Things to ask your Invitations Supplier


We think this THINGS TO ASK… series will definitely help couples who are planning their wedding. Now let’s focus on what to ask when inquiring for your potential Invitations supplier. Remember that asking the right questions will make you know specifically how much their rates are. Unlike other suppliers like HMUA, Photo and Video teams, their rates would vary depending on their scope of work.

During initial inquiry ask your INVITATIONS SUPPLIER about…

  • sample photo of design invite/ sample display peg (the clearer the photo, the better)
  • number of sets you’ll need for your intended guests
  • minimum number of orders
  • number of inserts (usually main page, entourage page, RSVP and map)
  • printing style preferences: flat print, embossed, foil stamp etc 
  • design layout (free or not)
  • monogram design (free or not)
  • monogram stickers and number of monogram stickers
  • number of revisions (if exceeds, is there any additional fee?)
  • other paraphernalia to be used like ribbons, stones, brooches, wax seals, stamps etc
  • clear plastic for the envelope cover
  • calligraphy names for the guests to be written on the envelope
  • delivery fee services
  • contract details
    • package upgrade
    • package downgrade
    • cancellation
    • refunds
    • non-refundable deposits
  • promos, discounts or any freebies that you can get upon booking
  • minimum amount to be deposited
  • preferred payment terms


  1. You can check our short listed Wedding Invitations Supplier here.
  2. If you like some of your invites and stationary needs written using “Calligraphy”, better inquire with them also for add-ons that you can use.
  3. Inquire regarding the “Courier services” that they can provide in case you will need your invites to be delivered directly to your guests especially if you are based overseas and doesn’t have the means to deliver them yourselves. Locally mailing the invites will also save you time and money.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. kent says:

    hi ma’am, tanong ko lang po regarding sa invitation sa cord,veil at candle, sa mga groomsmen at bridesmate po ba ako kukuha ng ilalagay sa cord veil at candle? at iba po ba isusuot nila kaysa sa mga groomsmen at bridesmate? may 7pairs napo akong abay kasama maid of honor at best man pero wala padin po kasi akong veil cord at candle. penge po idea ma’am. thank you

    1. Hi Kent. You can check our post about Wedding Entourage Roles here 🙂

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