Useful Wedding Souvenirs

Early this morning while looking at our own wedding checklist, I noticed that we haven’t talked much about wedding souvenirs probably because we still have 11 months in our hands. Then I saw this post on Pinterest and checked my Instagram account regarding souvenirs. Below is a list of possible USEFUL souvenirs that we might consider for our big day for DIY and some local suppliers that we have checked  (their names in Italics) that I have checked who got good reviews so far that we might consider in case we fail to do the DIY stuff. And yes, it will be way better if you can make them personalized.


  1. Couple utensils – Spoon & Fork (Knotville Favors)
  2. Trays (Wooden or Acrylic)
  3. Cheese board
  4. Chopping Board (Katzen)
  5. Engraved Glasses (Calligrafi)
  6. Plants or Succulents (your Florist, Motifs & Memories, Go Green, Cactus & Canvas etc)
  7. Wines (your local store SM/SnR, Rachebeli Wines etc)
  8. Aromatherapy Gift Set (BC Fragrance)
  9. Mints  (Skadoosh Party Favors)
  10. Test Tube Candies (The Crafty Sissy)
  11. Bottled Water (Beg Tu Drinking Water)
  12. Luggage Tags
  13. Cupcakes or chocolates
  14. Cakes in a Jar (Dessert Club)
  15. Soap Set (BC Fragrance)
  16. Towels (Creative Printing Plus)
  17. Tote Bags
  18. Pouches
  19. Fleece Blanket
  20. Cofee mugs
  21. USB with names
  22. Powerbanks with names
  23. Leather Key chain tags with names
  24. Pillows
  25. Personalized robes
  26. Cufflinks
  27. Jewelry
  28. Scarf
  29. Perfume set
  30. Leather passport holders


Happy preps!

** Will update this later **


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