fly so fast and now we’ve marked our FIRST YEAR blogging about our awesome budget dream wedding and at the same time proud of what we have accomplished with our wedding preps so far!

It seemed just like yesterday when my (then boyfriend and now) fiancé and I  were just talking about how we envision our big day. Both thrilled with what the future holds, I couldn’t help but imagine the day that I’ll be walking down the aisle to spend the rest of my lifetime with him. And now, this blog is a great reminder that such dreams do exist and we are 9 months 2 weeks and 5 days (as of this writing) closer to our big day! Not only we made this blog for the purpose of guiding us in our own wedding preps but it also inspired and helped a few groom/bride-to-be’s like us (with 29,000+ hits and counting) in searching for their dream wedding suppliers.


What made this week more awesome as well was finding out that we have won Merry to Marry’s Valentine’s Contest with a Free Engagement Session from Larry Leong! Thank God for all the blessings. ❤


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