WAW Online Bridal Fair 2016



Click HERE to go to the official link

Being a W@Wie has its perks and one of it was knowing first hand about this Online Bridal Fair organized by Mimma Benz Co-Rana, W@W founder. Imagine, you don’t need to personally meet up with potential suppliers for your wedding, but you just only need a good internet connection, your laptop/desktop/smartphone/tablet and an active online bank account/Credit card to do the booking! Isn’t that awesome? I think it’s a super innovative idea. Besides this would be the very first of its kind in the country!

Me and my fiance seriously know the stress and crazy roller coaster ride of searching for potential suppliers and booking them online — yes, online since we are both based abroad. We managed to book majority of our suppliers by having endless email exchanges with them, skype interviews and frequent remittance center visits. It was hectic yet fun. But if you have the option of booking suppliers at the comfort of your home, wouldn’t that be more than amazing? Definitely! So I personally and highly recommend this Online Bridal Fair because of  3 major reasons: great suppliers would be there, awesome discounts awaits those who will book at the time of the fair and it would definitely be a HUGE HELP!

Of course we would also be there to check other potential suppliers for our upcoming wedding since we’re still halfway done. Oh did I say that this is OPEN for everyone? So be sure to BLOCK the dates!

Good luck to all our wedding preps and see you there! 🙂


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