Wedding Supplier Review: MADZ AND DZHEI Band

After sorting through our list of wedding band and strings, we have finally chosen who gets to play for both our ceremony and reception. This team is highly recommended by our OTD Coordinator and luckily, is the perfect tandem for our chosen Lights and Sounds Supplier. Below is our wedding supplier review for our Music/Strings — MADZ & DZHEI BAND

  • Supplier Rating: 4.75/5 
  • Mode of Communication: Email, FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Ms Madz Alcoy
Madz & Dzhei performing during our wedding reception. Photo by My

UPDATE: You can check their sample video below. =)

We have said this before, as music lovers ourselves, we plan to make sure that we would definitely hire a good and affordable team to play during our ceremony while we would be doing our wedding march and for the reception program’s live entertainment. As soon as we shortlisted all our priority suppliers when we started our planning, Garry and I already knew that we would have a “live band” to sing on our big day and finding the perfect team to do that had led us to create this guide HERE. We both love music and I personally always fancy a live band singing our favorites for us, so this supplier was specifically listed under our priorities list even if we have the option to just play music from our USB on the day itself.

So as early as October 2015, we already shortlisted Madz and Dzhei along with the other reputable wedding band strings and singers that we have from during our early researches online and through GTalk. Then, as our standard protocol we also searched their FB for sample videos, inquired about their rates and read tons of feedback from real couples that we can get to at least know their profile better against other wedding band/strings as well for comparison. I remember even sending them these kinds questions on top of my inquiry just to be sure that I can easily shortlist who would fit what we’re looking for. These question sthat we came up were really helpful during our supplier selection process since we can only get our hands on the posted sample videos and would only be using mostly our intuition that the decions we made was right. As much as we want to fly back to Manila to attend their gigs and see how they perform in order for us to have that this-is-it feeling, that’s just impossible because we’re both ordinary OFWs trying to save as much as we can for the overall expenses of our wedding.

One of our many questions =)

Among our shortlisted suppliers, it was Madz & Dzhei’s amazing performances (they post videos of their wedding gigs on their FB page), quality of service as per their past client’s feedback, their connection with our other potential suppliers and their affordable rate that made us decide to book them after a month of watching tons of videos. What we do, we would watch all their videos posted on their FB page and pinapakinggan talaga namin ng mabuti to the point that we had their videos (including our other shortlisted suppliers) on our phone’s playlist just to make sure that at the end of the day kapag namili na kami we would be able to say na we really, really like them.. especially their voice and how they play the strings! Hindi naman kami nagkamali since Madz’s voice is really angelic and Dzhei’s is very versatile. The people in their band who plays the guitar, percussion and the violin (this one was a priority for me) also seemed good. The band, as we get to know them more through their videos on FB, which was really helpful for us, can sing songs ranging from ballads, pop, R&B and OPM!

So when we’re finally decided that we’d get them, we didn’t think twice in paying our deposit around January 2015 through remittance after a series of FB conversations that had topics about their instruments, preferred list of songs, the type of music that they play, crew meal preferences, other fres etc. During this time, we also emphasized that we want to be sure that we will have their Team A since I read from other reviews that they sometimes accept 2 bookings per day. For us kasi, as clients, we paid to get them as Madz & Dzhei and not any other singer under the same band name. Ganu kamo naging specific sa gusto namin. Madz, whom I was conversing with the whole time, assured us that it would be them who will be at our wedding and not their other team. Moreover, the fact that we will be finally getting them would also mean that it’s automatic for us to book the services of their partner Lights & Sounds supplier, Rejectkrew, whose owner happened to be Madz fiance. Both supplier was also highly recommended by our OTD Coordinator who said that they have worked with each other for a while now. For us, this information is vital since this assures us that we did the right choice because of their great connection with each other. This is a tip that we got from our research that says “the band/strings should have a great working relationship with the lights and sounds supplier and vice versa since they wil work closely during the reception. Such is true when getting a host who needs to have a great connection as well with the lights and sounds supplier.”

And upon booking, they immediately gave us their playlist that we can choose from and the total number of songs that they can sing for both the ceremony and reception.  But we were only able to complete our “Music Planner” when we went back to Manila after our prenup schedules since our brains were totally jammed with all the other wedding-related issues. Our planner consists of 40+ types of songs overall that we clearly specified if it would be instrumentally done or not. Madz is prompt in replying whenever we have questions, although not fast since we know their busy as seen on their daily wedding schedules.

Our wedding singers: Dzhei (left), Madz (right)

Come wedding day, I first heard Madz voice when I was outside waiting for my entrance. Although the church’s sound system wasn’t that good, the band’s music simply stood out. Even were outside, I could clearly hear the strings being played and the music was so inspiring na nakakapanindig ng balahibo. Siguro dala na din yun ng excitement! But when the doors opened, I just lost my concentration and hindi ko na nasundan yung pinakikinggan ko while I was outside waiting for my bridal march. I just thought it was perfect at that time!

The full band during their preps in between songs

Even during the ceremony, when they had their turns to things, ang ganda pakinggan talaga. Their voices were very crisp and clear. But, after the wedding when we were reviewing our videos napansin namin na ilang beses tumigil at halatang nagkamali yung violinist during my bridal march. Hindi pala siya tuloy-tuloy as I personally thought it was, though buti na lang hindi ko napansin nung time na yun. Anyway when they sang our requested songs during the reception, we felt that they did it passionately. Magaling yung pagkakanta nila sa list of songs namin na mostly is composed of classical love song hits from the 50s up to the recent ones. Until now naalala ko pa din rendition nila ng Moon River song and yung sa Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You na ginamit namin for our Save the Date video.

My cousin rendered a song which the band gladly assisted
The same thing goes where the band assisted when our guests wanted to entertain the crowd with their music, this time an acoustic ballad from Garry’s nephew and nieces.

Everyone was really enjoying the reception and from how they worked, they are clearly in sync with both our lights & sounds supplier and with Ayie, who was our host. Even after the wedding, we still hear praises from our guests about how lively, clear, angelic and entertaining they performed.

GA with Madz
Garry & Aiki with the Madz & Dzhei Full Band 🙂


  • Prompt replies whenever we have inquiries through FB and their schedule can be seen on their website which is helpful for potential inquiries to know if the client’s desired date is still open or not.
  • Affordable package rates with partnered Lights & Sounds Supplier (Rejectkrew) and hosting (both of them). They also offer Team B in case they are already booked on your date but I’m not sure about this since from the start we emphasized that we wanted Team A and nothing more.
  • Their voice is really angelic and they can sing a wide range of songs from ballad, pop, R&B, OPM etc.


  • During the wedding ceremony, we really didn’t hear any mishap since we thought they were just perfect. But when we were reviewing our raw videos, we noticed that that the violinist stopped playing twice during my bridal march! No idea if that was on purpose pero halatang-halata talaga kahit ilang beses namin ulit-ulitin yung video! Good thing hindi ko napansin when I was doing my bridal walk. We are sure that they know the version that we want (from the Piano Guys, strings only) since it was specifically indicated in our Music Planner. Sayang lang din kasi I requested from our video team to cover the full bridal walk with the live music as part of the whole film eh kaso from what happened hindi na siya feasible kaya nakakalungkot lang.

**Tip!** When booking your Full Band, make sure that they have worked already or better — have a great working relationship with your Lights & Sounds supplier since they will be working very closely during the reception. Hindi naman siguro ok na during your wedding pa sila magkakapaan. Sayang din kasi if you would book a really good strings/band then “basag yung tunog” ng Lights & Sounds.

**Tip!** When searching for your strings/band, ask everything about their services like crew meal preference since may iba prefers the same food as your guests, number of gigs per day since baka magulat kayo Team B pala nakuha niyo instead of Team A, needed number of chairs during the reception etc. Also, try to watch at least 10 videos of their performances during weddings or if you can, try to watch them live. You can ask for their gig schedules so you can experience them perform live. Minsan kasi iba ang boses sa videos compared kapag live.

*Tip!** If you have specific songs you wanted be sang during your wedding na wala sa playlist nila, better tell them ahead of time so they can research, know and practice it.

**Tip!** When you’re doing your “Wedding’s Music Planner”, list all the songs that you and your fiance likes. Put them all in a word or excel format with their corresponding artists, how you want it done (with singer or instrumental only or both) and youtube links for easy referral. This is helpful to know the version that you want. 

Madz & Dzhei Event Singers and Host
FB: Madz & Dzhei Event Singers and Host


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  1. Rean says:

    Hi 🙂 Do you have any videos of them singing in your wedding? Maybe bridal march!! Thanks!

    1. Hi Rean. We only have short clips here including my messed up instrumental bridal march. And because of that I personally don’t want to post it here. With the other videos where they were singing, I’m still looking for a full one because mostly were 10-20seconds clips only.

    2. Hi Rean. I updated the blog with a sample video. 🙂

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