Wedding Supplier Review: ROMMEL ESPERA BRIDAL Entourage and Flower Girl Gowns

We really wanted our entourage to look simple, sleek, sophisticated but still within our budget. So in order achieve this look, it took us a few months of thorough research until we were fortunate enough to find the best possible entourage gown service provider in the Metro. Below is our supplier review for our Entourage and Flower Girls gown provider — ROMMEL ESPERA BRIDAL

  • Supplier Rating: 4.25/5
  • Mode of Communication: FB Chat, Email
  • Contact Person: Ms. Jean Talya Santos Millano
Back view of our female entourage gowns by Rommel Espera. Photo by Myio Okamoto

We found Rommel Espera Bridal by accident around January 2016 when I was searching on google for the nearest bridal shop near our house back home for our possible entourage gowns supplier. Plus, we also later found out that they were the ones making the gowns that we see on TV (Teleseryes, movies etc)! Initially, we preferred to have my bridal gown designer to do the gowns of our female entourage and flower girls since they also did my mom’s but since majority of our girls were based in the south and overseas, it’s quite difficult to get them plus we’re also considering our budget. As per our research it would need for us to spend minimum of Php 4,000 and up for a female entourage gown. Since I’ve experienced being a bridesmaid myself, the gowns that I wore before were only left in the cabinet to rot. Besides we’re trying to be practical, we will be the ones to pay for all the female entourage (from the Maid of Honor, Secondary Sponsors, Bridesmaids and Flower Girls) so it’ll definitely cost us a lot! But thankfully when we found Rommel Espera, we thought we were so lucky like God answered our prayers!

Ms Jean, who was the main person and co-owner of the Novaliches branch was so nice and prompt in replying. Our communication started with my FB inquiry, then we had a meeting through Viber call and the rest were done through FB chat. She clearly understood what we want, the type of fabrics to be used, design, timeline and especially our budget. She was really nice to deal with and our transaction was really smooth. Since we are keen on details, we would send our visual pegs on PDF files and/or JPG files so she would relate to what we want. What made us book their services around February 2016 was their gown rental packages. They have tons of designs to choose from and they also have the option for the 1st use rental and customized ones to match the rented gowns. This package saved us more than 80% of our intended budget for our female entourage gowns alone. So when everything was clearly understood, the production for the gowns started. Also, since we don’t have time to go to Divi or find another supplier who will provide for us our male entourage’s bow ties and bearer’s needs, we already had that full trust with Ms Jean that she could do it. I actually even considered getting them to make my bridal robe before and even my girls, but due to financial constraints in our budget, I didn’t pushed through with it.

Since we’re based overseas, all the measurements of the girls were sent to her via FB chat on PDF File. She would send us their template for the measurements and we would be the one to contact all our female entourage for their measurements. It’s quite difficult because they’re not based in a single location but then when you are working on a budget, you would really make a way for it!

For the duration of our planning with her, I informed Ms Jean to always send me sample pics before she will push through with anything. So every time she would source out things for our order, she would relay the information through visual images so it’s easier for us as well to confirm if we like it or not. This system clearly works for both us since time is not being wasted. But during the scheduled fitting day of my bridesmaids, a few weeks before our wedding since they’re also based overseas, we were really surprised when one of them sent me us her sample photo during the fitting. Hindi yun ang design ng gown na napag-usapan namin! Instead of our simple lace with simple embellishment, they made her fit a gown with two-toned color pleats, lace and embellishments!

Rommel Espera1
Our visual pegs for our female entourage gowns. This is how it should look like especially the top part on the (R) side
Rommel Espera2
(L) One of our Secondary Sponsors who was based overseas during her fitting 5 days before our wedding. (R) Comparison of our female entourage gowns where the 1st one followed the peg while the other one didn’t. We clearly informed her we want a uniform look even though if she would change a few lace details but not like the photo on the right which includes two toned pleats!

We immediately called Ms Jean to ask what happened and she explained that as per their tailor, that’s the design that would suit the bridesmaids because of their size and that’s the only one available. Siyempre nainis ako sa explanation na ito since she didn’t asked us prior the fittings when we thought na okay na lahat. At that time we’re already having some issues with other suppliers so this was really unexpected because from the start our transaction has always been smooth. So we politely asked for Ms Jean to change it back to what was originally planned since we don’t want to stress ourselves anymore.

And then when it seems ok na lahat — when we’re about to get the gowns, bowties and suspenders since hindi mag tugma schedule for deliveries, we were again surprised to find out that our customized Champagne Gold bow ties for the Ninongs turned out pale. Instead it looked more like peach as compared to the visual peg we sent her. This was another thing that we informed Ms Jean especially since I remembered she never gave us a photo of the bowties (or even its fabric) before its production. At that time, I could’ve said yes na lang since parang sunod-sunod na stress and it’s only 4 days before the wedding but Garry was very firm on what he wanted. Besides it’s not our fault that she didn’t informed us about it and that we are obviously expecting for the outcome to look like what it should be as per our peg. I know she was also stressed at that time because as compared to how we communicate via FB chat, parang hindi siya yung kausap namin na super friendly and bubbly. Parang ibang Ms Jean kaharap namin which added to the awkwardness we personally felt that day.

Moreover, medyo naka-add din actually ng stress when after this incident and asked for the gowns to be changed kasama na pati yung bowtie, it came to a point that Madam Rommel Espera called us and asked what happened. Of course we informed her our side of the story and was asking if I was a “bridezilla” or turning into one already because we’re very hands on with our wedding even if we’re both based overseas. Although Rommel said it more of a joke, I felt that it was a bit offensive especially with the tight preparations that we have been doing a few days before the wedding. So I told Rommel, jokingly, that as far as I know hindi ako “bridezilla” and so far never pa naman siguro ako magiging “bridezilla” unless hindi magagawa ang paraan ni Ms Jean yung usapan namin. Besides hindi namin fault na nanguna siya sa desisyon to have the bowties produced without consulting us first. Same thing with the gowns since our conversation was very clear from the start. I clearly told Rommel Espera that I can show proof that it was Jean who didn’t follow what we agreed on. As per our phone conversation, I’m sensing that Rommel wants to get to the bottom of everything and as the owner, wanted to know if her staff is at fault. But may mga points siya sa usapan namin na halatang pinagtatanggol niya si Jean which I know naman na mangyayari since staff niya yun. At baka may masabi pa ako na hindi okay, I gave the phone to Garry at sila na nag usap ni Madam Rommel.

Burgundy Red bowties for our Best Man/Man of Honor/Groomsmen/Bearers, the Champagne Gold bowties for the Dads/Ninongs and the Burgundy Red suspenders for the Bearers. These were the final products we got from them after requesting for the initial “Dads/Ninong bowties” to be changed because of the color which looked paler than our visual peg

Though on a different angle, I was really impressed by the flower girl’s gowns. The quality of the material used were really great and it was tailored just as how we expected it to be. Pulidong-pulido ang pagkakatahi! Nakakatuwa talaga tignan ung niece ko na sinama namin during fitting who seemed to love her gown very much! For the rate that she gave us no one would think that it’s only Php 1,200 each since the quality of the gown is comparable to those designs that we would buy at Mothercare, H&M or Debenhams! With this, medyo napawi yung slight stress since we know that at least dito ginalingan niya talaga.

Our flower girls gowns just as how we expected it to be as per our peg. Simple yet classy.
Rommel Espera
(L) Bridesmaid gown and (R) Flower Girl’s gown ready for delivery

And on the wedding day itself, thankfully we didn’t have any more problems when the rest of the entourage came. The gowns were just a perfect fit and although some sleeves tend to be more loose than the others, it looked pretty classy just as how we imagined it to be. Even the kids also were pretty much in love with their gowns.

One pair of our Secondary Sponsors
One of our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. The gown from Rommel Espera, the suit was from Onesimus.
Dad and Ninong Champagne Gold bowties. Suits were from different sources.
The color of the gown popped out even on a red carpet especially when paired with an all-white flower
Our baby flower girl with a customized hair band that I requested for them to do
One of our Flower Girls
Me and the rest of our female Entourage with our Man of Honor. My bridal gown by Mel Orlina, our entourage gowns by Rommel Espera.

Upon pick-up of the gowns, we paid a refundable security deposit of Php 3,000 and was informed that we can just return them even without having it dry cleaned. So immediately after the wedding and Christmas holidays, I sent back the gowns in good shape so we can have our security deposit back. Overall, the experience was good though here were some unexpected twists along the way but as far as we’ve known them, Rommel Espera is a reputable wedding service provider. Though I think they just need to be more careful with small details like these.


  • They are very prompt with replies especially Ms Jean who was our point-person and will automatically give copy of the official receipt through scanned photo even without requesting as proof of payment. This is especially important to us since we are based overseas.
  • The quality of the materials (fabric and beads) used with the Flower Girl’s gowns were really great and it was tailored just as how we expected it to be. Pulidong-pulido ang pagkakatahi!
  • They were very flexible with the time since it came to a point that we had issues with our schedule and Ms Jean would be nice enough to accommodate our last-minute change of meetings or pick-up.
  • We still appreciate the fact that even with the unforeseen problems along the way with the gowns and bowties, they were still able to produce what we initially agreed upon. They also apologized later on about the issues which we gladly accept and showed that they were indeed very professional with their services.


  • During one of my bridesmaid’s fittings, iba yung gown na pinasuot sa entourage namin. Hindi yun ang design ng gown na napag-usapan namin! Instead of our simple lace with simple embellishment, they made her fit a gown with two-toned color pleats, lace and embellishments! It was only less than a week before the wedding, buti na lang they were able to replace it kasi we were firm on our decision na hindi yun ang napag-usapan.
  • When we went to the shop to pick-up the gowns, bowties and suspenders, we found out that the Dads and Ninong bowties have a different color from the peg since they were pale. It was only 3 days before the wedding and we really insisted talaga to have it replaced as per our peg since in the first place it was clear that before they would continue with the production, they should send us photos of the materials to be used etc.


  1. When asking for Entourage gown quotation, it is strongly advisable to give the details of your pegs in word/pdf file so it would be organized. Also, it’s better if you give visual details like photos, with description for the type of specific fabric you want, color, embellishment if there is any, lace etc. so it would be easier for them to know how much would it be and that during production it will be easily followed.
  2. For overseas-based like us, better compile all your girls measurements when they gave it to you on a word/excel/pdf file and send it all to your entourage gown designer so it would be easy for them to know about the details. 
  3. Politely refuse the product if you feel that your peg or what you previously discussed wasn’t followed. But double check when they can fix, alter and/or deliver it so you won’t be stressed.

Rommel Espera Bridal and Events – Novaliches Branch
Jean Talya Santos Millano
FB: Rommel Espera Bridal and Events
+63905 890 0530

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  1. Irene says:

    Hi! I came across your blog about rommel espera’s entourage gowns. Did i get it right, you rented the flower girl’s gown at P1.2k? My fiance and i are also considering buying from divi since we still have enough time to scout for dresses so we are comparing as to which choice will save us of expenses. Thank u!

    1. Hi Irene. No. We got the flower girl’s gowns custom made at php 1,200 each. But I’mg not sure if they can give it to you at that same rate. I tried checking at Divi before as well but it’s more expensive starting at php 2,500 each for the design and fabric that we want and it’s also difficult for my kids to do the fittings every now and then.

      1. Irene says:

        Ah. We saw one seller in divi that offers long gown for adults at P1.5k, and if it’s with lace at P2k. We’ll check out rommel espera’s made to own gowns na din baka mas mura. Thank you thank you!

  2. Ruth says:

    Hi! My fiance and I are also planning our wedding overseas! Your blog is really helpful. Thank you so much for doing this. I wanted to ask kung magkano yung total payment by the end minus the security deposit? Thanks!

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Ruth. We’re glad that our blog has been helpful in your wedding preps. Anyway what total payment were you referring to? So package ba na kinuha namin kay Rommel Espera? We did not take his all-in package for our wedding, we only got him to do our customized Entourage dresses.

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