Prenup Supplier Review: Jeff Galang Prenup Stylist

Photo Prenup Stylist: JEFF GALANG
Supplier Rating: 5/5
Package: Gold (4 layouts with Stylist OTD of the Prenup)

Our first layout. Clothes and accessories by Jeff Galang

* We will show the full set later after the Prenup Photo Supplier Reviews are completed. *


We thought we can DIY our prenup attire and accessories since we already bought shoes and some clothes as per our theme in mind and thought that stylist fees are just too expensive for our budget. But we ended up hiring one after we had a meeting with our photographer and discussed our theme where he clearly explained that stylists can help especially if there is not enough time to create mood boards etc We considered this since we were also really busy with work and the preparations for our flight back to Manila 2 weeks before our scheduled prenup shoot. We used to see Jeff Galang’s works as a celebrity stylist before from our researches online, so when our photographer dropped his name as one of his recommended stylists, automatically we knew we have to get Jeff.

So how’s it working with Jeff Galang? You really get what you paid for! He wasn’t the chatty type so you’ll get quite intimidated at first especially with his celebrity stints but then again you would feel there’s this sincere care and passion with his job. He arrived earlier than we did at around 8.30 AM (as per the venue) even though the call time was at 9  AM. When he saw us arrived, (we never even had any skype meeting, just FB chats and email for record purposes) he immediately started working by checking his pile of beautiful gowns, dresses and suits for us and showed us the pegs that he thought would perfectly fit our theme which is Spanish Vintage Glam.

Toni (left), Jeff (right) and Benjie (further right). Our Photo Prenup Dream Team ❤

Jeff was very professional for the whole duration of the shoot. From the time when we started doing the make-up, he was already quick in assisting us. He was like a stylist-turned-personal assistant rolled into one. Nakakatuwa lang din na kinaya niya yung workload since at that time he was alone. He really earned my respect that day! He was really keen on things and would ask for opinion to know which would be better. For example he would be asking Toni, our HMUA which looks perfect for one of the layouts and he would also ask our preference to get a better visual on things while explaining in quick detail why he felt the blue gown is better than the white one. All at the same time, he would also prepare the accessories (neatly placed in plastic containers inside his luggage) that would be used in each layout (we had 4 layouts or different styles) and would steam-iron the clothes which he felt needs to be ironed out before we would be headed out for the shoot. Jeff would also coordinate with the hair stylist to see which would look best with the clothes and accessories that we are going to wear, would show suggestions he has in mind through his smartphone etc. He would personally make sure that everything is in place and would check if anything is amiss. While changing from one gown to another, Jeff would be there to help us, even assisting me in putting on my nude bra, has a set of extra inner clothes to make sure that my undies won’t be seen and arranging my gown neckline by placing double sided tapes so my boobs won’t pop out!

Our third layout

Working with him made us realize how it’s really difficult to be like celebrities-for-a-day doing photo shoots but still felt amazed at how enjoyable it is to be pampered and be treated like royalty! One thing we really like about Jeff was that he never left our side from the time we changed our first set to complete the 4 layouts up until we had our last photo taken with all the suppliers to wrap things up! From our experience working with him, now we know how difficult it is to be artista (celebrities) for a day! Definitely a memorable experience!

Our testimonial as seen on his FB and IG page 🙂


  • He didn’t give us the mood board which we were supposed to discuss and choose from because at that time he was in NY for a quick vacation. But then, it was really not a big deal because he was able to pull off the best 4 layouts for our theme and it was amazing!

Jeff Galang
FB: Jeff Galang

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  1. May I know how much yung fee ni Jeff?

    1. Hi Camille. You can check our other post “Prenup Stylist” which lists all the prenup stylists that we shortlisted together with their rates and package inclusions. For easier access you can search the blog or go to the “Quick Links” tab on the main menu. Everything is there. 🙂

  2. And also anung mga inclusions sa service nia? Ksama na ba damit?

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