Wedding Guest Dress Code Do’s and Don’ts

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When going to formal events such as weddings, invited guests would always receive notice of expected attires which would either be really formal or semi-formal. Unfortunately, not all guests would actually follow these “expected dress guidelines” for a number of reasons which would make them look either overdressed or underdressed. I’ve been to countless weddings myself and I’ve actually never been to one where everyone was dressed in the same color. Oddly, some would even try to outdo the couple by wearing white or something similar to what they were wearing to the point that you’d think they’re the couple who got married which I personally think was really inconsiderate.

During our wedding preparation,  we really talked it over from the start that we wanted to have a type of wedding where everyone would look uniformly neat but still elegant of course. For others, this might look too controlling but for us, we just wanted to achieve this kind of elegant feels for our one-day big event! We debated on which color would be fitting for everyone and when we decided to have Black, we thought it’s a bit weird and definitely unusual for a wedding, more so a traditional Filipino wedding that we wanted for ourselves! Thankfully, we were able to check wedding event videos online (but mostly US based) with guests wearing “black attires” where the look was coined “black-tie event”. Since we’ve never been to a “black-tie wedding event” before, this would be something new and unique for us. A first for us… probably for our families and most of our guests as well.

Anyway, below is the Wedding Dress Code that we did for our invited guests to achieve our uniform black-tie event. We thought of creating this visual guide for them so they will find it easy to check what we expect them to wear to our wedding. We posted this dress code on our private FB page around 3 months before our wedding and sent it again to everyone via FB chat as a reminder 1 month before our big day.

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Wedding Supplier Review: CARISSA CIELO MEDVED Entourage HMUA

We wanted our Entourage to be their most beautiful on our wedding so we made sure to hire the best possible HMUA who can do justice to our specific peg in mind. Luckily, we found him during our search when his former bride, who was a friend of ours, referred him to us. Here is our supplier review for our Entourage HMUA — CARISSA CIELO MEDVED

  • Supplier Rating: 4.75/5
  • Mode of Communication: FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Carissa Cielo Medved
Hair and Make-Up by Carissa Cielo’s team

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Do you need a Wedding Coordinator?

Credit image from Google

I’ve heard a lot of people ask that – from online forums, FB groups or even my friends who will be getting married like me. Of course I’d definitely say yes. It’s based from my personal opinion as someone who had previous experience working with events. Some would think it’s a waste of money since it will become an added expense in the  wedding budget list. But look at it this way –  Do you want to have a stress-free wedding? Would you need a pro to handle all the necessary things on your wedding day? Were you only interested to hire a wedding coordinator because they have been trending in a lot of online wedding groups or the people that you know who got married before you had theirs too? Or you and your fiancé simply want to make sure that both of you will be at least worry-free on your wedding day?

Wedding Coordinators or Planners (for full service) are paid because of their expertise. They are composed of around 5 or more people who would make sure that your wedding day would go smoothly as planned. Yes, unexpected problems would occur but with their expertise they will definitely make sure that everything will be under control.

One friend told me, “I have my relatives and close friends who volunteered to do the job. Why would I still need to hire one?” Good question, I must say. But look at this angle. On your wedding day itself, would you really give your full trust to your volunteered relatives and close friends to act as a team to make sure everything is okay like —

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Wedding Florist and Event Styling

Reception styling by Gideon Hermosa

Weddings won’t be complete without flowers and decorations for both the ceremony and reception. They are one of the things that make the event — stunning and luscious to the eyes. Looking at gorgeous bridal bouquets and beautifully arranged ceremonial aisle where the bride will walk to meet her groom and inspiring well-decorated venues for the party afterward is one of the things that soon-to-wed-couples give a good amount of consideration lately. With the trend of theme weddings, couples are more than happy to search for the best of the best in Manila’s wedding industry. Unfortunately, event styling has become too pricey due to the recent demand and glamour that it adds to weddings. For those who are on a tight budget like us — this could probably be a dream to get unless a miracle would happen! 🙂

Below is a list of reliable and in-demand florists and event stylists in the country that we have come into contact with and their initial price range for a Manila-based December 2016 wedding.

Their rates, however, varies depending on your wedding date, number of guests, size of venue, flowers (local, imported or mixed) and decors to be used, if reception only or with ceremony or with bridal bouquet/entourage flowers, OOT fees (if applicable), corkages (if not accredited by the venue and caterer), number of crew meals and reputation (mid-range or high end supplier). It is highly advisable to contact them directly for your specific event quotation.


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