Online Wedding Supplier Booking: Trippix

Booking wedding vendors has really come a long way now. Before, couples who are doing their wedding preps would either need to sign up for bridal fairs, get a full planner to scout for reputable suppliers for them or hop from one wedding shop to another just to find that perfect supplier to be part of their dream team. All thanks to the wonders of the internet, booking suppliers can now be done in a few steps where all you need is your laptop/smartphone, internet and online bank cards. It’s instant, easy, and hasslefree. Couple are now able to search for wedding vendors as well as instantly reserve them online.


TRIPPIX, a California-based startup has partnered with over 300 wedding videographers including reputable local Filipino wedding photographers and videographers likes Freshminds Photography, Chug Cadiogan, Zoombox Studios, Blu Fish Photography, Derek Yee, Jason Magbanua – to name a few. Trippix, led by co-founders Inigo and Sathish was founded when Inigo, a former groom himself had gone through his own ordeal during his wedding preps. Being based abroad, he was frustrated with the inability to book a videographer online and decided to create trippix with three basic things goals: transparent, simple, and online. Ultimately, Inigo’s goal is that every couple get matched with their dream wedding vendor and trippix is his attempt of making this come true.

In terms of functionality, the website offers awesome features like vendor portfolios which includes their calendar of activities so the client would know if the selected date is available or not. An easy online payment portal to make payments for vendors online via debit or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diner etc).  Also, the site contains helpful FAQs about the company, how to deal with your chosen P/V, mode of payments, legitimacy of the transactions done etc. There’s also a very helpful and accessible chat box for quick questions that needed to be answered.

With these kinds of online platforms available to help couples, wedding preparation bookings and reservations has never been this easy!

For more info about Trippix, you can follow them using the following social media portals. For any questions related to their service, you can also reach them by emailing

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