Wedding Supplier Review: NEONOVELTIES Invitations

We have emphasized before from our previous posts that Wedding Invitations can be a great gauge for your guests to know what to expect from your wedding in general. So we decided to give importance to our invitation by getting the best possible yet affordable wedding invitations supplier and by chance, we found — NEONOVELTIES.

GA Wedding Invitation. Photo by Myio Okamoto
  • Supplier Rating: 4.75/5
  • Mode of Communication: Viber, Email
  • Contact Person: Ms Leslie Corro-Famaranglas

People think that wedding invitations are just a set of paper and a minor detail during the wedding preparation. But, this set of paper is as important as the others since this contains all your necessary wedding details that not only gives accurate information about your event’s date, time, location, list of entourage etc but couples should realize that a great wedding invitation gives a good (and important)
impression for all the guests about what to expect on the day itself. Here, the key term to remember is “good impression.”

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Things to ask your Wedding Emcee/Host

With a lot of good emcees or host in the Philippine Wedding Industry now, it’s really hard to choose who would take on that role for your very own wedding. So before you would decide to talk to your potential emcee/host, you can check this guide for more info.

  • name
  • date of event
  • time of event
  • number of possible guests
  • contact information (email, mobile #, viber # etc)
  • tell where you found out about them (optional, but this is good especially if you’re going to haggle for possible discounts later on due to recommendations)

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Things to ask your Wedding Band and Strings

If you feel you will need a group of musicians who will serenade you during your wedding, be sure to keep these in mind.

  • name
  • date of event
  • time of event
  • tentative location
  • contact information (email, mobile #, viber # etc)
  • tell where you found out about them (optional, but this is good especially if you’re going to haggle for possible discounts later on due to referrals)

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Myio Okamoto at Bridal Fair 2017

This year brings about lots of exciting new events for couples getting married. Lots of wedding fairs are already lined up and we will be updating you for the final dates and venues so better watch out for it! Likewise, January is filled with two great Bridal Fairs scheduled on Jan 11-13, 2017 sponsored by Weddings at Work called the 3rd W@W Online Bridal Fair (check the site for more info) and by Getting Married Bridal Fair on Jan 14-15, 2017 at SMX Mall of Asia.


Moreover, our young and talented wedding photographer MYIO OKAMOTO will be joining the said bridal fair and you can get an amazing 20K off when you book the team on the spot! So what are you waiting for? Go grab this opportunity now! ❤

WAW Online Bridal Fair 2

Just like last year, Weddings At Work (W@W), the biggest community for Filipino couples intending to get married has now launched it’s second online bridal fair with a great list of reputable and known wedding suppliers in the country. Reservations can easily be done by directly contacting the desired supplier through email/mobile/Viber/skype/FB and quoting that they have seen their packages through the online fair.


So what are you waiting for? Better go and click the link HERE so you won’t miss the best deals in town! Be sure to drop by our awesome supplier’s links — Vidlens and Imbitado Events. Happy preps!


Wedding Invitations

Credit: Google

Stationaries which contained the details of an event like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc would always make any ocassion feel proper. Invitations or invites as some would call it, is composed of a set of specialized paper or craft that is personally designed and created to include the necessary details to suit the preferred theme of an upcoming event. While majority would hire a supplier to do their wedding invites, some still prefer to do it on their own. A lot of DIY tutorials are available online so soon-to-be couples wouldn’t find it hard to do what they have in mind, plus add the fact that if you’re in Manila – National Bookstore and Divisoria will be your new best friend!

But for those who prefer to let the expert do their wedding invites, just like in our case since we don’t have enough time to do so unfortunately, we shortlisted a couple of suppliers to do it for us. Majority of them have FB accounts so its easy to check their recent work even though were doing it overseas, but as we get to know it further — invites price range would largely depend on the following: materials to be used, complexity of the design, number of invites to be ordered (some have minimum orders), package style type if there is any, timeframe, printing method to be used, add-ons like misalette/monograms/thank you cards and yes.. reputation. Invites price range can start as low as Php 40 to Php 500 ++ per piece! Oh yes such exists just like that invite design we encountered that we really like but costs a whopping Php 460/piece because it is made out of imported paper and swarovski crystals as part of the design!

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Wedding Caterers

Credit image from Google search

Food. Food. Food. It’s definitely one of THE most important elements in a wedding reception or any formal event. During such celebrations, Filipinos are very keen especially when it comes to what the celebration has to offer.

Below is a list of known caterers based in Manila (except for Ladera) that we have considered during the course of our wedding planning. If you’re interested, it’s better to talk to them directly.


 Their 2015-2016 initial rates below for 150 pax Manila-based wedding is subject to change without prior notice. OOT fee not included.

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