Wedding Supplier Review: BUSYBEEZ MOBILE Playhouse

Weddings are not only for the adults so make sure that your flower girls, bearers and the other kids get the same special treatment! Give them their own space to enjoy because kids are VIPs too! Below is our supplier review for our Mobile Playhouse provider — BUSYBEEZ MOBILE PLAYHOUSE

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Ms Khrysanti Bendo
Setup of BusyBeez during our wedding. Photo credit from them.

Getting a mobile playhouse for our kids during the wedding is not on our priority list because we have already cut down our possible kids in the guest list since we really wanted to have that adult-only-affair. But then when we counted the number of kids that we have on our wedding, especially those who are part of our entourage, we came to a head count of 15! An adult-only-affair that will have around 15 kids on that event! Is that a possible dilemma or what? Anyway what Garry and I did was we searched on Google and our-go-to app Pinterest for possible kid’s activity ideas like template for coloring books, clays, crayons etc. But then most of the weddings that we saw have the usual ones for kids and looking at our list, majority were not toddlers anymore who would enjoy these kind of things. Thankfully, our OTD coordinator, Ms Ayie gave us a much better idea when we were inquiring for an alternative to the usual kid’s table and coloring books!

On our last meeting, she asked us what do we have in mind for our kids. But before that, I saw this advert from a Tagaytay wedding who hired this kid’s playhouse but upon inquiry they told us that they only do Tagaytay weddings and nearby areas and if ever we’ll hire them, we need to pay an out-of-town fee which would costs as much as their service fee. So we crossed that supplier off our mind until Ms Ayie asked us that dreaded question again. Because of that, we even jokingly thought of having our kids stay at the bridal suite and let them all get some sleep while the wedding reception is on going but that’s impossibly not going to happen. By luck, she informed us that she has this friend who is starting out this new business and she gave me their info which we immediately contacted on their FB page.

Interestingly, the owner was very prompt with her replies. Our conversation was simple, quick and straight-to-the-point. Ms Khrysanti explained everything in detail from how they started the business, their profession as school teachers since they’re a hubby-wife tandem, the facilities that they will be using during our wedding, the do’s and don’ts and how they’re going to entertain our kids so they won’t be able to distract the adults during the wedding reception program. We also discussed about our venue’s floor layout since they wanted to have a space of their own to do their setup, about our theme so they would know how’s the wedding’s going to be especially with the signage’s that they plan to put, possible electrical fees that their TV would incur etc. With these in mind, we were suddenly excited for all our kids because at least they will have their little corner of their own during our wedding.

Their setup with our names on their signages

During the wedding, I was only able to take notice of them nung napansin ko na wala masyado batang nagkakalat sa dance floor (well only except for a few kids who were already hyper). That made me remember that we booked this mobile playhouse from them and from that standpoint, we already know that our kids were having their own dose of VIP treatment!

The BusyBeez couple T-shirt. The owners were wearing these to identify themselves to our guests

So when we were going around the guest tables and having our own photo taken at our photo booth area, we saw the owners in cute Dad and Mom couple shirts assisting our kids who looked really busy and happily playing.

As per their request, they took the corner beside the photo booth area with their cute setup filled with a lot of toys, TV, educational DVDs, slides etc complete with a fence and signage’s that has our name and wedding date written on it. Since we haven’t had much time to chat with them, we simply uttered a simple thank you along the way and unfortunately forgot to take a photo with them.

Our kids who are treated like VIPs too during our wedding! 

Because Garry and I were also busy during the wedding, we took the initiative to ask our family and guests (especially the parents of the kids) afterwards about the mobile playhouse. They were all agreeing that they somehow were able to control majority of the kids and they seemed to know what they’re doing in dealing with them. From our list of 15 kids, we can say that half of them were hyper-babies so the fact that BusyBeez were able to manage them is already a good feat for us! So for a very affordable rate our kiddies were able to enjoy playing with educational toys, watch learning videos as well as supervised by technical staff, who were teachers by profession! ❤️


  • From the time that we inquired until we paid their services in full, all the transactions were smooth and fast. During our FB chat (our only means of communication), they would explain the complete details of their services so we already have an idea what to expect come wedding day.
  • They provided tons of toys for the kids as well as TV with educational DVDs. The couple was also very hands-on during the wedding which is a must for us since we know that the kids are in great hands!


None that we can think of since they really exceeded our expectation!

**Tip!** During inquiry, ask all the complete details of their services — from the facilities that they will be using during the wedding, if they have a fence to keep off the kids from the guests, if they will be providing socks for the kids, any other electronic devices that they will be using so you’ll know if this would incur possible electrical fee from your venue, who will be supervising the kids during the reception, payment terms, etc. Asking everything in detail will at least ensure you and your fiance that your kids will be treated like VIPs as well during your wedding.

BusyBeez Mobile Playhouse
Ms Khrysanti Bendo
FB: BusyBeez Mobile Playhouse


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  1. Rish says:

    Hi there, would you be able to share how much is their rate? And also the name of Tagaytay supplier you mentioned, we would like to consider this idea. 🙂


    1. Hi Rish. I forgot the name of the Tagaytay Supplier since that was also on promotion but it also has the word “playhouse” in it. As for BusyBeez, I got their promotional rate since I was their first client though as far as I know they’re rate is now around php 3,000? Better inquire with them directly to be sure since maybe that’s only for their 2017 rates.

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