Wedding Music Planner

Weddings will never be weddings without music. Music is present everywhere even through the Prenup videos, AVPs and wedding SDEs that would be played during reception includes music that’s either the videographer’s choice or the couple’s. Music is considered part of the program proper, from the ceremony till reception so planning out the perfect playlist for the wedding is essential to ensure that the event will be more magical!

Below are the things that you need to consider when creating your own Wedding Music Planner.

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Wedding Supplier Review: TONI AVILES HMUA

Every girl deserves to look perfect on her wedding day and I felt that I’m no exception of course. With our long list of shortlisted HMUA that can be found HERE, we felt that choosing Toni Aviles was the best decision we did! Below is our supplier detail review for our wedding HMUA — TONI AVILES

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5 
  • Mode of Communication: Email, FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Toni Aviles


Aiki Acman Nochefranca
My complete bridal look before the ceremony. Photo by Myio Okamoto

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Wedding Supplier Review: MADZ AND DZHEI Band

After sorting through our list of wedding band and strings, we have finally chosen who gets to play for both our ceremony and reception. This team is highly recommended by our OTD Coordinator and luckily, is the perfect tandem for our chosen Lights and Sounds Supplier. Below is our wedding supplier review for our Music/Strings — MADZ & DZHEI BAND

  • Supplier Rating: 4.75/5 
  • Mode of Communication: Email, FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Ms Madz Alcoy
Madz & Dzhei performing during our wedding reception. Photo by My

UPDATE: You can check their sample video below. =)

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Wedding Supplier Review: MEL ORLINA Couture

I have always dreamed of being a princess and wearing a very beautiful gown on my wedding day. But finding the best and yet affordable couturier that fits our budget who can make what I envision into reality is really tricky. Luckily, I found her. Below is our supplier review for my chosen bridal couture — MEL ORLINA

  • Supplier Rating: 4.50/5 
  • Mode of Communication: Email, Call (if necessary)
  • Contact Person: Ms. Mel, Ms. Michel (staff), Ms. Kristine (staff)
Bride Done-76
My dream wedding dress and that long train! Photo by Myio Okamoto.

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Wedding Supplier Review: GARY DACANAY Event Stylist

We were always fascinated with glamorous art installations, floral decors etc that we see on weddings that’s why we decided to push through in booking a separate Event Stylist for our wedding and that’s GARY DACANAY. Below is our supplier review for him and his team.

  • Supplier Rating: 3.25/5 (Event Styling) and 5/5 (Bridal Bouquet/Groom’s Boutonniere)
  • Mode of Communication: FB Chat, Email
  • Contact Person: Mr. Gary Dacanay
Our reception styling for our Spanish Vintage Glam themed wedding by Gary Dacanay. Official photo by Myio Okamoto


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Things to ask your Church

Ask 1

If you’re currently scouting for your dream wedding church and don’t know what to ask during your appointment, you can use this list as your guide to help you in your wedidng preps journey. The list is applicable for Catholic weddings since this is based from our own experience, though some information found below can also be useful for Christian weddings. But before you ask your church, be sure you have these information at hand.

  • prospective date of ceremony
  • prospective time of ceremony

During your meeting, these are the things that you should ask..
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Wedding Supplier Review: THE MANILA HOTEL

Here is our supplier review for our Hotel Accommodation/Preps during the wedding — THE MANILA HOTEL

  • Supplier Rating: 2.75/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email, Landline (if needed), Personal Visits
  • Contact Person: Prestige Membership (Ms Anne/Ms Jhello/ Ms Ren)


The outside facade of The Manila Hotel


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