Wedding Supplier Review: LA TERCERA Bridal Robe

I’ve always fancied having a silk and lace bridal robe for my preps ever since I saw Marian Rivera’s robe on TV! I felt like I need one since she looked so elegant and classy wearing that. So I searched her wedding robe supplier and saw that it was Manila-based. Here is our review for our bridal preps robe provider — LA TERCERA

  • Supplier Rating: 3.75/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email
  • Contact Person: Ms Sheena Abiera
My Melissa Robe by La Tercera. Photo by Myio Okamoto

For the duration of our preps, I never really cared much about what to wear on my preps until I saw Marian Rivera in her long, silk robe with a train in her hotel just before her wedding day. At that time, I had that feeling that I need to have that for my own wedding! So I quickly searched where Marian Rivera got her robe and found out it was from a wedding provider based in Manila! There are lingerie shops here in Kuwait that offered different lace and silk robes fit for bridal preps from Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, and even local boutiques here. But then when I checked Marian’s wedding supplier I saw from their FB and IG page that they also do embroideries. From then on, I really vowed to get them for my bridal robe!

As early as May 2016 I already inquired to get La Tercera’s rate and it was interesting that they have tons of styles to choose from. Their basic silk bridal robe starts at Php 1,000 (around 6KD) and the most expensive at that time was Marian’s that costs Php 8,500 (55KD)! Of course that’s already expensive just for a bridal robe. But then since I really, really, really like Marian’s bridal robe it took me a couple of months to decide and unfortunately due to budget constraints, the NEEDS VS WANTS thing, I decided not to push through with it or even the thought of getting a bridal robe for my preps. I have old cocktail dresses so I’m already good with it. But then one of my closest friends told me something which really made my hopes high!

My friend told me that she’ll pay for my bridal robe, though her budget was only Php 5,000. By the time I wanted to get Marian’s robe the rate was already Php 9,000 (without the chemise, embroidery and delivery fee). And since I don’t have extra budget for that, I decided to get the Melissa Robe instead with chemise, embroidery and delivery fee for Php 4,985. It’s still a little expensive for me but at least I had that hopes that I would be able to wear something nice and pretty during my preps.

I ordered a customized burgundy red longer version with a full chantilly lace applique Melissa Robe from La Tercera last October 2016 and since they have a cut off every 5th of the month, my delivery was moved after November 5th. For me, it was okay since I would still have more than a month to wait for the robe and since my flight to Manila would be around the 3rd week of November.

But then the whole November passed and no bridal robe came. It’s as if they forgot about my robe! Then around the 1st week of December I emailed them again and Sheena replied by saying that my robe would be delivered on December 20th, 3 days before my wedding! Of course, that got me worried because I’ve heard feedback from real brides who also got them that sometimes they fail to deliver on time and some even have issues with their robe that they needed to return it back for repair or alteration. On our email, Sheena told me not to worry and since they’re already building their reputation, I trusted them.

My bridal robe that was delivered the night before my wedding at the hotel

But come Dec 20, no robe came. Then the following day they called me to say that my robe will be delivered that night. So in my head, I’m already calculating how when my robe will arrive since my address is in Bulacan! Plus it has to be noted that the days leading to Dec 25 would mean heavy load for the couriers and there’s a possibility that my robe would not be delivered on time so I told Sheena to have it delivered on the hotel instead where we will be staying. So what happened, my robe was delivered on the night of Dec 22 when in fact I told them to please have it delivered around 2PM at the hotel since I already informed the hotel first-hand about the delivery! But I was only able to receive my robe at past 9PM! The robe came in a small package, where it was rolled and not even placed in a box. Gusot-gusot masyado yung robe and I just thought of having it steam-ironed na lang the day of the wedding since I’m already tired and sleepy na. I also didn’t notice that it doesn’t have a full lace applique as per my order. At that time I just hanged it in my hotel room’s closet and didn’t bother to steam iron it because it was already late.

My customized long Melissa Robe without the full lace chantilly applique that they forgot to put.

The day of the wedding when everything was busy and I was about to wear it, dun ko na lang napansin that my robe wasn’t even steamed ironed well prior the delivery and that the full chantilly lace applique as per my instruction wasn’t followed! Instead nag mukha lang siya na ordinary Melissa Robe even if it was longer as I requested! When I wore the chemise, hindi pantay yung sa arm hole and may loose end sa may waist-hips part on the other side! Halatang minadali yung pagkakatahi which made me really disappointed! 

During the bridal preps pictorial. My customized Melissa robe looked pretty ordinary since the full chantilly lace applique wasn’t followed
The embroidery at the back of the robe. Supposedly there’s still a lace applique at the back around the neckline but instead, it looked bare.

Even my suppliers noticed it and instead of having the robe loosen, tinali na lang siya ng HMUA ko para hindi halata yung pangit na pagkakatahi ng chemise! Then came the realization that I cannot be stressed just because of this! So I let it go at that time and went on with the bridal preps pictorial like nothing happened!

viber image

So after the wedding when we’re on our honeymoon, I made sure to bring it with me, took photos of the problems with the robe and sent an email to Sheena about my frustration with the robe that I ordered.

She told me to deliver back the robe once I get back to Manila (of course I will be the one who’ll pay the delivery charge which is an additional hassle) and that she’ll fix it! For this, I’m still thankful since she apologized for what happened and that she’ll fix it without additional cost (except for my delivery fee). Though in reality wala na din sense since tapos na yung wedding at hindi nasunod peg ko to have a robe with full chantilly lace applique! She said if anything is still amiss I just need to send it back but the only problem is I would soon fly back to Kuwait.


Though thankfully I had one our Ninangs who brought the “altered robe” back to Kuwait and even until now, the waist-hip part of the chemise is still not okay. I know it will be an additional expense for me to send it back for repair so again, I just let it go. At least I was able to get the full chantilly lace applique as per my initial order instead of having a Php 1,000 refund! Their works are good but if given a chance to order again, I’ll probably let it pass because of my experience. Kahit naayos na siya, the experience of not being able to wear my bridal robe peg for my wedding was really disappointing given their name in the industry now.


  • They have a variety of beautiful robes to choose from and the quality of the materials used are good. You’ll know they didn’t come cheap.
  • They reply promptly and Ms Sheena is nice to talk to.
  • If they made a mistake, they’re willing to fix it.


  • Their robes are quite expensive as compared to the market probably because of their celebrity clients
  • The raw material of the robes was good, but like in my case, my robe wasn’t done as per instruction and my order! My chemise was a disaster since the armhole and its shape wasn’t sewed perfectly. Hindi pulido pagkakagawa at halatang minadali!
  • Since I needed to return back the robe, it was a hassle for me at that time since our schedule in Manila is tight and I need to allot a time to send it back and I have to pay the delivery fee pa uli! Dahil pabalik na kami overseas, hindi ko na naantay yung robe so I had to bring it pa to Kuwait para lang makita ko if nasunod ba yung pina-ayos ko. Naging okay yung lace applique and arm hole but the loose part on the waist-hips was still there and instead of bring it back again (another delivery fee from abroad this time), Garry told me to just let it go kesa gagastos pa ako for that chemise! Kahit naayos na siya, the experience of not being able to wear my bridal robe peg for my wedding was really disappointing given their name in the industry now.
  • They have delivery issues since this is not the first time I heard about it and unluckily, I experienced it as well.

**Tip!** Always email them about your bridal robe pegs and delivery date so they won’t be able to forget about it! Huwag papayag that your robe will be delivered less than a week before your wedding just like what happened to us since in case there would be problems with the robe you can still send it back for repair and it will be fixed just in time for your wedding.

**Tip!** La Tercera now have a showroom. If you are based in Manila, it’s better to personally go there and try their robes. You can also buy it on-the-spot. At least you’ll know what suits you best and you’ll also know that the robe that you bought doesn’t have problems. 

La Tercera
Ms Sheena Abiera
FB and IG: La Tercera


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